Starting a post-Christmas extended fast today - all welcome to join!

(Lisa ) #61

Morning all! Check in time again.
Nearly completed 7 days so half-way there! I’m about to surpass my longest fast so I am entering new territory.

This morning, ketones were 3.1 and I actually remembered to weigh myself: down 10 pounds/4.5kg and waist 72cm.

And…what is this sorcery?! It appears I have abs. Wowee.

I also had a bad day yesterday in terms of having some bone broth and then feeling extremely nauseous. The heat didn’t help either. I just melted on the couch in between occasional bursts of cleaning. But I am feeling much better today.

I have been trying to find posts about people’s extended fasts and from what I’ve read there seems to be a theme of feeling a bit crap around day 6-8 then feeling good again. I also noticed that the more ambitious fasters post a lofty goal (say 30 or 40 days plus) but go completely silent after about day 2…There is no way I would be able to mentally do this if I hadn’t been keto beforehand and slowly built up the length of my fasts.

Another day of rest for me, then back to the gym tomorrow (as well as watching the cricket). I’m guessing it will be packed given it’s the New Year. I’m going to chat to the newbies so they feel welcome and hopefully keep coming. I know that’s what got me into exercise and kept me going. I was TERRIFIED the first time I attended a group fitness class back in 2010 - I was intimidated by everyone and just wanted to hide.

On that note, I am going to try as hard as possible to limit the damn exercise. I love the endorphins, and I sleep better when my body is knackered. I just don’t seem to have an off button :laughing:

Looking forward to hearing how everyone else is going…Keep calm and fast on!


Well, it is another cold and dreary morning here. I am up to day 5 (110 hours). Weight down 7.8 pound. I struggled some yesterday in t he afternoon with fatigue and some mild nausea but it went away with time. Also had buttocks and quad pain during the night. But I am staying the course. Will stick with water, and a little bone broth if desired. Have a good day!


Yesterday, as planned, I stopped my fast to eat our customary New Year’s Day meal. Afterwards, I resumed fasting.

This morning, my BG was 108, up from 74 the previous day. My GKI shot up drastically, from 1.3 to 12. The fact that my BG was still so high even after 12+ hours of fasting clearly demonstrates my insulin resistance.

I gained 5 lbs (from 150 to 155 on my 5’9" frame) which is larger than usual (but not unprecedented) for me. I’m not bothered by the weight, it’ll be gone within a day or two, but it is again another indication of my metabolic derangement.

With the holidays over, I have nothing on the horizon that I anticipate will cause me to stop the fast going forward. It’s always subject to change, but this extended fast is likely to be my longest fast in 2019.

(Lisa ) #64

Aaaaaand now I have gone into euphoric mental clarity mode.
What day is it now?? Day Eight?

Well I’m still going strong, had some bone broth yesterday. Noticed I had pitting oedema in my legs: suspect the Na/K/Mg might be unbalanced so took some supplements and the broth. I did drink a heck load yesterday, to be fair. Slept with my legs up but still puffy this morning. Took a herbal diuretic with potassium and water and the oedema has gone away.

Weight is down another kg for a total loss of 5kg/11lb since the start. Actually probably more like 6kg. Ketones 1.8 this morning.

Went to gym and limited myself to pump then spin with NO extra cycling (normally I do an hour before or after the class so instead I fed my OCD by rearranging the weight rack. It looks much better now). The heat was getting to all of us I think; I struggled with my balance again. But had plenty of energy.

Has anyone else noticed that when you lose weight your bones seem to get in the way? That is a ridiculous statement I know, but I find it difficult to do ab tracks, planks, etc because my hips and elbows get bruised or graze really easily. Maybe I just have a large frame or it’s just the way my fat is distributed :laughing:. I am also bruising like crazy, so it will be interesting to see my bloodwork in one week’s time. I suspect being accident prone is the most likely cause rather than deficiencies…will update.

