Vintage Ladies Keto Klub

(Ida) #765

Hey how you doing CandyLindTX?

(Candy Lind) #766

Doing fine, back on the truck with my hubby so I can’t post as much. I should be sleeping right now! :flushed:

(Ida) #767

Nice to hear, be safe out there, thank you & your hubby for your hard work moving goods along for us all. :slight_smile: P.s., I’m liking unsweetened flax milk.

(cheryl) #768

i hate my apron too.

(Nola) #769

The good news is that my belly blob is slightly disappearing. It’s still there and hanging but it’s actually smaller than it was. I’m currently 20mo on keto and down 85lb, maintaining. Hopefully this time next year I’ll have enough $$ to get a tummy tuck and an ass lift and get rid of it for good!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #770

I’m thinking of a tummy lift too. How much are they?

(Nola) #771

My quote was about 5K for just my belly, but I desperately want my arms done too. I’d also really like the loose skin off my thighs and butt taken off as well, but that’s not super necessary like my upper arms are. It might be nice to get my boobs lifted back up where they belong too. LOL

I’m aiming to spend about $12K total. I’m hoping that keeping up the IF for the next year as well as my gym time will take care of some of this, but my skin is “mature” and has been stretched out for the better part of 30yrs. It’s not likely to get too much tighter on its own.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #772

I’m 60 - I hear you! Love the weight loss but kinda scared to see the end results!

(cheryl) #773

if i ever do have significant weight loss i will be hangy down everywhere , the arms are already scary looking, when looking for tops to wear the first consideration is how it will hide the flappy arms LOL

(Nola) #774

Oh yeah… I hear you! My arms flap in the wind … LOL. It doesn’t even matter how much I work at the gym on building those muscles, nobody can see them for the huge, ugly, hanging blobs. It’s gross.
I mostly try to wear 3/4 length sleeves or those tank tops that sort of have sleeves but leave your shoulders out (my shoulders do look amazing!). Personally though, summer tops have not been kind to me this year. I think I looked better sleeveless when I was heavy. I’m sort of looking forward to fall and winter tops, all covered up in long sleeves and sweaters.

That being said, even though my skin looks like an old saggy bag, I feel AMAZING! I’ll never ever go back to my unhealthy self… never! Given a choice, I’ll take my saggy belly and boobs any day over being T2 and constantly tired.

(Bev Anne Moynham) #775

I’ve given up worrying what I look like – I just wear what’s comfortable. Being saggy isn’t any worse than being fat and it feels so much better.


Hi, ladies. Recent member feeling like this is the group for me. I’m 51 years old. About a year ago I started Atkins. Stuck to it 6 months, lost 30 pounds. Got off blood pressure keds.

Than came the holidays. When completely off track. Regained 12 lbs. Blood pressure creeping back up. :::sigh:::

So about month ago I found Keto. Still trying to figure this all out, but I really think I can do this. So about 3 weeks in, down 7 lbs, almost to where I was 6 months ago.

Learning as I go. I admit, all this fasting stuff sounds crazy to me at this point. Just grateful to find a community that “gets” it.

(Karen) #777

Hmmmm the fasting thing. Sometimes it helps me a bit, but not enough. Try just skipping breakfast, and having your tea/coffe With 2T heavy whipping cream. Do another at 10am. that shouldn’t trigger much insulin.


(cheryl) #778

I am 57 and I done a few 24 hour fasts, but find that the easiest way for me to fast is to stop eating about 6pm, then eat my first meal about lunch time the next day. I drink coffee and some fat in it (either HWC, butter, or butter flavored coconut oil) and this holds me pretty well til meal time without getting hungry. Good luck and keep us posted. :grin:

(Eileen ) #779

Hi All! Glad to have found you. I’m 59, lifelong yo-yo dieter, started paleo in February, now Keto since June. I’ve lost about 7 pounds and am just trying to figure this out. I was a long time vegetarian and sometime vegan, so it’s taken some attitude adjustment, not to mention a fear of fat from an even longer association with Weight Watchers (first time when I was 12)! Still, really loving eating this way, and I feel so much better. Nice to “meet” all of you.

(Karen) #780

Back to school. I run the health room. My fast was unintentional :joy::joy: I was just too busy to eat!!


(Karen) #781

Welcome. You’ll lose, but likely slowly. If you are menopausal and not on hrt it’s slow. We’ll support. I’ve lost 35lbs but so slow. Like a year.



Well, hanging arms depend on the point of view of the viewer. From a bird’s eye view, they look just fine - ie, HUMAN. And in some cultures, a fleshy woman is a sign o’ prosperity. Some ancient civilizations believed that the larger sized the older female/grandmother, the better fortunes for all - esp the children etc. Personally, my ancestry involves lots of famine and forced migration, and what happens in that case is that usually by the 2nd/3rd generation there’s over-compensation extra wide hips n’ shoulders, and a psychological tendency towards the S.A.D. on top of that with premature ageing, etc.

Since your shoulders look amazing, you qualify for all those revived-hippie off-shoulder fashions for sale now! I myself prefer the fully-dressed look when I go out in public, simply because I’m not on instant display for the largely male-catering world, etc. There’s no way to win at a pre-stacked fashion game/structured oppression though… except by breaking through and living your best life regardless.

Feeling AMAZING on the other hand - that is GOLD. And it sounds like you’re staying gold :wink: :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


After about 5 months off my anti-depressant (ETA which I was taking to help with sleep), I’m now down another 6 kg (after a year long plateau), and have kicked the constant hunger / carb craving thing at last! Under 70 kg finally (just) … bit of a mental milestone for me. Sleep still isn’t great, sigh, but everything else is going much better :smiley:

(Karen) #784

Honestly my sleep is worse on keto, but it
Might be other current stress.