What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Doug) #4389


Speaking of ghee/clarified butter - this makes great eggs. Bacon fat does too. The depressions in the pan make a tablespoon or two of fat go up the sides of the eggs, and even on the tops a little, thus really ‘frying them’ in the fat more than just on a hot surface. They come out beautifully round, as well.

The pan is modern non-stick stuff, and it’s amazing - never had such an easy-to-clean thing. It’s $21.95 U.S. on Amazon, " 4-Cup Egg Frying Pan, Non Stick Egg Cooker Pan," and it’s one of my favorite things to use.

(Robin) #4390

I love everything about this!!!


Did some Hunting this morning, but was a hard trip getting in with all the mud… But only say Turkeys.



(Laurie) #4392

Weird or what? The store had only one small package of liver (about 250 g = 9 oz), so I supplemented with wieners. I enjoyed my supper.

(Karen) #4393

They look great and thanks fr sharing about how to do them and where to get pan c


Trying to let the muddy fields dry up some, so slept in today and had a lunch before heading out for an afternoon hunt. … Couple Cheese Burgers, Sausage & Eggs. Also had some Yogurt with Strawberries and Blue Berries cut up in it. Also gave one of the Eggs to the Girls, plus some bites of the Burger.



(Jane) #4395

Grilled pork chops

With grilled asparagus and chart house blue cheese dipping sauce

Recipes here:





Wee bit tired and only hunting a couple hours before it started raining… Wife made me some Eggs on top some Hamburger.

IMG_0301 IMG_0303

Then fell asleep and woke a little later feeling a little better. Neither of us wanted to do much cooking, so she just threw me in a couple Wrap-Pizzas.

IMG_0307 IMG_0305

(Laurie) #4398

Yesterday’s lunch: Eggs with the last of the homemade corned beef. I found the corned beef too salty most of the time, but it actually tasted good with the eggs.

Today’s supper: Ham. These are the unruly bits closest to the bone. I ate about 3/4 of what’s in the photo.


Stayed up late last night to watch the Atlanta Braves win the World Series! :baseball: :trophy: So slept in & heading out to the woods here shortly. Wanted something different, or something we haven’t had in a while, so I suggested Hot Roast Beef with Gravy. The Wife ate hers on 2 slices 647 Bread, so I made some gravy with Beef Broth and used Glucomannan to thicken it up some. Came out pretty good. I just added some on top my Roast Beef slices, and added a 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken, since I may not get home too early tonight. Plus, ate some Greek Yogurt with Strawberries and Blue Berries.




Came out the woods and actually saw two Deer, so that’s a plus. But did a make-shift Dinner of just some Roast Beef with some gravy, had some Cream Cheese on Pork Rinds, while the Wife threw in a Wrap-Pizza, to which she ate half of it with me. - Heading back in the woods early tomorrow morning.




(Butter Withaspoon) #4401

I have a lot to catch up on. A quick scroll makes me glad my breakfast is before me.

5 eggs and some vegetables. Going out to dinner tonight so I’m hoping there is some half decent food there - I don’t want to be hungover the next morning

(Jane) #4402

Chorizo and eggs on this frosty morning. First freeze of the season.


Lunch… Eggs, Bacon and Sausage with a BLT on the side.



(Jane) #4404

Shredded cabbage fried in brown butter with Mizithra cheese.

Keto toast with hamburger browned with garlic and onions and a little Alfredo sauce stirred in.

(Laurie) #4405

From the freezer, ground beef seasoned with Thai curry paste (green I think). And some ham.


Creamy Chicken and Mushroom and a small bowl of Broccoli in Butter, not shown.


(Doug) #4407

Beef brisket, sous-vided @ 145°F or 63°C for 54 hours. This piece was then chilled in the refrigerator, and later sliced. Plenty of fat.

(Laurie) #4408

Ground beef with Italian seasonings. It doesn’t taste very “Italian”; it just tastes good. The beef and ham went well together.