Speaking of that, I have to see the dietitian on the 8th and I don’t think he will be happy with me fasting. I told a friend about it and she freaked out, so I won’t bring it up again with anyone in the outside world :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got a huge collection of books from the library today including some good keto ones. I’ll try upload a photo soon. For now, I am resting on the couch and watching the cricket.


Congrats to all the great fasting results I just caught up on!!

After breaking my 6-day fast for New Year’s, I’m ready for another week of fasting. I gained 3 lbs over the 24-hour period of eating, so I’m at a net loss of 7.5 pounds going into part 2.

Day 1 of 7 already behind me … so far, so good.


Hi to everyone! It looks like everyone is doing well.

The cat and I are reporting in on our sixth day (132 hours). I have not yet gone over the edge yet and eaten the furry beastie but it was close yesterday. Boy was I fixated on food yesterday. At one point my son commented on I was awefully quiet. I had to admit I was thinking about food. Keto food and at that moment contemplating the wonders of cinnamon. You know you are food deprived when you start daydreaming about spices! Yesterday did go well. I was bright with no particular problems until night. I did have pain in my quads and buttocks again which makes for restless sleeping. I have lost 9.8 pounds so far.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Day 6–way to go, @ireshred!


Just made it through Day 2 of 7. Seems like I’m struggling more this time around with the emotional desire to eat. Probably doesn’t help that my son is sitting nearby eating chips and salsa, one of those “normally” irresistible foods for me. I haven’t told anyone that I’m fasting (last week or this week). I’m hoping I can make it through again without being discovered. I just don’t want a well-intentioned albeit misunderstood concern for my not eating to get in the way. Hungry as I am right now, I could easily be convinced … now heading for a cup of tea! :slight_smile:


I’ve done several EFs but this new fast has been tougher than most. Kicking my butt, however, I am still true to the cause. Undoubtedly some sugary carbs over the holidays are playing a key part.

Now at 50 hours of a 70+ water fast. Will allow a little HWC in my coffee at 60 hours. That may carry me beyond 3 days. Weight loss continues to be the goal, autophagy is a bonus.

Good news is that the sun will return to Louisiana tomorrow and it means I’ll get some walking in. That always boosts my fasts.

By the way, all the weight I gained through New Year’s is gone — down to 196.4 (-59 pounds) after carbing up to 200.6. Aim to go below 195 on this fast and reach 190 by first week of February. My goal weight of 179 (-76) is going to take several more EFs so I’m giving myself until the first week of April.

(Lisa ) #70

Well hello again everyone!
Great to read your stories. I’m a bit late in posting today because I had a big nap this afternoon :hugs:
Must be Day Nine now (well, almost over). Have had a really good sleep the last couple of nights, under the air con because it’s been very hot the last few days.
I have almost finished a book (about Jack The Ripper) I got yesterday. Went to a body balance class and did some bouldering. Too hot to do much else: doggo and I are sheltering indoors.
I have been enjoying Lady Grey tea and herbal tea bags in my water. Making sure that I keep the supplements up as I’ve had some cramps when stretching.

Weight is about the same as yesterday, ketones 3.6 when I checked an hour ago. Clothes feel looser and I had to tie in the side of my singlet so it didn’t flip off during the class.

I’ve got David Gillespie’s “Big Fat Lies”, Robb Wolf’s “Wired to Eat”, David Perlmutter’s “Grain Brain” and a Paleo Pete book to read. Not sure I’ll read the Paleo one though as I find Pete Evans seems to just be cashing in on the Paleo diet. I also read the thread about books and so got “The Library Book” and “The Inner Life of Animals” based on recommendations from the forum. Lots to enjoy!

Cricket is on again tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll hit the gym while it is cool in the morning then watch the game in the afternoon.

Have a great day :grinning::blush:


Good morning to all of you! I am so excited that I reached my seventh day. This was my goal. 157 hours! This is the longest fast I have done. And this is coming off a very extended period away from keto and if. This is Friday which is family night out so I am stopping today. Down 11.1 pounds. My plan is to gently start refeeding during the day and be careful with supper. Eat tomorrow keto and then start if 3x per week while following keto. Good fasting to all of you today!


Nearing the 70-hour mark. Wife wants to dine out tonight so I will shut it down at 72 and try to be good.

Weight really plummeted overnight — from 196.2 to 194.2. Lost 6 pounds since New Year’s Day; 61 pounds since April.

Took a long, cold walk with my hound and I feel great. Not really hungry — that third-day kick is taking effect. Hate to break it tonight but what the heck, there are other EFs ahead.

Just might eat tonight, then add in a big bacon and egg breakfast and start a new 3-day fast. Really hate to waste that first two-day suffering though.

(Lisa ) #73

Hello all!
Day Ten today! The end is in sight, but it isn’t really a goal anymore - I’m at the stage where I’m just going with the flow and will see where I end up. It might be 14 days, might be 21, who knows.
Had a great workout this morning: pump and combat, then a short ride and home. Compared to one week ago when I did the same thing I felt stronger. Put the weights up a bit too.

Today I am back watching the cricket and chilling under the air con with the dog.

Not much else to report really!


“Day 10 (with a 24-hour break on the seventh day)” now behind me. Technically, I know this is two separate EFs. However, thought I’d start representing it as a single event (including break) for a couple of reasons: 1) the bigger number gives me a personal mind boost to keep going :blush: and 2) it helps me feel like I’m riding Lisa’s tailwind, also inspiration to keep going :smile: . I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning to see where I’m at in scale terms.

(Lisa ) #75

You’re doing so well! I absolutely agree with keeping it as one fast. If I have to have a break meal I just go straight back to it…otherwise that “all or nothing” mentality comes back (I talk about this is one of my other posts) and it’s easy to just abandon the fast altogether. If I need to have a keto snack, then I will. If I have broth that’s cool, or if I need something more my go to would be about 3 mouthfuls of fatty meat (brisket or similar). I’ve got some bones roasting in the oven so I can make some broth to have on hand. You’re not breaking the fast, just having a break from the fast :laughing:
I will definitely have at least one small meal at the end of the 14 days, then probably pick it up again…All depends on how I feel. Quality not quantity, eh?

(Lisa ) #76

Good work! Glad to have you on board. We’ve got a bit of a gang going on here!


This is a strange fast. Did a 71-hour water fast, ate for 1 hour (<30 total carbs), now fasting another 16 hours, will eat for 8 (<20 carbs) and then water fast another 72. Kind of silly but it works out to 71/1/16/8/72.

Best to say 6 outta 7 days.

(Lisa ) #78

Hey, each to their own. We won’t kick you out of the gang :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jenny) #79

Lisa and everyone here really inspires me. my longest fast has been 4 days and i dont feel great when I fast. it comes and goes. but I also exercise hard. I’d really like to break the code of why I dont feel batter, but I may just have to stick to shorter fasts. points being you all inspire me!

I did want to say also while I am not currently fasting, I am drinking 1 L of snake juice everyday experimenting with flavoring it for when I go again, and it has helped my mood overall and anxiety tremendously. I am more relaxed and happy. perhaps I was low on something :slight_smile:


Day 11 fasting (less New Year’s feasting) accomplished! For a twist today, I did a 20-minute HIIT Tabata on the treadmill. This is the first time I’ve exercised during the EF (or for the last couple of months for that matter) and it felt great! Figured it was an easy entry back into being more active, too. I spent most of the afternoon putting Christmas decorations away, which was a really good distraction–had Spotify Coffeehouse tunes playing in the background and took tea breaks along the way. Then, made dinner for my husband and youngest daughter (a Mediterranean inspired keto meal), which they both gave a thumbs up. For some reason, cooking for others doesn’t tempt me … and, it’s helping me put together a repertoire of recipes that I can use when I’m back on IF (things that they also like).

Like many of you, I’m not sure when this EF end date will be for me–just happy to be taking it one day at a time for now. :slight_smile: