The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!


Not to say I would ever buy one for daily wear, but it did feel good for the surgery I went through. :smile:

(Heather Meyer) #673

Having had my own stomach surgery…it does seem to package oneself in and “hug”. Can say it does have a more “slimming” effect which helps to sort out the lumpy bits while weight loss is in process :wink:

(MyLove MyLife) #674

Awesome transformation!! Congrats!!

(Chris - #675

Left: ~240lbs

Right: 175lbs maintaining

The before picture is old…from 2011-2012, but I stayed around that weight for many years, finally having enough of it back in 2016. Being that heavy put me out of the subject of many photos, and that was my plan to not be seen.

(Hermie) #676

You are a brand new person! Congrats!


I didn’t have a lot to lose, but this is the difference of about 12 lbs that I could NOT LOSE for 18 years ((after losing an initial 45 ish lbs after birthing first child)) no matter what I tried… until Keto. Thanks, butter! :slight_smile:


And so much more muscle! :smile:


You look amazing!


oh lol you weren’t replying to me… I’m easily confused on this format!


So cool, Dread! looking good :slight_smile:

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You look amazing. So inspiring!

(Karen) #685

Good gravy you have some muscles. Well done!

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Great Work!!

(Janelle) #689

Amazing and inspirational!

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Fantastic!! Great Work!!

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Suspected spam…could you look into this profile?

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OH OH! Prepare yourself for an influx of emails selling cheap viagra and offering money transfer services!

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Assuming I can keep up with the current influx as it is…