The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Nicki Nichols) #243

Loved the interview. I need a constant reminder that It’s about the way you feel physically and not all about the weight. I’m a 72 yr old woman and the weight is so slow to lose for me even though I’m 100% keto. However, I feel 90% better on keto and thankfully no cravings for first time in my life.

(Ron D. Garrett) #244

I completely understand. My wife is a slow loser but she feels so much better so like you she loves that feeling enough to keep at it

(Ellen) #245

Just listened to your podcast, both inspired me & made me cry. If you were in the UK I’d come to you for lifting advise along with general fitness stuff.

(Ron D. Garrett) #246

Thank you so much and if I were in the UK I’d be happy to help! Cheers!

(Ellen) #247

Thanks, not only have you given me a new keto podcast to listen to but really helped me think weights are a good thing, and the fact you’re paying it forward so much is both humbling & awesome

(Ron D. Garrett) #248

Thank you so much my friend!!

(diane) #249

I think its just the angle of the picture. My face isn’t as wrinkled as other folks my age but my neck is kinda saggy. le sigh. LOL

(Desiree) #250

Wonderful results! You look so healthy now!!!

(Joan) #251

Hello. Did your high cholesterol reverse?

(Wendy) #252

Sisters? Just kidding but you look so different! So happy for your success and love your attitude!

(Michelle Britt) #253

I had bloodwork done right before starting keto, and 6 weeks in. I do not recall the actual numbers, but my triglycerides had dropped more then 100 points in 6 weeks. My cholesterol is well within normal range, as is my A1C.

(Joan) #254

Thanks. That’s comforting.

(Michelle Britt) #255

Health benefits wise, I cannot speak enough praise about Keto. Aside from the major key points regarding Diabetes and such, this way of life has helped in many other ways as well. My excema cleared up and out, and I have not had a flare up in a year, when before nothing helped it, not even prescription medications. My hair is thicker and softer and shinier, and my nails grow long and strong. My skin looks amazing, and at 37, that is something I truly appreciate. I even heal quicker if I cut myself or get a bruise. What would take two weeks to heal and fade, now is healed within a few days. The biggest thing for me though has been the all but eliminated anxiety/depression and more consistently even mood. Bringing your body into balance hormonally changes everything.

(Stephanie Thurrott) #256

Hi Jennifer! I’m a writer for NBC Better and I’m starting to cover weight-loss success stories. If you’d be willing to share your story with me I’d love to talk to you. What I like particularly about your story is that you started keto to control your epilespy and that your neurologist is onboard.

Please let me know if you’d be willing to talk to me!
Stephanie Thurrott

(Sorry about the public post. I joined the group to look for success stories and I’m too new to message privately.)

(Teresa Coffman) #257

Hello, I’ve lost 60 lbs and am now at goal weight using the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. My starting weight was 208, my goal weight was 148, and my current weight is 147. I’m 54 years old and post menopausal. It’s taken 8 months. When I began my size 16 jeans were too tight and now I’m in a size 8. Eating keto is essential for me. If I eat carbs I gain and if I eat carbs I don’t feel well. My arthritis is gone and the amazing transformation in my mood and sense of well being is directly tied to my new way of life. I’m never going back. Keto and fasting forever!! I usually do one meal a day but vary it with 2 meals and 48 hour fasts. Sending a big Thank You to Dr. Fung and The 2-Keto Dudes. I’ve listened to all of your podcasts. Many more than once.

(Doug) #258

:slightly_smiling_face: (Rather large) cheers, Teresa!

(Karen) #259

Pretty lady, now pretty little lady!


(Marta Loftfield) #260

@TeresaCoffman you look amazing. Thank you for sharing. Love not only the weight loss but that your health is so much better!

(ketobeatsed) #261

Since writing the 100 day keto post, I have started a n=1 experiment of a carnivore keto diet and maintaining glucose and ketone levels. I am taking in minimal dairy and no artificial sweeteners (not even SF gum which i desperately need!!). I am still IF minimal 16:8 but usually do 18:6. I still nurse my son and so I cannot go past 24 hours.

You can see my daily progress and blood results (ketone and glucose on my instagram @ketobeatsed) Keto has been a life changer. If keto can help heal me, I wholeheartedly believe anyone can be healed!

I’m a 36 year old mom with 2 kids under 5. I’m currently nursing my 2nd but he’s a toddler so it’s not like the demands of a newborn. You can definitely follow keto and nurse your baby (at least 6 months of age)!

