The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Rose Wildsmith) #551

Wow! That’s really comforting to know. I have been worried about the loose skin I expect to get from continuing weight loss.

(Grant MacDonald) #552

Thanks so much for sharing!

(Eugene Niemand) #553

These two photos we’re exactly one year apart

(Melis Jansen ) #554

I have had much less loose skin than I feared. I’ve gone from a tight size 22 to a loose size 12.

When I first started losing a lot of weight from my thighs I started getting wrinkles on the front of my thighs above my knees. I thought oh boy here we go, it’s just going to get worse and worse. I started researching plastic surgery.

To my surprise the wrinkles went away. When I lost more weight off my thighs they came back and then went away again. The same thing has happened with my breasts and arms, and to a lesser extent, my stomach. I had a lot more weight to lose off my stomach though.

In addition to intermittent fasting I also do interval exercise several times a day. That’s where I dance or exercise until I am out of breath and can’t do it any longer. It’s a great thing to do while working at the computer. Set an alarm every hour and get up and dance your ass off!

(Eric) #555

Humm, I work a a desk with computer all day. Might have to start dancing a little. As a 65 yo male I will probably close my door so my staff don’t start laughing their ass off at me.


Haha… Yeah Eric, go ahead, ‘get Jiggy with it’. :smile: …You could always stream the movie, ‘Foot Loose’.


There’s a lot of work gone into that Eugene, well done.


It would probably be some good HIIT training for them, too.

(Bob ) #559

Way to go, Eugene. Looking good.

(Kim ) #560

I’m so glad to hear about your progress. It sounds like good information for other people to know…that if you stick with it you will continue to lose weight and excess tissue. I can use that info too! Keep us posted.

(Wendy) #561

Great job! I love how you explained how your wrinkles disappeared! I still have a little tummy wrinkles and am hoping they disappear!
Good for you for getting moving during work! I’m grateful that I don’t have to sit all day and I’m too lazy to make myself move at work if I wasn’t already doing it.

(Melis Jansen ) #562

You can also lift weights and do squats and things like that if you’re not comfortable dancing. or if your building has stairs you can run up and down the stairs

(Alex ) #563

Some truly horrific before and after action here - I’m not quite finished yet - but I am at about 85/90 pounds lost now from the last couple of years, with big differences now coming from September this year onwards since being full on keto…

I hate photos of me, but here goes oldest to newest (yesterday 6th Dec 2018)…



(Janelle) #564

Your nice eyes are really featured now. Awesome job!

(Alex ) #565

ha, yeah, I think they were just glazed over with vodka and bread crumbs previously!

thank you!

(Eric) #566

You look marvelous.

(Alex ) #567

appreciate it mate! feel pretty good too, to be fair!

(Ellen) #568

Amazing Alex.

(Alex ) #569

thanks Ellen!

(Karen) #570

Good muscle tone! Nice loss, And no hardship to look at. Well done!