What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Jody) #3227

Cold. Sometimes a little salt, raw egg yolk, or even some G Hughes SF Ketchup.

Usually, just a little salt TBH.


My mom would have told you to add some eggs, finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and finely chopped fresh parsley if you have it.


I buy them fresh at the store. They go in all salads, and soups, casseroles, and everywhere where you want a little crunch. Sandwiches, too. They also substitute nicely for all water chestnuts or bamboo shoots. I use them often.


That is so cool! I am just ending a long stall - fluctuated between 210 and 205. The last few days I went down to 202 and moving down. Started at 320 and initial goal was 200, a long stall was planned at 200 to set a new, stable weight point and metabolism and allow my old skin to adjust more. It happened a bit sooner than planned, but it’s all good. 118 pounds lost and moving on down.

You’re well ahead of me, but there is a big age difference and I give my old bones time to adjust periodically. I’d be curious about where everyone else here stands.

(Tracy) #3231

Velvet - have you noticed the drastic carb count difference from one brand of food another, specifically water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, and baby corn? I avoid all of those because I don’t know which label is right.

(Tracy) #3232

It’s hard to believe you could have weighed 400 Jody. But people say the same about me. I went from 285 to 127. I had gastric bypass 15 years ago but it was keto that got that last 40 pounds off me and got rid of my blood sugar roller coaster.


I don’t use cans much, so I have no real opinion. The sprouts are available fresh in bags here. But, I would use canned water chestnuts or bamboo shoots, and maybe even baby corn albeit I am not a fan. I am not very strict carb counter, sometimes I go well over 20 carbs, but I also have episodes of pure carnivore. It seems to balance itself out for me, but not all of us react the same to the same foods.

(Cathy) #3234

I started keto more than 11 years ago at around 230. It was my second go around. In the first year I lost about 55lbs. with 40 or so more to go. I hit a unretractable stall and tried everything that seemed reasonable to break it.

Fast forward to now, I am at a 70+ lbs. lost and another 30 lbs. to go. If I live long enough, I should eventually reach my goal.

Moral of the story is that while I have remained weight stable over most of these years, I have had fantastic side benefits in my health. I also have not become part of the statistics that claim most people gain back the weight they have lost.

Just to be in keeping with this thread, here is a photo of what will be my traditional Christmas breakfast … eggs benedict on a keto English muffin.


I’m inspired. Think I’ll make chaffles with ham, poached egg and hollandaise sauce tonight - avocado on the side. Yes, that sounds like a great plan!

(Tracy) #3236

Mini lemon muffins with blueberry glaze.

(Tracy) #3237

That’s how I like to see hollandaise, nice and buttery! Looks delicious.


Lunch… Just some Fried Eggs, with Ham and Onions.



(Susan) #3239

Christmas Sweets. Keto Brownies and keto cheesecake fat bombs.

It wouldn’t let me send the pic of the fat bombs. I also made fathead rolls to use for turkey stuffing and seed crackers that I made too thick and didn’t season enough. They will have to be buttered and salted before the roasted garlic and baked Brie goes on them.

(Jody) #3240

MANY nights, I do add raw egg yolk to the gound beef … and I love it!!

(Jody) #3241

I might be older than you think. lol

Congratulations on your weight loss as well. I wasn’t sure where I would end up but as of now I have gone from a 3xl (4xl) shirt to a Medium … and a 52" waist to a 32 or 33.

I get the stalls too, but when I do I make a change to kick things back into gear.


Haha, I wore my old tshirts around the home in the summer as very loose, airy dresses! I indulge my stalls, I can see, feel and measure fat re-distributing and hardening and indulge my body. When I want to start again, going carnivore, followed with a 20 carb phase and fluctuating between intermittent fasting and OMAD gets the ball rolling. I found the longer I indulge my body, the faster it rolls when given a push. But, one thing I have learned is that we are all different, there is no one size fits all formula.

(Mame) #3243

:star_struck: I have never thought of this!!! so going to try it.

(Tracy) #3244

Snowball cookies from AllDayIDreamAboutFood.com


Today’s TMAD… Lunch - Fried Eggs and Sausage Links. Gave the girls some links and put 4 in back in the fridge. Also had an Almond Milk.


Dinner… Made the Wife and I a large Pizza. (She’d been wanting one for a while.) … I ate half.


This, times 2…

(Tracy) #3246

What do you use for a crust?