Starting a post-Christmas extended fast today - all welcome to join!

(Lisa ) #1

Merry Christmas all!
Quick recap, I’m a doctor from NZ who has been keto for a fairly long time and as an n=1 experiment I did two week-long fasts last month. The main reason was to be able to recommend this lifestyle from both evidence and personal experience.

Had really good results including mental clarity, improved mood, better sleep, stable blood sugars (I am prone to lows), more energy and weight loss.
I allowed myself to have sugar over Christmas and my body did not like it!! So, time for another fast. This time I’m shooting for 14 days, but will change things up if my body doesn’t like it.

Some other changes:

  1. Cutting out the cream and bone broth. Also avoiding sweeteners as they induce cravings. Will keep up a small splash of MCT oil in my coffee.
  2. Drinking more water and salt.
  3. Lower intensity exercise.
  4. More rest! It’s the holidays after all.

I would love to hear from anyone who would like to join or keep me accountable! I will post my ketones, weight loss and measurements for interest.

Lisa :blush:


Finished my last slice of key lime pie (a local specialty) this evening. As planned, my last fast of the year begins now…

I always keep my fasts open ended, so I don’t know how long it will last, but probably into the new year since I don’t have anything planned in the interim. Will likely pause/break it for New Years Day to eat black eyed peas (tradition dictates). So we’ll see…


You didn’t mention your start date. Coincidentally my keto journey was the result of my first ever fast started 2nd January 2018 for 14 days. Strict water/ brewed teas only with ES bath soaks. Fasting was incredible but returning to the SAD left us wondering what was wrong. Further research lead us down the keto path and we haven’t looked back. I also fast regularly 3-5 days randomly when I feel the urge. I have my next fast, another 14 day, scheduled to start without breakfast on 2nd Jan 19. I have my mother in law(1st fast) , wife(2nd) and a couple friends(1st) joining me now that they can see you’re not going to die from fasting. If our dates sync up, I would love to join you and provide any support I can. I can also provide vital stats if needed.

(Lisa ) #4

Hi there, I started today and will go through intothe New Year so would be great for you to join in then. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dani Simpson) #5

Hi there, I’ve started an extended fast last night, plan for at least 5 days.
Many years ago when I was in my 40s I did quite a lot of fasting with excellent results…( mostly 10 days but up to 21 days)… somehow being married to an overweight chef saw me following his path for a while😳.
With a history of diabetes and dementia in the family, I cannot afford to consider my good health as just good luck, I have to work at it.
Regular fasting with time restricted keto diet in between suits me fine.

Very happy to keep anyone accountable!

(Lisa ) #6

Nice to meet you! Will be good to have an accountability buddy for this. We have similar family histories of illness too.

(Jenny) #7

I’m in, open ended as well cuz that’s how I roll, but my record is 96 hours so probably nothing too extended.

(Michelle) #8

I’m planning at least 42 hours beginning after dinner last night. However my family wants to go to Louisville for a few hours today so we will see how that goes.


I’ll join you on this fast … for the first 5 days of it, anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Quick background: For most of my adult life, I maintained my weight through low-carb eating and exercise. Atkins, Whole 30, Paleo were fun nutritional hobbies for me. In my late 40s, a host of things SEEMED to push me into a 25-pound weight gain–surgeries that kept me couch-bound, an orphanectomy that resulted in rapid menopause, and depression from loss of both my parents with 1.5 years. I just no longer had the desire to keep myself healthy. About a year ago, I researched and started Keto, with encouraging early results … but then things slid off. So, picking it up again now. I’m confident that 2019 is the year that I’ll take my health back.

Thanks for the encouragement through this thread!

(Lisa ) #10

Welcome! Thanks for your story. I hope that 2019 is the year for you. I look forward to following how you go :blush:

(Lisa ) #11

So, time for some fasting rambling from my end.
Officially Day One (although Christmas was a little sooner in NZ). I fasted yesterday as well with some bone broth, but will discount that so we’re all on the same page :slight_smile:

Ketones were registering on my blood meter this morning - 0.1, tbh I was surprised that there were any showing up after all the Christmas carbs!! Also, I am only measuring the ketones for interest. I can tell when I’m in ketosis.
Bit of a headache at the moment - I blame the carbs.

