The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

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I know, I was just having a bit of fun:)

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It’s been about 10 months since I started Keto and the weight loss is certainly the visual aspect but the subsurface stuff has changed my life for the better so much more then the weight. Regardless, here’s the physical evidence!

So this is a photo that’s a couple of years old I was about 300-330 lbs from 2012 to October 2017.

In October 2017 I got really sick and dropped about 30-40 lbs from being incredibly unwell. This was not Keto weight loss this was I was dying weight loss. My illness is complicated and I never got an official diagnosis but essentially I had some mineral retention and cell membrane issues that were slowly killing me. I was having internal hemorrhaging that was completely incapacitating me. I couldn’t work and was so desperate that I was just throwing homeopathic ideas at the wall to see if anything helped because modern medicine was failing me.

On February 27th 2018 I started Keto. I randomly picked this way of eating with no information I was just desperate. Turns out I got so incredibly lucky that I picked this way of eating which has radically improved my life. This photo is from 3-4 months after I started Keto.

And the rest of the photos are much more recent, taken about 10 months after starting Keto. In addition to dropping about 80lbs in the last year (60 of those lbs healthy keto weight loss) my medical issues have entirely subsided. The chronic pain I was having is GONE. My cells are healing and I’m the healthiest I have EVER been.

I’m so healthy that I’ve been training in powerlifting, something I used to love but have been too unhealthy since college to do anything. I’m training for a meet in January and I’m so excited.

Ha, not quite Instagram gym brag worthy but I wish I had a comparison photo of my flabby arms from just a year ago. Truly a huge improvement.

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Totally awesome. I’m so happy for your weight loss but more important coming back from dying. You look great.

Thanks for sharing.

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You are rocking it!


Wow, CJ, what a wonderful transformation! :smiley:

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Fantastic, well done!

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And they are among the most loyal, vibrant and beautiful dogs out there. You look amazing!

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Bone broth and fasting will help us all get a little ironed out. In the meantime How svelt you look



Long-time forum member, posting up some progress photos to celebrate the end of 2018, the year I sorted out all my problems by adopting a ketogenic way of eating.

Here’s my non-scale victories and my weight loss goals threads:

In summary, since April 2018 I’ve:

  • Lost 100lbs (45kg, 7 stone)
  • Dropped my HbA1c from 10.1 to 4.6
  • Maintained a ketogenic way of eating without feeling deprived, frustrated, constrained, bored, or unenthusiastic. It’s been full speed ahead for a long time.

Here’s a couple of photos of me when I was overweight. I don’t think these are even at my biggest, but probably close to it. My heaviest recorded weight was 308lbs (140kg, 22 stone) but I’m sure I went past that at some point. Most of the last ten years I hovered around 280lbs (127kg, 20 stone).

November 2014 (around 280lbs)

Look at that silly belly. Taken on a roadtrip, one of the few photos I have from around that time that shows my body. I didn’t really like being in photos.

December 2017 (just one year ago, around 290lbs)

Taken in San Diego with my daughter. I was getting pretty round.

December 2018 (last week, 189lbs)

Belly gone!

December 2018 (yesterday, 188lbs)

At Disneyland with my daughter having a good time. I had endless amounts of energy all day.

Happy New Year!

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Awesome job!!!

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What a wonderful present for your daughter. … A dad that will be there when she grows up. Well done!

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Just remarkable :clap::clap: :smiley: Well done you!

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You must be feeling absolutely great. Fantastic job!

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Fantastic transformation. You’ll be there for in the years to come.

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@Gaff, your posts always bring a smile to my face.

Excellent work, my friend! :+1:

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You are amazing man!!


@Janie, @Keto6468, @safi, @Regina, @Farback, @dlc96_darren, @MyLoveMyLife:

Thank you all for your very kind words! I really appreciate it.

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Seeing the second pic of you with your daughter made me tear up with happiness. Thanks for that, and congratulations, that’s an exceptional transformation.


Well done, Gaff! :slight_smile:

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How inspiring! Thank you Gaff for your wonderful post.