The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Jeanne Wagner) #326

What an amazing transformation! Congratulations and I hear ya about those nasty carbs. Don’t think many of us will be eating carbs again either. :wink:


3 months ago.

And now

I am down 55 pounds, have lost 4 inches in the waist, 6 in the chest, and a whole lot everywhere else.

3 months ago: a1c 6.8, crp 4.6, alt 99 and triglycerides 458

New results… a1c 5.8, crp 1, alt 34, triglycerides 142, and my fasting glucose has dropped 20 points also

Can’t wait to see what the next 3 months brings

(Doug) #328

Amazing drops, JJR - keep on. :+1:

(Karen) #329

Well done sir, and looking svelt.


(Jane) #330

Well done! You’ve gone from diabetic to “pre” diabetic in 3 short months… plus you look so much younger and healthier!

I bet you completely reverse your diabetes before your keto-versary

(Scott) #331

Thanx for the motivation! Nice work!!

(Beth) #332

Fantastic results! So impressive. Keep it going and post us another pic soon!

(Kim Childs) #333

Congratulations JennyLynn! Well done!!

(Erin Wilson) #334

She has knees!

I’m not going to tell my whole story because it’s not finished yet–maybe in a year. But I bought shorts today, for the first time in 15 years and I thought I looked pretty darn good in them, so I decided to take a pic.

The two pics represent my heaviest weight (about 225 lbs) and my current weight (157ish). I have cycled between about 175 and 200 for most of my adult life. In any given month, over the last 25 years, I have looked somewhere in between these two pics, although full body shots of me above 190 lbs are practically non-existent. The pic below (which I’ve already posted in the locked Before and After forum) shows more immediate progress over the last 6 months. KCKO my friends!

(Jenny) #335

Thank you!!!:blush::blush:

(Meg ) #336

New here! Not new to keto :slight_smile:
I’ve been low carb for the past year or so and keto from October.

First picture was at my heaviest probably about 180-185 pounds, second is me now just hovering on 150. Lost a bulk of the weight through low carb/keto. Have reached a plateau for past 6 months (stress/work/sleep etc) so hoping to get into IF to switch things up a bit :slightly_smiling_face:

(Karen) #337

Wow wow wow. Amazing difference! Knees and muscles!


(Sophie) #338

@erinone Love your hair :heavy_heart_exclamation:

(Karen) #339

Great, improved body composition. Well done!


(Meg ) #340

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Justin Roberts) #341

I actually had to go and buy a new suit because my old one was way too big.

(Troy) #342

Is that ur older brother on the left?:rofl:

Great job!

(Jody Crawford) #343

I’m looking forward to posting some before and after a soon. I came across Dr Fung and the Obesity Code about 18 months ago and immediately started IF and eating close to keto. I had instant, and very quick success and dropped a tonne of weight in the couple of weeks I was doing it. But I dropped it so fast, it scared me, because I didn’t think it could possibly be healthy of sustainable. So I went back to my old ways, but stayed on some of the fasting FB groups.

Through one of them, I came across The Obesity Code Podcast hosted by Carl, and I quickly devoured episodes of that. From there, I started 2 Keto Dudes. I am currently working my way from the beginning - I have binge listened to all of season one and am into season two - and this is all in the last 10 weeks.

From all the listening, I recognise that even though every test so far has come back within normal range, I was definitely showing signs of insulin resistance. We have a strong family history of T2D, and I had gestational diabetes - which I was able to control through diet, using all the carbs… :confused:

I’ve been pretty solidly Keto for the last 10 weeks and have dropped about 20 pounds. I have no idea about measurements. But I’m feeling a difference in my clothes, I can see it in my face, I have ALL the energy, and am really loving keto eating.

Thanks for reading my first post on the Ketogenic Forums. :slight_smile:

(Kath Galvin) #344

Awesome! I’m on the same track, also binging on the podcast from start through. It’s been a huge help and support. I just wish I could be at ketofest starting today.

(Jody Crawford) #345

I would lurve to be at ketofest… Saw the pics of the boys with all the gyms in Carl’s car. If only I wasn’t on the opposite side of the world.

Yay to know I have a Keto-twin. Nice to be tracking along with someone else. :smile: