The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Adam ) #834

Thanks very much Heather. :+1:t3:

(Susan) #835

Congratulations on the successful Ketoing by both yourself and your husband. You both look fantastic, what a major change! I agree with Bob about that purple dragon box, it is amazing. A couple of my kids would love that too, very nice. Your blog is lovely and a great description for Keto without being pushy, you did a really good job on it. Welcome to the forum and best wishes for lots of health and happiness for the future =).

(Chris) #836

The initial fat loss was 6 months. Muscle gain 9, mini cut 20lbs took 6 weeks to get to the weight in the photo.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #837

Nicely done, Princess Buttercup!

(Jane) #838

You both have done fantastic on keto and look great! Congrats to Westley for getting off all his meds except one.

(Cindi Olson) #839

Thank you so much! I have been reading your posts in this forum and have a high regard for your opinion…so it means a lot to me that you liked it.

(Susan) #840

Aww, thank you very much =). I still am learning new things all the time myself, I really enjoyed reading your blog though, and am so happy you and your hubby are healthy and happy =).

(Jane Suzanne Stewart) #841

So inspiring! Congratulations!

(Ian Patey) #842



I love your blog post, Cindi! Thank you for making the keto resources so simple and well explained. I have tried a few of the links, and am re-learning a lot.


Hmmm… I appreciate before and afters, but a little TMI here! “Them ain’t speedos! Them are my boxers! They creep up…” Sigh…

(Chris) #845

There’s always one.



(Kent) #847


Your blog post was amazing ( Our 7 month Food/Nutrition/Medical Research Journey–aka boring stuff ). Probably one of the best written Keto pieces I have ever read. It was concise, but covered all of the most important information and had so many great links to so many of the wonderful resources. Thank you!! I will be pointing friends and family to it as yet another testament to the power of Keto. When you and Westley (AKA Roger) get back near Phoenix, my wife and I would love to connect. I have to smile because Princess Bride is one of our favorite family movies (the other one is Sandlot). My kids wander around quoting Princess Bride all of the time.

“You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.”
-Miracle Max

(Cindi Olson) #848

Thank you for your kind words! We spend every winter in AZ so yes, let’s get together for a Keto lunch or dinner in November! We will have our own mini-Ketofest. Maybe we can find a nice MLT - Mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich - when the Mutton is nice and lean, and the tomato’s ripe. They’re so perky. I love that. :wink:

(Charles Dellinger) #849

I’m 52 and have lost over 180lbs on KETO since January 2017. My starting weight was 407 lbs / 185 kg. my CW is 222.8 lbs / 101.1 kg. GW 200 lbs / 91 kg. here are some before and after pictures. I did not have a picture for 2017 when I was at 408 lbs. the pictures are from Sept 2014 to July 2019.

(Charles Dellinger) #850

(Susan) #851

Congrats on losing 170 pounds on Keto, Charles, that is fantastic =).

(Bob M) #852

That is astounding!

(Jane) #853

Wow! :astonished: Great job!!