I’m 5’8 and for a woman, it’s pretty tall. But as a 5’8 Asian woman, well it’s considered huge and so growing up, I was teased. I averaged about 140 in my younger days and was teased for being overweight next to my 5’2, 80lb peers. In my early 20s, I went up to 165 but got down to 112. I may have lost weight but with it, I gained an eating disorder. I’ve been struggling with binge eating and then what morphed into bulimia for 15+ years.
Once I had kids, my body wasn’t the same. Nothing was in my control anymore and my ED got worse. I eventually had a mental breakdown where I landed in the hospital—from lack of sleep and stress to nursing a ton but not feeding my body enough food. My son was taken away from me for a couple months while I got help in a treatment center. It was the lowest low I ever experienced—I had ultimately failed as a mom.
Even with all that, I was “sober” for a few months but only to shamefully go back to ED when things got tough. I’ve had 2 stints in outpatient treatment facilities for bulimia, anxiety and depression. Basically, it’s tons of therapy with meds. I’ve been on anti-depressants and even anti-psychotic meds. You would think from all that I just wrote, I would have stopped. I was an addict and it was just pathetic. I couldn’t get a grip and frankly there were many dark days that sleeping forever seemed better than living…
So why did I start keto? I’ve done every diet out there. I’ve promised my family and ED team that I would stop purging and so ideally, the lack of purging w/ weight gain, would stop the bingeing… but it didn’t work.
So why not try keto? I was willing to try anything. I mainly ate carbs and thought maybe a black/white diet would be the trick but keto is not just a diet. Keto has opened my eyes and world to a new life. :heart:

I want to share as many keto benefits and things I’ve learned through the 100 days so that maybe, I can help someone starting out or someone that’s discouraged. After 15 years of being heavily eating disordered, if I can get better, I truly believe ANYONE can. I really thought in the beginning, I’d NEVER be healed or that I’d never make it to 100. There’s light and it IS possible! I plan to continue the journey for 365 days and do monthly mini-goals. I do want to say that the 100 days was not all rosy. You can see the days I broke down in my feed. There were days, I was sitting in a Walgreens parking lot, bingeing off foods I bought from various fast food joints. I’d binge alone in the car and finish up the binge at home (so my husband couldn’t figure out how much I was consuming).
People might think because I’m on the thinner side that it’s not shameful to do binge runs but I think it can be worse. Cashiers have often told me, “wow! Party time!” “oooh someone’s having a party!” Knowing deep down this food was all for me, I’d always lie, “please give me the receipt so I can ask everyone to pay me back…” just shameful things. I never look cashiers in the eye because I want to be forgotten, in case I ever go back with family or friends. My “outsides” may not show the eating, bingeing, food issues—but it’s 100% in me and I fully understand. For me, the struggle was life-strangling and suffocating. I watched Requiem for a Dream. The mom’s experience with diet pills was something I could relate to so closely. It was so disturbing.

Benefits GAINED since going Keto: I’ll break these “benefits” into sections. I hope someone finds these shares worthwhile! I want to start off with one of the dearest ones to my heart:

  1. Friendships & Gratitude: I never ever thought I would find unexpected benefits from sharing my story. Thank you for your encouragement, wisdom, positivity, prayers and just being you! Thank you for sharing your story and instilling in me the willingness to go on, every time I stumbled and had moments of weakness.

  2. Divorcing of ED: I know full well that the divorce of ED will always be a constant battle. I equate it to Russell Crowe in the movie, “Beautiful Mind.” He will always see those “people” but he CHOOSES to ignore them. I may always have the desire to turn to ED for comfort but keto has made me stronger to say no. I may fall sometimes but having ONE ED day in all of April is a huge success for me. I used to binge/purge 2-3 times a day. EVERYDAY. Maybe May will be 0 ED days. Even if it isn’t 0, I will be grateful for all the days I chose recovery via keto.
    I think ED facilities need to change their therapy of feeding ED folks carbs and meds. We really do want to trust the process. But they need to put a process in place that works!

