The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Rose ) #572

Wow! That’s a lot of weight to lose. You look amazing! So much healthier. Do you do any exercise to get looking so fantastic?

(Alex ) #573

Thanks for the nice words @Ketorosew

Yes, plenty, cycling when weather allows, home workouts with kettlebells when motivation allows and I do Spin Classes at the gym. It keeps things ticking along and helps with stress levels.

(Laurie) #574

Wow, Eugene, big difference! Congratulations, and thank you for posting your inspiring photos.

(Laurie) #575

Alex, that’s since September? I’m amazed.

(Alex ) #576

Nope, strict keto since September, loss of around 30 pounds, the rest was just as a result of a longer term calorie and carb control plan from the last couple of years, and plenty of exercise.

(Laurie) #577

Doh! I should learn to read. (I was an editor for enough years.)

(Alex ) #578

Ha, the dramatic changes and definitive diet enhancements have absolutely come from the last couple of months of keto during my time on this site, I’ve got into new weight territory I just couldn’t get close to prior. I’ve also given up booze which undoubtedly has helped with motivation and general decision making!

Before going keto I was just bouncing up and down and floundering really whilst killing myself at the gym, it just wasn’t working.


Wow! Amazing! I hate pictures too but yours really tell a story. Great job!


Alex, you look terrific! Also in your face it’s not just the change in the shape of it but your gaze is different.
Well done- very cool!!!

(Alex ) #581

Thank you :wink:

(Candy Lind) #582

Awesome cheekbones! You are officially into “take more pics, you look great!” territory.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

(Alex ) #583

yeah, thanks! hoping to sustain this into my sedentary driving career too! something tells me I need to be careful with my food!

(MyLove MyLife) #584

Incredible Work!! Amazing!!

(MyLove MyLife) #585

The Passion and The smile on your face great!! Congrats!!

(MyLove MyLife) #586



Hi Grant, thanks so much for your message and sharing your story. I have learned so much about Keto, insulin… that I have been wanting to shared with my father in law ( who urgently needs to loose weight and is pre-diabetic) but he is adamant he is too old (60!!!)and unfit. You are an inspiration, I will share your post with him and hope it will inspire him too to save his life. God Bless you.x

(Grant MacDonald) #588

Are you saying I look over 60? :slight_smile: Whatever I can do to encourage and help. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

(Grant MacDonald) #589

Wow, wonderful transformation!


Noooo! Not at all I didn’t mean to compare your age with his rather than wanted to praise and admire the huge transformation you underwent. And that your story clearly demonstrates that is never too late or we are never too overweight to try. Apologies if my post came accross as guessing or estimating your age it wasn’t intended. And you look great whatever age you are!:grinning:

(Grant MacDonald) #591

I know, I was just having a bit of fun:)