The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

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You win the Internet today! :rofl::rofl:

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Are you replacing his dietician? Great job! Looking good.

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That’s soooo great to hear! Congratulations!

(Jennibc) #513

I want to play too! Only the most recent 28 has come off because I am doing lazy keto, but I’d stalled for about a year in weight loss efforts and suddenly was gaining back again. Taking all sugar out and limiting fruit essentially put me into a Keto diet (I’d removed grain years ago and upped my healthy fats about two and half years ago). Ninety-four down, 17 to go!

(Karen) #514

Amazing! pretty in both pictures, but what an inspiration!

(Laurie) #515

I’m glad it’s working for you! Thank you for posting your photos and how you did it. Good luck on the remaining 17.

(Troy) #516

This is the way I eased in to this WOE as well😄

Any who
Thank you for sharing

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(Michele Wilson) #518


I started keto at 35. Who knows what disasters have been averted! Keep calm and keto on.


Wow, Michele! Very cool!
The “disasters averted” part is funny, isn’t it? I just remembered the other day that in my mid30s I was getting joint pain in my fingers. There’s a fair amount of arthritis in my family, so that was likely an early start on the path to barely-functional hands.
It pretty much disappeared when I went paleo, and I haven’t had a twinge in years and barely think about it. If I had been “cured” of full-blown arthritis it would have been a huge success, but avoiding it was kind of a non-event.

Anyway, well done! You look terrific and happy (also you look like you’re in your 20s, which is kind of neat :slight_smile:).

(Laurie) #520

Good for you, Michele! Even though you didn’t have a lot to lose, the difference is noticeable and nice. And as you say, it will help with other things in the long run. I’ve usually been “overweight” (not “obese,” although I have been there briefly), but after age 50 I did develop a couple of health problems that can be linked to overweight.

(Karen) #521

Looks so toned. Wish I’d started younger

(Jane) #522

You and me both, girlfriend. I wish I had known about keto and insulin resistance in my 30’s instead of Weight Watchers!

(Cheryl) #524

Wow! Besides the obvious changes, your skin looks amazing!

(Jennibc) #525

Weight Watchers. What a racket that causes yo- yo ing and utter and complete frustration. I left over eight years ago when I was shamed and quickly shut down by the group leader after I was telling folks in a meeting about how I’d decided to cut grain the past week and had lost two pounds and had only been losing less than half a pound each week prior and had been sticking within points. She snapped at me, “This is a program that allows you eat everything!” Of course, they started every meeting reminding people that they could purchase this new WW brand 2-point ‘snack food’ at the front after the meeting.

(Grant MacDonald) #526

Hi there: My name is Grant and yesterday (Nov 14) was my first year ketoversary! Thus far I have lost 144lbs. I thank the Lord for leading me to the 2 Keto Dudes. When I started, I couldn’t even walk home (a 7 minute walk) without stopping to rest. Since Nov 14 I have walked 3,364,717 steps or 2,220.6 km. I loved walking, but could no longer do it. My prayer was to finally get back to a place where I would love walking again, Done! The before picture was me a couple of years ago. I was not at my heaviest and could still walk quite a distance. The after picture was me in October, I have lost more weight since then. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings and Keto is a way of life for me, not a diet. Thanks to the Carl and Richard for being such a tremendous inspiration!

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Well done, congrats!


Looking good , but more important you feel good congrats

(Jennibc) #530

That is phenomenal! Way to go, way to get your life back!