What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Neil) #3247


Burrata over roasted cherry tomatoes and arugula:

Chicken pad thai with spaghetti squash noodles:


Dinner. Ribs, hot wings from the smoker. Steamed broccoli, grilled cauliflower, Caesar salad

Did i over do it with veggies?


I used sort of the Fathead Pizza Crust for this one. I haven’t done so in a while, since it uses so much Cheese. But I do change it up some as well, adding a little more Cream Cheese that’s called for, as well as using 2 Eggs. Makes it a bit more ‘wetter’? but I find it works well, and I do enjoy Egg based crust.


I used this recipe for Hollandaise sauce last night, it came out so good that I overate. Quick and Easy Hollandaise Sauce in the Microwave Recipe | Allrecipes

I added the tbsp of Mayo as many in the comments recommended. Perfect. Who’d have thunk it was so easy. A tad too much lemon as the mayo adds some tang, too.

(Tracy) #3251

I may have posted this before but I came up with an all-purpose crust for pizza and I also use it for sandwich bread. It was totally an accident but that’s how most of my creations are born. In the blender I put 1 2/3 cups of egg beaters and 4oz cream cheese. I blend until smooth and pour onto a half sheet pan (17"x13") and bake for 30 minutes. The eggbeaters is made of egg whites so it’s not heavy and wet. Then I top it and bake like a pizza or cut it up and use for sandwich bread. It’s absolutely critical that you use a large enough pan that doesn’t bow in the middle and it’s baked on parchment. If you try to make it thick by using a smaller pan, it will be a raw soggy mess. I’ve also sprinkled with cheese and/or seasoning before baking but usually just have it plain. When you pour it onto the baking sheet, you’ll wonder how it will amount to anything. Considering the ease and low carb count, it’s our favorite bread substitute.


30 minutes at what temperature?


Thanks, I will have to give that a try. … I make a few different types myself, and have one similar to what you mention above. And I do similarly in pouring it into the pan and cooking it, etc. I’ll attach the link below for the version I came up with a while back, if you’re interested.

I find making them a few different ways also adds to keeping them different, and sometimes it depends on how much time one wants to put into it too. I just did the Fathead one, since I hadn’t done one in that fashion for a while, and I think the Wife likes it better than the more eggy versions.

(Tracy) #3254

Sorry, 350 F

(Jane) #3255

IP roast and garden veggies from the freezer. Some from last year, some the year before


Today’s meals… Almost TMAD.

Lunch… Bacon, Eggs and Sausage links.

Dinner… Made a snack plate, while the Hamburger was being cooked up…


But then learned, we didn’t have any Lettuce left, so it ended up being just Hamburger with Seasoning, Cheese and Sour Cream. But this is actually a very large bowl, and I wasn’t really feeling it, so ate half.


Put the leftovers in the fridge and made what I thought was the last Cheese Cake for the Holidays this year. But I will now need to make one more for one of the Wife’s Cousin, after they spoke on the phone tonight. … Think I’ve made a dozen or more this past week? Can’t actually recall off hand right now.


(Alex ) #3257

Yes, it’s rough and ready, and I made it in about 30 minutes… but my first keto cheesecake has gone in to set overnight ready for tomorrow!

Ingredients, cream cheese (a lot), cream (a lot), home made almond flour, and skinny salted caramel syrup (zero carb and calorie), tiny bit of lemon juice, and some coconut oil


(Cathy) #3258

This was last night’s dinner and first time trying fried cod bites which were great! I made tartar sauce to go along and a field greens, goat cheese, red onion and toasted pecans salad with h.m. balsamic dressing.


I rolled up some avocado with Mayo in ham slices, then topped chocolate chaffle with strawberries and some whipped cream.

(Alex ) #3260

Christmas Day Keto Cauliflower Mash… done!

Seriously can’t wait for tomorrow!

(Tracy) #3261

We are so used to cauliflower mash, that regular mashed potatoes would probably taste awful to us. It’s the same deal with milk. We are so used to almond milk that regular milk tastes rotten. I love that freshly cracked pepper!

(Jane) #3262

Roasted the pumpkin seeds from my 2 small sugar pie pumpkins from my garden this year. I’ll make a pumpkin pie tomorrow with Allulose and brown sugar Swerve but a normal pie crust - so only half bad LOL.

Saved a few seeds to plant next year.

(Jane) #3263


Today’s TMAD…

Lunch… Last nights’ leftovers, made into a Hamburger Salad.


Dinner… Just made a snack plate of Pepperoni, Country Sausage and Cheese.


(Tracy) #3265

Keto Christmas dinner is better than the carby stuff. We had ham, mashed cauliflower, SF cranberry sauce, and green beans. Pecan pie was dessert made with brown erythritol and allulose. The crust was coconut/almond flour. No deprivation here.

(Neil) #3266

Greek meatloaf (mix of lamb and beef with feta, parsley, oregano, and mint) and roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon and black walnuts: