The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #895


(Bob M) #897

Wow, impressive!

(Cathy) #898

You literally changed the course of your life! Wonderful to see and I bet, pretty fantastic for you!

(Full Metal KETO AF) #899

Thanks everyone. :smiley: It’s a lot easier doing things with my adult autistic son now for sure. KETO has really changed my life in too many ways to count but I am still improving. I may consider myself in maintenance but I actually think that’s a misleading term. My body weight seems stable and I am happy about where I am, but I am still going through body composition changes. And I think as we age the work isn’t over. I’m still tweaking my diet and using fasting to do that. I may very well end up a different weight. Hopefully I will build a bit more muscle in my limbs and core. I have an operation coming up to remove an adenoma from my on of my Parathyroid glands. It’s been causing calcium leaching from my bones for a long time. Hopefully I will start to reverse that after and build bone density back up. So I’m pretty sure I will gain weight but it will be very healthy weight. Lots more healing to go. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #900

Great job David. Impressive.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #901

I agree. But not only because of your specific circumstances, which are very relevant. But in general… I am in better health in my mid-fourties than I was in my mid-thirties. And wiser than in my mid-twenties. And more confident than in my mid-teens. And more secure than in my mid-aughts.

Because life isn’t about maintaining.

After a year at goal weight(ish) [I’d be happy with 5 more pounds down] I have learned that “maintentance” is just more growth. Just hopefully not in size.

(Susan) #902

You are an inspiration and a real Keto superman, David. You are always such an encouragement and help to all of us here, and have overcome so much, and are a real strong Keto warrior. You really impress me with all the obstacles in life that you have risen above and not only survived, but have thrived =). You look fantastic and have done so well, and should be very proud of yourself =).

(Susan) #903

I love this, Ruina, this is awesome =).

(Central Florida Bob ) #904

Very impressive, David! I bet you feel much better, too, and that’s most important.

(Susan) #905

How did I miss this till now? Awesome improvements David.

(Kirk Wolak) #906

Okay, I want to see More!!! Lets make 2020 a year to remember! I hope many people post their pics!

Personally, the holidays were rough, I put on ~20 lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years. And I was already up 7 from my goal, so 27 lbs (217) when I want to maintain 190-195…
(I had some struggles related to inflammation, pork fat, and more wrenches thrown in my plans than a mechanic could muster).

But Going full on Carnivore for Jan as a reset. This will be an annual goal of mine. (Along with doing better in maintenance, LOL).

Finally, another reason I want to see more success/pics. My OVERALL feedback has been phenomenal! One idiot on Twitter got under my skin for about 10 seconds… He replied to my before and after Photo with this:

:clap: Congratulations, You ate less :clap:

Wow… First, I don’t think its true. I feel, overall, I ate more! Especially calories. At least the same. And I finally lowered my intake over time AFTER I lost a bunch of weight. But it got under my skin a bit. Clearly someone who never struggled for DECADES with their weight!

So, lets just chalk up a bunch of success stories to show jerks like this how Awesome Keto is!

(Bob M) #907

I don’t think that’s true, either. I typically eat two meals a day, and often even I am shocked at how much (primarily) meat I’m eating. Yet I continue to lose fat and gain muscle.

(Brandi) #908

Amazing! Well done :slight_smile:

(Brandi) #909

Amazing results!!

(Nathan Hall) #912

Just wanted to say, it’s been over four years now, and still going Keto strong. I’m still enjoying the health benefits of the ketogenic way of life, and maintaining a healthy weight. I appreciate the resource that the 2KetoDudes were at the beginning of my journey, and am glad to see this community still going strong.

(Laurie) #913

Congratulations, Nathan. It’s good to hear from a long-term ketoer.

(Chris) #914

Update: but with carbs

(Chris) #915

Left: 2 years ago, carnivore, 175lbs

Right: this week, high carb, 158lbs

(Ross) #916

I’m always amazed by your before and after photos.

Hopefully Michigan gets to play Washington this year!

If you end up in Ann Arbor for the game, I’ll point you toward some great hikes.
Keep on hiking!

(Butter Withaspoon) #917

In my 20s and 30s I was unhealthy in many ways although mostly I looked fine, but when I think back to the the rubbish low protein diet I used to eat it’s not surprising I felt bad.
In the last few years I tried low carb then keto to support a good friend who had an aggressive cancer and was part of a diet trial to extend life. She’d been eating Very low fat for years so I thought it might be nice to have a friend enjoying the same foods and cooking some meals, sharing.

At first I felt a bit flat but eventually really good metabolic health kicked in. I feel that I recover faster and have fantastic constant even energy and alertness. I’ve been focusing on prioritising protein as Ben Bikman says and I’m not snacky anymore.

I don’t have any good before photos at the moment but I know I’m less strong in this photo from only 4 years ago. I was already making changes about 9 years ago as I noticed the inevitable heath slide of people around me.