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When I lean over, I can see all the crepey wrinkled skin on my arms. Yuck! Hoping that it tightens up over time!

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Wonder if Serapeptase would help.


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My sleep is sketchy also, I attribute it to this LENGTHY menopause I am stuck in , I feel like it’s a menopause version of Groundhog Day.

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I have suffered from terrible insomnia for decades. I read here on the forums where @SlowBurnMary takes angstrom magnesium. I would recommend reading her post (search her name and angstrom magnesium and it’ll come up, I’m having trouble linking it here).

I ordered some right away. I started taking 1/2 oz per day and within two weeks I started falling asleep without any of my previous supplements about half the time. About 4 weeks in and I fall asleep easily most of the time, sleep through the night more often (I would often wake up during the night about 2 or 3 am and stay awake for several hours before falling back to sleep) and I wake up feeling refreshed.

Even though its pretty expensive, I have already reordered this in a larger size. It’s amazing!

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Link please

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Here it is. Don’t know why it wouldn’t work for me earlier.


It just so happens that the other day I was reading a bit from paleo-keto physician Sarah Myhill MD’s cookbook - and she mentions that soil depletion of magnesium in the industrialized world also has to do with the fact that human waste and grassfed animal manure/blood/bone (with its nutrients) is no longer going back into the soil of the earth. Industrial agriculture’s “fertilizer” lack the range of nutrients that is found in permaculture gardens/ farmland, etc.

I’d never thought of it that way before - just knew magnesium depletion was because of the soil stripping/erosion/destruction of industrial treatment of the land.

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My sleep stinks too, but just came off Trazadone for sleep after about 6 years.

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Same here. not nice!


New here today… An over-the-hill but still frolicsome 64, trying to improve my osteoporosis and general health with ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting, started recently. I’ve lost 15 pounds in the past few weeks and might want to lose another five… Depends on how it looks. But weight is not a main concern–more concerned about my bones. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot about osteoporosis and ketogenic diet on the web, though I have found a few things.

And I’ve just tossed my calcium supplements and gone with MaryRuth D3+K2, Green Pastures butter oil and fermented-cod-liver oil, MCT oil, Green Pastures kelp and brewer’s yeast. I’ve read too much about calcium deposits in brain, heart, and soft tissue; I’m really focusing on D3 and K2 and getting other nutrients through food. I also make 2nd-ferment kefir from raw milk and also intense green smoothies for daily use. And have added avocado and coconut and walnut oils and grass-fed butter to the olive oil in the pantry.

If anyone has a link to good information on osteoporosis-and-keto topics, I’d love to see it. And feel free to tell me what I’m doing wrong, as I have been intermittent fasting for months–now I do a 4-hour eating window–but only recently decided to go ketogenic.

Glad to have found this podcast with a focus on women and fasting (including osteoporosis) on the site:

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I know That Megan Ramos made some good progress on her osteoporosis. I think it’s just now osteopenia. She did lots of fasting. I know that she has an episode on to Quito dudes where she talks about this. It’s one of The episodes with her. Maybe this one



Thank you! I will take a look!

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How do I join
68yr female,struggling on keto.
Starred nov 2018

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Just by responding to this thread if you were actually part of this thread! Yay! Us ladies of a certain age have extra issues

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Good Afternoon, fellow travelers!

I too am a 57yr old post-menopausal, overweight woman who’s very happy to have found this resource!

I’ve been working my way towards Keto/IF since Jan 1 19, and so far I have halted the weight gain (I lost 80+# in 2016, but with a liquid diet for 7 months, so only succeeded in furthering the advancement of my IR (initial fasted Insulin was 34!) so I’m actually counting a win for halting the bounce back weight gain preserving 60# of what i had lost, the losing more (297# this morning at 5’8", so I have plenty more to go) I’m hoping will follow along as things change metabolically.

I did my first 46hr fat fast almost accidentally from tuesday to thursday evening this week, and when I measured my glucose/ketones mid afternoon at the end of that period, Glucose was 64, ketones 1.1, so solidly in nutritional ketosis! - first time and I don’t know what to make of it, it’s not a perfect storm of all the good things people promised, but the science behind it is unassailable, so I’m thinking KCKO might be it from here out for me for the moment :slight_smile:

I’m taking metformin, after discussing it with my doctor, for the gut health benefits, as well as the suppression of gluconeogenesis, and have signed up with for a 6 sample smartgut evaluation, first sample from the day before I started on the metformin, so that will be interesting to see how the data looks.

slightly hypertensive (although most of that seems to be from the Adderall for the ADD diagnosis, when I don’t take that I also don’t need the lisinopril) so lots of potential NSVs i my future I hope.


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apparently I’m also very fond of parentheses (having read back what I wrote above)! sorry about that!


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Hi renee how has it been on seroquel? Its my 1st day of taking it ( 50mg.dose)

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Hi, happy to have found this topic. I won’t read all 798 posts that are above this one, so please forgive me if I repeat what has been said already :relaxed:

Here is my intro topic:

Addition for the Vintage Ladies Keto Klub: I think a lot is happening in menopause. Comparable to what is happening in a girls teens. It is difficult to know what change is caused by what. Chaos. Trying to stay relaxed and ride all the waves.

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Welcome Annja!
You know honestly I started this thread a long time ago. I had kind of forgotten about it, but I think it has a lot to offer because we are all struggling with the same issues. I’m on keto for vanity reasons. I love that I can have lots of improvement in my health but I’m really here to lose weight to look better dressed. It’s hopeless to look better undressed :rofl::joy::rofl:
Yesterday was A bit of a focus bust because of the holiday. Hopefully today I can get back on track. I was out of town for about a week, and eating on the road is trickier.
I ended up using quite a few protein bars.