The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #774

Looking good, KC. Thanks for sharing!! I like your hair in pic two.:ocean:

(Ellen) #775

You’re rocking that hair KC, and that cheeky smirk!

(Jason Hooker) #776

After undergoing non-traditional medical treatments for heel spurs and Achilles tendinitis, I was told I was not a good candidate for surgery. I simply weighed too much to make a proper recovery. I knew I had to make a major life change.

I adopted a ketogenic diet in January 2018 with the intention of following the diet for 6 months. I searched for as many sources of information as possible, which included the 2 Keto Dudes podcast. I appreciated everything Carl & Richard we’re teaching me, but I knew better than to eat until I was full. I invited hunger to live with me as a full-time roommate, restricting my calories down to 800/day at my strictest.

After 3 months of eating keto, I stalled hard. I was always hungry, I barely ate, and the scale wasn’t budging. Frustrated & confused, I was listening to an episode of 2KD while sitting at work. Once again Carl & Richard were spouting crazy talk, encouraging us to eat to satiety. This time was different. This time I was desperate.

I immediately began eating to satiety, eagerly anticipating proving the Dudes wrong. However, something strange happened. The pounds started falling off, and I had a newfound level of energy!

I now find myself weighing in at the lightest of my adult life, having lost 115 lbs over the last 16 months of keto/carnivore. I have ups and I have downs, but I keep moving forward and learning every day.

Thank you Carl, Richard, and now Carrie, for helping me change my life for the better.


P.S. it was fantastic meeting Carl & Carrie at Low Carb Salt Lake. I was a bit star-struck seeing so many of my keto heroes. In fact, while realizing that I was standing next to Carl while we both sampled a keto oreo, I locked up. The only words I could get out were “Y-you’re Carl Franklin!” Luckily I ran into Carl again at the end of the conference, and was able to thank him personally for all he has done for me.

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What a great story Jason, thank you for sharing!!

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #778

Wow! Both of you—just, wow! :+1:

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Nicely done!

(Monique) #780

What an amazing success story! Just quietly, I would’ve fan-girled out too to find myself standing in the presence of one of my keto heroes.

Where are you at with this part of your journey:

(Jason Hooker) #781

There was plenty of fan-boying being done by me.

The procedure I had done on both Achilles tendons is called PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) injections. They draw your blood, spin it down in a centrifuge, draw the plasma out, and then inject the plasma straight into the tendon. Essentially, it causes hyper-inflammation to amp-up the healing response. I had to wear a boot and use a knee scooter for a month or two. I had each foot done about 3-4 months apart. We followed that up with months of physical therapy, and then a lot of stretching on my part.

I will admit, I have NOT been stretching for about the last 8 months. Life gets in the way and you start to put stuff on the back-burner. However, I am MUCH more active now, and it takes a LOT to make the 'ol tendons sore.

Eventually I will likely need to have the spurs removed, which will require a partial detachment of the tendon. Since I am currently in no pain, I’m not in a real hurry to have that done.

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Amazing photos! Your facial expressions in the two pics tells a lot. Well done!


WOW! Nice work!

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Congratulations! Looking great!

(Dan) #785

My new passport arrived today. Couldn’t help but compare the new vs. old passport pics. Apparently 18 months of keto results in gray hair!

(Jason Hooker) #786

Thanks, always happy to share!

(Jules ) #787

Oh wow, I had no idea. I am bineging on 2KD, but randomly from recent to older and bits in between, so have missed any reference to ketowoman, subscribing now!

(Neil) #788

Dan, that’s awesome, congrats!

I still have an old passport photo, and a few times border guards have stopped me and said “is this really you?”. I always have mixed feelings about this: happiness and pride that the weight loss is noticeable, but also some trepidation because I just want them to wave me through into their country! :slight_smile:

(Wendy) #789

I hear ya! In my passport picture I’m 80 pounds heavier and blond. :grin:

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DUDE! Holy HELL YOU LOOK AMAZING! :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

(traci simpson) #791

that looks like a totally different person. lol

(Dan) #792

And feels like it! :wink:

(Adam ) #793

This is my first post here, I’m 45 and been on Keto for about 6 or 7 months over here in the UK.

Lost around 28 lbs so far.

You can follow my journey on my Instagram page.

Working out a minimum of 4 times per week with P90x3 mainly.

Would love to hear your thoughts.!