  3. Body changes / Weight loss: So in all fairness, I started keto at a heavier point than I usually am. I usually weigh around 135 but had lost about 10lb during my first stint of keto. But I had binged so bad during the holidays that I had gained back all of it + more. Then when I started the 100 day journey, late Jan, I lost some of the initial weight I had gained in Dec. I’m just saying this because my “weight loss” isn’t as reflective as what is reality. My weight also fluctuates about 5lbs daily so I don’t really focus on the scale. I tried to get a 100 day reading for the “wow factor” by peeing everything out and going on the scale with minimal clothing. Basically, I don’t read too much into the numbers and I don’t think you should either.
    I’ve been 125 before but never in a healthy manner. In college, I used to eat 500-1000 calories a day and be at the gym 2-3 hours a day, while taking xenadrine (think legal speed). If I got hungry, I would just drink boatloads of hot green tea. Suffice to say, this only lasted a few months before bingeing kicked in. Now I am at a weight where I eat! And can EAT a lot. I started the 100 day journey calculating about 1700 calories (because I nurse) but when I started intermittent fasting, I slowly stopped maniacally counting. I try to have macros 75% F, 20% P and 5% C, but calories-wise, I think I consume closer to 2000. I make sure that I don’t eat too much protein and I don’t eat carbs other than veggies, nuts or nut butters. I’m slowly trying to listen to my body and eat intuitively. So that said, you should eat and eat a lot of fat and weight will eventually come off! I truly believe eating too little will make you stall and lose weight slower.

  4. Food changes: I was pescatarian for 12+ years. During this 100 day keto journey, I started slowly eating meat. It was a hard decision but if I wanted keto to work, I felt that I needed it to be less restrictive. I didn’t care for being pescatarian as much as I wanted to rid myself of ED. Some meats are still difficult for me to eat but over time, I will order a steak at a restaurant. (I’ve eaten small steaks at home).
    Also fat fears! I NEVER ate fat. I got low or non-fat everything. I never ate butter. In therapy, fat was part of my fear foods… meaning, if I ate anything “fatty,” it was guaranteed to be followed by a B/P session. But now. I eat fat everything. I don’t have many fear foods and I am AMAZED at this. 15 years of shackles removed! Lately, bacon bits have become my new favorite salad item.
    There were also days I overate calories in the beginning. I wanted some cereal, chips, candies, cookies and the like, so bad. I kept eating and eating cheese to hopefully satiate the desire but to no avail. I ended up eating some days 4000+ calories from almost cheese alone. Some of those days I purged but some days, I didn’t and I had to use all my might and a lot of crying to not purge. I wanted to with all my heart, trust the keto process. I initially gained weight on this 100 day journey but as seen, the weight eventually came off and I didn’t have the desire to eat as much cheese (and cheese is inflammatory!)
    I also never thought I’d be one of those that could get rid of my sweet tooth. 15+ years of B/P on ANY junk food I wanted. Initially on my 100 day journey, I made a lot of keto snacks and sweets but now I don’t. I used to eat almond butter and PB or Halo Top almost daily. Not so much now. I rarely have sweets. I’ll have a 90% dark piece of chocolate here and there. It’s CRAZY but I don’t really crave sweets now. I think IF and strict keto helped kick the habit!
    I will say that I’m having a hard time stopping the diet drinks and I will make it an eventual goal. Carbonated waters helps with that too.

  5. Self-care & Self-love: The more I delved into keto, the more I realized that I want to be around for my kids and grandkids. I don’t want to struggle with metabolic diseases. One thing I heard the other day that really hit home was, “when you’re 80, will you care that you rocked a bikini or that you fit into a size 0? Or will you care that you were present for things and experienced life with loved ones?”
    I missed every spring break trip in college and post-college because I was deathly afraid of people knowing about my ED or having to wear a bikini. I’d skip social dinners and birthdays so I wouldn’t have to eat in front of others. But never again.
    Another self-love tip I use is instead of body-shaming and body-hating, I TRY to turn the negativity into love. I hate my belly and arms. But now I try to love on my body and be thankful instead. So I will look at my distorted belly (it’s hard to notice in pics as much) and say “this belly gave me the gift of my 2 beautiful children. Without this belly, they wouldn’t be here.” Or “without these arms, I could never carry my child and bear hug them and FEEL the love so strongly with them. (or with any loved one)
    I have a new desire to live as long as possible with biohacking and being super educated in nutrition and body stuff (e.g., hormones and biomarkers). So now when I feel full but I know deep down I didn’t eat enough for that day, I will eat more—to have my body thrive and so I can be present and live life.

  6. Emotions: My family can attest to this but my emotional rollercoaster outbursts have subsided. I am much more present and not angry. Or Hangry. I am much more present and can actually sit with the kids and do things (instead of having a cocktail party in my head and thinking my next binge/purge cycle. I’ve been more patient and just don’t lose my cool as quickly. My moods are more stable. My husband used to tell me, “I’m scared to have conversations with you when I get home because I don’t know which You, I’m going to get…” Our relationship has been better and I don’t feel as depressed or anxious. Keto really does give the evenness of energy through the day.

  7. Courage and belief in self:
    I never could share my story because of fear. Fear of having my personal world learn about my eating disorder or my mental breakdown and the meds I took. I was deathly afraid that I couldn’t sleep the first night I posted anything about myself–fearing someone would figure me out. But then I see so many strong keto women out there, sharing their vulnerable story and it’s empowering and liberating. It has removed much of my fear. I am SO unbelievably grateful for this.
    I’ve removed my personal social media accounts completely because I want to live more fully. It’s ironic because I made this account to go incognito but I am more authentic here than I ever was on my personal accounts. I made a “brand” on my social media accounts and everything I posted was just supporting that image of myself.
    Now I know that if people judge me for me, then I don’t need them in my life and I’m secure enough that I can say that.
    The keto stories have truly given me encouragement to be real, share MY story AND embrace it all.

  8. Misc keto tips:

  • Whenever I feel a little weak, have headaches or muscle aches, I drink some pink salt and water and it usually does the trick. If I need a bigger boost, then I add more electrolytes like magnesium and potassium (avocado, spinach, nuts or vitamins!)
  • I used to have insomnia when I first started but now I sleep pretty well. I don’t drink as much caffeine and I eat more calories than when I first started.
  • The keto transition is easier when you get:
    a) 7-8 hours of sleep: I never made sleep a priority but I noticed during the 100 days that when I didn’t get enough sleep, I am a lot more moody and that I graze ALL day. I think there’s a hormone that make you feel hungry when you have lack of sleep and when you are stressed
    (FOUND IT: sleep deprivation has been shown to lower LEPTIN [an appetite-suppressing hormone produced by fat cells, which is normally produced in abundance at night] and increase GHRELIN, [a hormone released by the stomach that stimulates hunger, which is also secreted at night but in less amounts]. Research subjects were found to have an increased sense of hunger and tended to reach for carbohydrate-dense, sweet, and salty foods when sleep deprived.)
    Anyway, some of those days that I grazed all day from sleep deprivation, led to binges. It’s easier to follow Keto when you have sleep. I now try to make sleep a priority.
    b) Bowel movements: at first I didn’t have a bowel movement for days. But now with more veggies, I am more regular. I used to eat salads every meal before keto. Then I was afraid of the 20g rule and cut veggies significantly.
    Now I try to eat spinach, kale, broccoli or cauliflower at every meal. It helps with the bowel movements. I also feel fuller. I’ve always been someone that felt fullness based on volume. I think my restrictive days of just filling my stomach with liquids attributes to that, as well as bingeing until I couldn’t breathe or think.

c) Less stress - I know it’s easy to say but try to reduce stress. It’s true that cortisol or whatever hormones start stirring with stress and wreak havoc on our bodies.
I personally found that glucose and insulin can rise just from stress. The other day, I checked my glucose during fasting and it was at 81. I checked it an hour later, still fasting but with added stress and it shot up to 88. No food consumed. Just stress. Eye opening.
d) IF: do at least 16:8 IF. I think IF allows for more forgiveness in weight gain. For me personally, a lot of my binges were at night so IF helped with the binges to come to an end at night. I think IF has been the most beneficial to help me not binge. I was scared to do IF because of my restrictive days but it’s been working out well. I will not do more than 18:6 (usually just do 16:8) because I nurse. Once I stop nursing, I will try 24 hrs because supposedly autophagy really starts kicking in at 24-36 hours.

  • Check glucose and ketones. Best way to know if you are really in ketosis, as well as what you’re personalized carb tolerance is.
  • Have mini goals—it’ may help keep you motivated during the more difficult days
  • Schedule cheat days. For me, looking forward to these cheat days allowed me to muster courage to continue and look forward to that day, instead of thinking “I can never have carbs EVER again” or “this diet is forever…”

I hope this has been helpful to others. It’s also nice for me to “document” so that if I ever get weak, I will have this personal journey written to give me strength to go on. Keto on!

(Doug) #262

Wow. :slightly_smiling_face: