The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

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Looking good, @Vladaar_Malane! :+1:


A quick update from my previous progress photos a few weeks back.

I finally got my new driver license in the mail today. The old one, though dated 2017, I think was taken possibly as early as 2015 but I can’t quite remember. You can clearly see how… round things were, and I’m not sure it shows up well on this capture but looking at the license in my hand I can see I even looked a bit inflamed. Also the weight really wasn’t accurate – either it’s from when I first arrived in the US with a different photo, quite possible, or it was a bad guess at the time!

The new one was taken a few weeks ago. I’m so glad I got to renew with such a different photo.

Out with the old

(Either upper 200s, or low 300lbs)

In with the new


(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #634

Wow @Gaff - what a difference :smiley:

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Called out your story on Monday’s 2 Keto Dudes. :slight_smile:


Haha, that’s awesome! Thanks a ton, @carl :slight_smile:

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So awesome! I hope for the same when I need mine renewed. (I miss Seattle.)

(MyLove MyLife) #638

Fantastic!! Inspired!!

(Karen) #639

Out with all the Gaff, In with the new slimmer chiseled Gaff… well done

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That is an amazing set of driver’s license photos. And the whole thread is amazing!


Who is that person impersonating you on your driver’s license? What a change! Looking great!

Love this thread and hearing everyone’s stories. Thanks for sharing, Gaff!

I went to Canada last Summer and the customs officer looked at my passport and then at me, back and forth several times, then said, “Wow, you have lost a lot of weight”. Made me feel good.


Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Haha. It could have been much worse. “Sir, please follow me for secondary inspection, I need to verify you are who you say you are…”

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Congrats with the new YOU…i came across that u were on anti anxiety meds…jus to seek more advice…did u suffered any keto flu and anxiety during the 1st few weeks…im off with my SSRIs since oct 2018…was ok…tried keto for a week during d keto week my anxiety.flared up very bad…evn after i quit keto diet i still feel dreadful but has been better for this 2days…

How did u manage ur anxiety during the transition on being ketogenic?

Im morbidly obese 90kg 5’2 40yr old T2D hypertension and gastritis.

(Alex ) #646


that’s amazing mate, and seriously inspiring! Nice to see another exercise believer!

(Kirk Wolak) #647

Okay, my before and after (In that picture I have ~25 lbs to to). Very close to 100lbs of loss.
(Final will be 117 lbs lost).

I am recovering from 3 hernia surgeries. While 2018 was the year of losing weight/fat, 2019 is the year of rebuilding all of my muscles, and toning. Where 2020 will be the year of endurance!

(Zack F) #648

Great work. Put that old suit on and snap a pic!

(Frank) #649

I love the long term goals.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #650

Nice transformation. Can’t wait to see what toning does for you. Keep it up!

(Kirk Wolak) #651

That suit was worn for 1 court case… And the wife got rid of it ASAP.
But before she got rid of some of my shorts, I got a picture, poor quality, but it makes the point!

And my favorite, which is me “Getting There”. That’s a Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf. (2lbs Beef, 1lb pork, and 1.5lbs of bacon)… Serves one incredibly well :slight_smile: