The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #874

Congrats Michelle, you look great! You look comfortable in your skin, which I think makes a person so beautiful.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #875

Looking good, Dave! I can tell in your face and you have abs in place of a belly. Keep it up!

(Michelle isaacson) #876

@DaveJackson You look awesome and I am glad I am not the only one who forgets we should only chew food and not our cheek. :slight_smile:

(Michelle isaacson) #877

@Momof5 I love your story and your journey! Thank you so much for the compliment :slight_smile:

(Michelle isaacson) #878

@PetaMarie Thank you for the compliment…Honestly, it is hard to even find pics of me as I shy away from the camera.

I do truly feel better. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #879

You look amazing!

(Michelle isaacson) #880

Thank you! I have never felt better! :slight_smile:

(Becky) #881

@Gumby, you glow!! You are so beautiful before and after, but you look so much healthier and seem so much happier!!! Congrats :confetti_ball::balloon:
@DaveJackson amazing job! Kudos to you sir for taking control! You look incredible!
I find that this way of life makes me personally realize the value in everyday things. It helps me to find the positive in even the most negative situations. I don’t know if that is due to mental clarity or to a new found respect in myself! All I know is I’m so stinking proud of everyone for taking control of their health and setting a higher bar for their happiness! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

(traci simpson) #882

This is me 5 years ago! First picture - I have to tell y’all that I was on phentermine at that time. Not now though. Second pic is now.


(Susan) #883

Congratulations, Traci =). You look so toned and in great shape. My kids would say “jacked” and mean it has an extreme compliment! You look fantastic, such an inspiration to all of us!!


Awesome!!! I had a doctor tell me once I would need to begin and continue to take a weight loss drug probably the rest of my life because of metabolic syndrome (I had no idea what metabolic syndrome even meant), the pills would have been $80/mo with a special discount card and had a warning about not knowing heart effects (it was something new on the market), so glad I passed and eventually found Keto WOE.

(traci simpson) #885

Thank you, however I’m a good 10 pounds from that first picture.

(traci simpson) #886

I feel like I was living a lie because I was fit and toned but I had help. I wasn’t even eating like I should have been (sweets and some bagels etc) but it didn’t matter because with the Phentermine, it kept me in check. I got on it because my BF at the time was on it because of his sugar addition and he was very fit so I jumped on the bandwagon at a size 14 and got down to an 8. I’m still at an 8 but not as muscular as before. It’s been a struggle being off and keeping my weight and motivation up but I’m not giving up.

(Michelle isaacson) #887

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Edith) #888

Just remember you’ve got us on the forum to keep you going.

(traci simpson) #889



Lok’tar Ogar!

(Rosita ) #891

Wow Congratulations

(traci simpson) #892

Yes they suck you I’m because you start losing weight and you feel good and so you stay on. I wish I’d gotten off long before I did.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #893

Start Sept. 7, 2018 205 lbs/38” waist and unable to walk for the whole summer because of a prosthetic wound from too much weight.

Maintenance Nov. 30, 2019 144 lbs/31” waist wearing the prosthetic always and walking 10x as far effortlessly again. :cowboy_hat_face: