The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

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Way to go!!!

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What a great blessing to be hopeful for the future!

Wonderful testimony, Grant! Thank you for sharing it. :+1:


Nicely done!

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Very inspiring, Grant. Thank you for posting. Best wishes for continued success!

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Tears of Joy!
This made my evening
Thank You for sharing @Grantmac

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The Lord sure had a hand in it! You look healthy and happy

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Thanks Dave!

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@Keto6468 @Tmdlkwd @islandlight @Ruina @dlc96_darren @Janie @Iced thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement!

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Praise be to God! Grant, you look marvelous. You’ve been tracking some mileage.

Can I ask, what part in your weight loss did fasting play and if so what kind of fasting did you do?

thanks for sharing.

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@daddyoh I started intermittent fasting a couple of months into Keto, I believe. I generally do the 16/8 window by not eating until lunch time. Sometimes it just works out that I do one meal (or I can’t be bothered to stop and eat lunch, never thought I would ever say that!). I, typically, because of my schedule, go from lunch Wed to supper Thursday fasting. I have done a couple of two or three day fasts. I just got back from a mission trip that was almost a month in Thailand and Manila and I was able to stay Keto. I actually ate a lot more than I would normally, (3 meals a day for the majority of my time because I was being fed by the people I was with, but I still managed to lose 8lbs.) I try to eat more on my day off as well. I do believe that we have to mix things up eating wise and not get too “programed” with how we fast.

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Hi guys!
I’m not having my 1 year anniversary yet, because i started keto less than 3 months ago (on August 27th), but i’m still telling my story to inspire other people to try keto. It’s hard to believe how just 3 month of being keto can help you improve your life this much.
My addiction to sugar started at a very young age. When i was little my parents divorced, so i comforted myself with sweets everyday. I was eating more and more, but my family never told me to stop, because they knew that food is my only joy. I got bigger and bigger every year and kids in my school started make fun of me. That hurt me a lot…but not as much as our school doctor who told me directly that my weight isn’t normal and that i’m fat. I was around 12 years old at that time. The same day when i came home, i decided to go on a diet. My mom suported me. I was getting smaller, but also more frustrated. I thought about food every minute of my day, i started counting calories like crazy, till i was eating just 200 to 400 calories a day. When i hit my goal weight i started to overeat again, and i regain all of my lost weight. I was struggling with this eating and no-eating pattern for almost 6 years. Because of this i was depressed and had problems with pressure. Than i met my boyfriend and i got a little better. But still struggling from time to time. This year my sister and her boyfriend introduced me to keto lifestyle and i decided to give it a try. First few weeks were really bad. I had keto flu, sugar cravings and my energy levels were low, but i noticed i was mentally feeling better and this is why i continued. When i got over my first month i also started to prepare food from keto recepies and i realised that keto isn’t just eggs, bacon, oil and cheese all the time. Every week i baked some keto desserts and tryed new recepies almost everyday. So i started my new hobby - cooking/baking, which is making me happy. I also lost a lot of weight, but the process of losing wasn’t the same as it was in other diets i tryed before. This time i feel great, i’m not counting calories, i don’t stress about food, i’m never hungry and after 2 months i forgot that i started keto because i wanted to lose weight. Keto is so much more than that. I finally can tell now that i have great relationship with food and i’m feeling awesome in my own body. First time in my life i’m proud of who i am. My goal weight in august was 56 kilos, but now i feel great in my 59 kilos and i don’t care if i don’t lose that last few kilos. And my pressure…totally fine after 2 months on keto.
Keto healed my body, mind and soul and i never thought i would say so for any diet. So i’m sticking with this one :slight_smile:

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Preach it! I’m so proud of you and your regained health, Emotional and mental stability. Congratulations!

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Wonderful transformation and such a lovely dress. More importantly, how are you coming along on your ovarian cancer journey? May I add you to my prayer list?

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Thank you! Two + years post surgery and feeling well. I have walked the Camino earlier this year and have now started training for a 5 k run. If my feet hold up, that is. I would love to be added to your prayer list.

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Huge accomplishment Grant - happy, happy ketoversary to you!!!

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Grant –

Great to see life changing stories like this. Keep up the good work and be well.


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Congratulations on you weight loss! Read your comment on looking like a shar-pei. I thought I’d pass along a story from a man who had the same problem, He slowly started some intermittent fasting with the keto and progressed from there. Seems that if you are fat adapted and do some fasting, your body gets its energy from the excess fat and the protein from the excess skin and tissue. He said over time, the excess sags just disappeared. There are before and after pictures. He looks awesome! Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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