The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Wendy) #612

That’s amazing! Great job!

(Pat S) #613



That was the first thing I noticed–no more sore feet when getting out of bed.

(Liz ) #615

Isn’t it a huge relief? Going on 2 years keto now and no body aches have returned, I’m so happy!!


That is good to hear! I feel so different now. I went to New Orleans with coworkers before Christmas, and we did a ton of walking. I was able to keep up with them all, even the marathon runners. :slight_smile:


Update: 9ish months

Down 80 lbs overall
According to body scans I have lost over 100 pounds of fat!
Gained 20 pounds of muscle ( no working out)
Gained 7 pounds to my skeleton!
Dropped from size 60 to size 46 pants!
Shirt size from5x to 2x
There many other things that have changed for the best in my life that I am so thankful for (too many to list)

All of this during the most stressful portion of my life!!!

Eventually I will write up my story with progressive pictures, but this will do for now.


Thank you all!

Just before I started:


(Laurie) #618

That is pretty amazing. I’m glad your life is so much better now!

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Wow! Very impressive. You look so much better. I look forward to seeing your progress. :bacon::bacon:

(Karen) #620

Congratulation’s. Half the man you used to be. Well done!

(Even a lazy person can be a Keto) #621

Great job, @Jjr!

Looking good! :+1:


Congrats and well done. :slight_smile:

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #623

Looking good. You have done an amazing job.




Awesome! I would love to be med free.


Flab to Fab!
From 241 to 185.
I started in May 2018, and my weight was starting to spiral out of control.

I am flexing every possible muscle I can in the last pic and obviously chose the most flattering filter.
The point is keto has absolutely changed my life. I can finally eat the quantity of food that makes me happy, and still maintain a healthy weight.

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Amazing Transformation!!

(MyLove MyLife) #628

Congrats!! Great Work!!

(Vladaar Malane) #629

This has been a 4 year journey starting at 255 pounds at 5’ 9" tall. That was my breaking point, where I was just uncomfortable sleeping and being in my own body. I made it my mission to find out how to get healthy again.


Here I am at about 180ish last May 2018.

I since gave up sugar, or at least keep it under 2 tablespoons a day and that broke my plateau, I’m down to 174 pounds this morning. Don’t have a good picture yet for that. But still going down in weight and eating fat to satiety.

Update 2/1/19: 171 pounds now - tried on pants waist 32, which is what I wore in high school and they fit, not tight, could get a finger in there.

(Karen) #630

These certainly look like two different people. Well done!

(Even a lazy person can be a Keto) #631

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Including your lips and eyebrows! :laughing: