Starting a post-Christmas extended fast today - all welcome to join!


Every hour fasting is a victory. Just think how much mental strength you have learned to master. Your body will sort out the right weight for you.


You are doing fabulous! Holidays are actually easier fasting then when just following keto I think. No choices to have to navigate. Just smile, drink, and fast on. Hope today is a great one for you.


Irishred, thanks but I’m long over letting my body determine a good weight for me. If I’d settled for that monrhs ago, I’d have been in the 190s and still very overweight. So mentally I’ve adjusted to going for it and haven’t looked back. I’m far healthier and leaner now than those 190 days. I’m not talking underweight either, just within the weight range for my height. Slow-downs/plateaus happen no matter what, so for me it’s about making an adjustment if I can or just riding it out. I’m approaching Day 4 of 5 of my HDF (the equivalent of 15 days water fasting) , so I can already see the finish line. I feel quite accomplished already and really looking forward to 2019! :smiley:


Overjoyed, your mention of letting the body choose it’s weight/destination really struck a chord with me, as I feel as if that’s what I’ve been doing over the past few years. You peaked my interest to learn more about HDF—any recommendations for best resources to learn more? Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


I am in my second full day of fasting (41 hours). Feeling good today. Lost 2 pounds. I had water and 1/2 cup of bone broth last night plus a little salt. Plan to stick with that today plus a cup of hot tea this morning just to warm up!

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snake juice is a recipe of electrolytes and salt people use during fasting. There are recipes on this board people use as well. I have never used any, but I didn’t feel great during this fast and was crabby. I’m not sure if it will help but I’m going to give it a try.

edited to add I am very active during my fasts and dont want to stop that so it may be messing with how I feel.


dsmith, you can find some info online and on YouTube mostly in the form of testimonials. Many articles and videos explain what HDF’ing and SDF’ing is, but it’s the experiences from actual people that you really want to pay attention to. If you try it, don’t go any longer than 1-3 days to start unless your body is already accustomed to fasting on a regular basis. You can even mix this in with other types of fasting for variety or for a digestive break. I hope this helps!


Sounds great—thanks!

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I did a similar thing with two week-long fasts. I had a brief break in between (<48 hours) and found I was straight back into ketosis and not hungry again. So hopefully it will work out well for you too!


Great way to start the new year. Started Sunday AM after coffee with HWC, Intend to go 14 or 21 days.

Lots of water with salt, walking each night.

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Day Five for me! Feeling good.
Now where did that time go?? Approaching the halfway mark…
Skipped the weights today as I’m still sore from Saturday and I think it’d be counterproductive to force myself to do it. Will go to body combat later today for a bit of cardio, then take the doggo for a swim.
I am so impressed with everyone on this thread and the hard work you are all putting in. Ask me a year ago if I would be fasting for two weeks over the holidays and I would have laughed in your face!!

Objective things: ketones 1.1 this morning, weight I didn’t bother with because I drank heaps of fluid overnight and this morning so it’s going to be higher.

Time for some more coffee and then I’m going to have another declutter (one of my favourite things to do) and spring clean. I have a pantry full of tins and packets of non-keto food gathering dust that I will donate to the local food banks as I know I’m not going to use them!

Also, I’m going to tie-dye some clothes (another great distraction) and build some feeders for the parrots. I’ve got another aquarium that needs setting up, too. So many things to do! Anyone noticed the animal theme in my life…?

What are some things you do to either a) keep busy and b) make you feel good?



Ask your dermatologist about minicycline (minocycline?). It is more effective vs. doxy and fewer side effects. Did so well for me that after a while I am down to once a week instead of daily. May ditch it totally. Great results and seems to have no affect on Keto.


Good morning! It is 4:30am here and the cat and I are keeping each other company in the dark. I am on day 3 (60 hours). Yesterday was a good day. Drank lots of water, had some hot tea, and even took my son out for lunch. Others food is not bothering me and I had no real pull to eat. I am planning to stay the course today with only water, tea, and bone broth if I need it. I am down about 3 1/2 pounds, mind very clear, and happy to be fasting again after so long. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Welcome back, Irishred! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Happy New Year!
Day Six today :smiley:
Ketones bounced up to 2.7, weight is down again (I really should try to weight FIRST thing in the morning like I used to, but to be honest the scale doesn’t matter enough to me haha).
Yesterday was the first time I struggled with exercise. I didn’t realise I was still dehydrated and sleep-deprived from the weekend until I saw my heart rate was sitting way higher than usual and I felt pretty dizzy. Balance is not my thing but this was BAD. So I did my bike ride and combat and am taking the next 2 days completely off exercise bar walking the dog (my “resolution” is to exercise less and rest more).
Back to resolutions…I really don’t like them. I think that if you want to make a goal, just get up and do it! Don’t wait til the next year, week, day etc. Just get started now.

So, in the spirit of getting started now, I am going to lie on the couch and drink my black coffee for a while. Then I’m going to slowly get through decluttering and resting some more.

I’m really stoked to see everyone going so strong. You rock!


Lisa, thank you so much for starting this. It really has been the accountability success factor that I needed in order to stick with an extended fast before heading into the new year. Have especially loved reading the updates from all along the way.

Before heading out for New Years Eve celebration with husband and friends, a quick update … after a 6-day fast (officially in 3 hours from now), I have lost 10.5 pounds. Fully aware that the majority of that is water weight, but good enough.

After my break for dinner tonight, I plan to get back in the fasting game for another week starting tomorrow, so look forward to checking back in then.

Happy New Year everyone!!!


I’m also not a big believer in resolutions at start of year. I’ll be cheering you on as you go for less exercise and more rest … as I try to do the opposite. :slight_smile:

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No, thank YOU for being part of this and inspiring me :heart_eyes:


Thank you for the welcome! I always love reading your posts and seeing you are still here. Hope you had a great New Years Eve and wishing you health and joy in the coming year.


Good morning! I am up to day 4 (86 hours)…wowsers! Yesterday was a little rougher as I felt hungry/irritable with mildish headache. I just kept reminding myself that I have read day 3 is the roughest and it will get better from there. LOL, I guess I will see today. I have lost 6.2 pounds so far. Yesterday I only had water and a cup of tea. I partied myself right into bed at 9pm. No drop of the ball for me. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and that this fast marks the start of a fabulous 2019.