Off to the gym at lunch time. Going to do a pump class and then spin after (YES I know I said I would dial back the exercise, so I have limited myself to just these two classes today, then body balance tomorrow). And YES I am an exercise addict, which is good for my mental health but I found on the last two fasts that HIIT triggered my hunger pretty intensely.

I’ve finally got used to having coffee without milk or cream. I’m having some nice organic plunger coffee with about half a teaspoon of MCT oil in it (gives the coffee that creamy taste I miss). My gorgeous tenants got me a mix and go blender for Christmas…they know me too well!

A random thing I noticed the other day: I went for a swim in the ocean with my dog and sank. Some context to this: I was the school swimming and lifesaving champ, and have been a surf lifeguard for 14 years. But I hadn’t been for a swim in the ocean in a long time and I’m guessing it’s because I have more muscle and less fat…We went out in some pretty big surf and suddenly when I was behind the break I realised I had to work a lot harder to stay afloat. Nothing worthy of panic or anything like that, just really noticed the difference. My beautiful golden retriever (Finn) decided that I am an incompetent swimmer and valiantly tried to save me. Bless him. I did notice there were A LOT of people (adults and kids) swimming outside the flags with the big undertow and rips with a big shore break. Makes me really frustrated that people do this…no wonder NZ has so many drownings. Anyway, rant over. I’ll try add a photo of Finn when I get a chance.

Back to the thread, what was I talking about again? Oh right the fasting. Not hungry at all today, loading up on the water (I put a herbal tea bag in my bottle for flavour). Watching Netflix and doing house work to keep busy.

How are y’all doing? Much love,

(Lisa ) #12

This is my derpy dog. Yes that’s an avocado he’s stolen and trying to hide in his gob.

(Zina B) #13

I’d like to join as well. I have started my fast since last night because I also indulged during the holidays. I am keeping mine open ended as well, but the longest I have fasted was close to 4 days before.
I am in my late 30s, live in California and have been mostly keto for the past year.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #14

It’ll still be OK if you get it back.

(Nickie) #15

Hi. I’d like to join if it’s not too late. I have completely gone off the rails after a 10 day cruise this month, the passing of my father and now Christmas.

The longest I have gone is 6 days. I’m aiming for 2 weeks this time.


I’m joining as of 1pm Thursday… and only for 48h (1pm Saturday). Record for me, not totally convinced of the benefits beyond that long?? Mostly just atoning for Christmas sins lol.

(Lisa ) #17

Welcome! Never too late to join, great to have you here :heart_eyes:

(Lisa ) #18

Hey Jono, cool to have you on board. I have personally found that after 72 hours I experience great mental clarity and productivity, as well as improved mood. The first 48 are hardest for me. But everyone is different so do what feels good for you.


Ok, I’m in!
I have 5 pounds to lose, and need a fresh start, as I have not done a real clean keto since starting it Oct 13th.
I feel this may give me a clean start where my body can adjust itself with a little time and rest.
I also had sugar during Christmas. Yuk!
I am going to do coffee and coconut oil this morning and stick to water and my electrolyte drinks and maybe a little Apple cider vinegar water.
I will do this fast if I can for 4 days. The only other fast I’ve ever done is for 24 hours so this is a long stretch for me.
Thanks for posting this, it will be fun I’m gonna go on up 6 or 7 mile walk right now and take it easy and do my art and take naps or whatever my body wants.
So, 10 hours so far! Going for 4 days, = 96 hours.

(Lisa ) #20

Good morning everyone. Hope the fasting is going well!
I’m at about the 36 hour mark now. Went to the gym yesterday and did my two classes, but then spent another hour on the bike (despite saying I would back off!!) But if that’s my biggest failure then it was a good day.

I have definitely found that the cream and bone broth I had in my first two fasts stimulated my hunger way more than I realised. I tend to get very hungry around 8-10pm, otherwise I just have small waves of hunger during the day.

Interesting to see how much water affects weight. Despite smashing back litres of water over the past few days, the scales showed a loss of about 6 pounds over the course of the day. Makes sense when you think of all the glycogen used during exercise (and fasting).

As I’ve said before, I find the first couple of days the hardest so I’m looking forward to reaching the 72 hour sweet spot. In the meantime, it’s black coffee and some light exercise today.