The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #854

That is a stunning improvement. Good show! :+1:

(Wendy) #855

That’s amazing! Great job Charles.

(Central Florida Bob ) #856

Simply amazing, Charles. Way to go!! (I don’t have enough exclamation points)

Your weight plot tells me it wasn’t just a straightforward, easy period of weight loss, and I can imagine a lot of simply working at it and waiting for it to work. (Around here we say KCKO - keep calm and keto on) That just makes success all the better.

(Parker the crazy crone lady) #857

Look at you! Great results. :blush:

(Becky) #858

Posted in my accountability thread as well…I am seriously shaking in fear to actually post a pic but here goes nothing…

My before and current…

(Susan) #859

Way to go; Becky!! Wow, what a difference, you look fantastic, you should be so proud of yourself =)).

(Becky) #860

Thank you

(Jane) #861

How did you lose your stomach and keep your boobs???


j/k. You look fantastic!!!

(Becky) #862

Thanks @Janie

Honestly I don’t know, they have shrunk some but not nearly enough for my liking lol…I did go from 42h now I’m 36ddd… so I’m happy bout that, I’d love to be like a c cup…dreams!!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #863

Congrats Becky! I can certainly see your progress. Keep up the great work!

(LJ) #864

Way to go Becky!

(David Jackson) #865

My Before and After isn’t quite as dramatic as some, but I was definitely headed to an early funeral.

At 5’6” my weight peaked at 226 pounds in February 2019. I was homeless and eating tons of rice and ramen noodles. It was cheap and filling. And apparently killing me. I decided to cut “white” foods in Earky May, and late May my brother informed me we were doing Keto! I hopped right on the bandwagon and lost 40 pounds in 3 months. I’m stuck, at the same 49 pounds for about 3 weeks or so but I’m quite certain I’m a 72 hour fast away from breaking that plateau. At 186 pounds, I feel like I’ve got another 20 to go, and hopento be there by mid November!

(Dee In NY, US wasT2D. Started keto June 14, 2019) #866

You’ve done great, congratulations!

(Bob M) #867

You’ve lost the vast majority of your belly, I’d say. You’ll be downright skinny (maybe too much so?) if you hit 166. Good job so far, though!

(David Jackson) #868

Thank you❤️

(David Jackson) #869

Thank you!

(Susan) #870

You are looking great, Dave, keep up the good work! You are definitely much healthier now, and all that red is gone from your face too, I hope that your living situation has improved since then too, take care.

(David Jackson) #871

@Momof5 thank you. I never realized how much extra weight I was carrying in my face. I do know I’m not chewing on the inside if my cheeks as often when I eat!

(Michelle isaacson) #872

Here to Check in…Keto is the way of eating which actually works for me!!!


January 2019

August 2019

Thank you 2KetoDudes and Ketogenic Forums! And a Special Shout out on the Episode of REactive Hypoglycemia! SAVED MY LIFE!

I couldn’t have done it without you!!

(Susan) #873

You look so healthy, happy, radiant and glowing, Michelle!! I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your Keto success and your healthy life!