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(hottie turned hag) #805

LMAO saaaame. Just commented on this in @JaneyMae’s thread. :laughing:

(Susan) #806

I am glad that this thread got bumped, I think it is a great thread @Keto6468 Karen.

(Karen) #807

I was just listening to ketowoman that featured Dr. Boz. I think she’s accomplished a great deal with her mother, and is open to any new research. Additionally, while I’m pretty sure she’s younger than me, she is still a woman of a certain age. She certainly recommends that you eat your meals early in the day.

And listening to another interview on Fast Keto with Megan Ramos, she finishes all her meals before 2 o’clock. This works well with circadian rhythm and gives you the to digest before you try and sleep. I think she’s accurate although socially it’s hard to skip dinner and easier to skip breakfast.

Dr. Boz also had some interesting comments to make about exogenous ketones. They seem to be a good steppingstone to launch people into a ketogenic diet.

Also I was listening to a Carnivore Cast podcast, Which was touting the benefits of collagen.

I picked up some MCT oil a while back that has collagen, fiber, and MCT oil. It’s chocolate in it hits me funny in the back of the throat, probably because it’s a salt. I am drinking some of that in the mid afternoon.

Anyone else hear or read something valuable.?

(Susan) #808

I find I cannot eat in the morning (even pre-Keto not very often). When I started Keto I did the 3 meals a day at the very beginning but really struggled to get the eggs into me in the morning, so soon switched to the 18/6. Now I am basically OMAD most days (but I like to do that at supper, that works better for me for fasting 23.5 hours, eat, re-fast that way.

Dr. Jason Fung says he does that 2-4 days of his week, and then sometimes does the longer fasts.

(Karen) #809

A lot of people say that OMAD works best for maintenance. Do you find that true for you, or are you losing fat on OMAD protocol.?

(Susan) #810

I haven’t weighed myself for a while because I don’t have access to my scale right now (daughter hid it because she felt I was obsessed and was worried due to my previous anorexic times… so it is okay, after this 72 hours hour fast I am currently on, I will weigh myself. I just want to lose it, so trying different things right now =).

(Karen) #811

I’m glad your daughter is looking after your welfare! Mine used to hide all kinds of Carby snacks that I eat on my request. Some of the places they had them were pretty unique and weren’t found for years.

(Susan) #812

Hehe. That reminds me of my mom one Christmas time when we were little. We were leaving for a family trip, and my dad had come home from work and had a lot of cash on him (he had his own business and a lot of elderly people paid him in cash back then so he would have a lot on him at times). He handed the money to my mom and we were leaving early the next morning, so she hid it in this lamp.

When we came home a few weeks later, my brother was playing with the lamp (probably trying to turn it on) and all this money fell out. She had totally forgotten where she had hidden it.

(Karen) #813

Stories like this remind me of when people are always surprised to find some kind of a horde from ancient times. Many times they were hiding it for safety, but if they’re like us sometimes they just forgot, moved or died.

(hottie turned hag) #814

I know you directed this q to Susan but hope it’s OK that I chime in to say I did/do OMAD, eating once/24h, from the start (Aug 2017) and my loss has been swift, steady and dramatic (65+lbs, am now 114). Not saying it’s for everyone but it worked great in my case. Am a 55 y/o female.

(Susan) #815

I normally do OMAD but some days I do TMAD. I plan to keep to this plan. Some days I am just hungry so do the TMAD, and sometimes it is because of family things going on.

I think that will work for me. I am at hour 43 on a 72 hour fast at the moment. I am trying to do what Dr.Jason Fung does (he does OMAD 2-4 days a week, and TMAD the rest, and some longer fasts. So I am going to attempt one 48 or 72 hour fast a week, with my OMAD most days and TMAD some days, and see how that goes =).

(Karen) #816

Well you’ve done very well! On your OMAD do you eat to satiety? Or do you eat to a appropriate calorie count within correct keto macros? I’ve been skipping breakfast, and it seems to be something I will be able to continue

(hottie turned hag) #817

Never counted nary a calorie, macro nor ketone.
Satiety, yes. But I eat a LOT at the one meal most days. Today I had a fried egg, jumbo frank w/sauerkraut, aprox 4oz pepperoni. a medium sized bowl of romaine w/cucumber dressing and a can of spinach w/garlic. Some days it’s much more than that.

(Karen) #818

Well I remember listening to a podcast along time ago about a couple that did OMAD and were extremely successful

(Susan) #819

I am having problems with only having weekly bm’s basically (and that is only after I am in agony and forcing it with taking Senna tablets usually). I have increased the salt like everyone tells me, but still doesn’t help.

I realize part of this is probably due to my abusing laxatives for years (my fault) but pre Keto I was still going way more than now is all, not always daily, but at least every other day.

I also think I was not eating enough calories…not that we count them but I did a few times after and figured most days I am eating less then 1000 and that might be why I am stalled atm and not having BM’s as well, so I think I need to do the TMAD for a bit too.

I am going to try a new tactic tomorrow when I re-feed. I am going to omit dairy (cheese and cream cheese in fat bombs are really all the dairy I eat atm) so it should not be too hard. I am just going to see if this helps with the constipation and with my weight loss. I already eliminated all artificial sweeteners a while ago.

(hottie turned hag) #820

Cheese can be binding for some folks for sure.
When I went carnivore (and am about to do again) my BMs became less frequent -every 3 days or so- but perfect in quality :poop: None of the straining or difficulty you mention.
I dunno Susan maybe try close to carnivore for awhile just to see how it works; I keep trying different things to break stalls etc. Carnivore broke a long stall, and fast (though I stalled again but no regain).

I reintroduced cheese and veg a few weeks ago with detrimental results: binging, bloating, and eating until ill. The kicker is, I didn’t have these issues with cheese/veg until recently! I lost most of the weight on heavy cheese/veg. Now close to goal, that strategy is failing.

(Susan) #821

Maybe I should try the carnivore for a bit too then =). I will miss my veggies but can do without them for a bit if it helps me lose! Thanks for the idea! @BlueViolet

(hottie turned hag) #822

I missed cheese and veg like a son gone off to the wars but I can tell you I felt afreakingmazing on just meat. Better than ever. I did get so sick of it and tired of cooking which I detest doing; but bringing cheese and veg back in wrought havoc as my self hatred thread describes. I may have to stay carnivore, we’ll see how I go.

(Susan) #823

I think I will be okay without the cheese if that is the culprit, I will just miss my veggies, I might try just really cutting them back first, and if that is not good enough, then eliminate them for a while =).

(Susan) #824

Well as you can see on my accountability thread, I did a few different things today and it resulted in action at the end. Not sure which of the things helped the most, but I am feeling a lot better now at least =).