Starting a post-Christmas extended fast today - all welcome to join!

(Lisa ) #81

Hi all! Day Eleven done and dusted (well, almost). It’s scorching over here so spent most of the day napping under the air con…bliss!
No exercise today, just rest.
We are going to the open air cinema to see “The Wife” tonight (late night for me, it starts at 9pm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
Tomorrow I see my doctor and the next day I see the dietitian. I’ll have a set of bloods done and see how the electrolytes, albumin and the iron levels are looking. Haven’t had them checked in months.
I might swap up to IF once I get to 14 days, but we’ll see. I’m going to Auckland for a few days on the 16th and plan to catch up with friends so won’t fast then (well, I won’t do the EF).
I’ve noticed overall I have gained weight but got smaller since incorporating some resistance training in the last few weeks. I’m talking like 2-3lb, if that. I took photos before the fast and there’s a big difference. Goes to show what a liar the scale is.
Not bothering to check ketones, we all know I’m in ketosis…
I’m really stoked with everyone’s hard work and results. You have definitely kept me focused and I’m grateful to you all.

(Lisa ) #82

Day Twelve (technically thirteen, but whatever) is drawing to a close…speaking of that, blood is being drawn tomorrow. No fun.
Did a couple of hours at the gym and walked for an hour, which was nice. I’m incorporating some bone broth in as I look to start eating out of the fast. Weighed myself and I am about 7kg down. Not bothering with ketones. I have enjoyed espresso shots a bit too much today. Heart rate hit 208 during the combat class today - felt good, though.
Tomorrow the cricket is on at 11am, so I’ll try get up for the 6am pump class and a quick ride. Dietitian at 10 and then I can relax on the couch for the rest of the day. Yahoo!

Oh, another couple of n=1 experiment. I’m going to weigh myself the morning of any weight training and then the day after to show how much water is retained from the micro-tears in the muscles. I saw a thread where women expressed their concern about bulking up from resistance training and also about weight fluctuations. I am also going to weigh before and after working out with a) my usual intake of water during the workout and b) a substantially reduced amount of water during the workout. I will weigh and then replenish the water. The reason for this is to try and demonstrate how the smallest things can change the scales dramatically (ie from water gain and loss over a short period of time). Will be interesting!
See you again tomorrow :blush:

(Lisa ) #83

Hello all.

Went to the dietitian (very switched on and I trust what he says) this morning who told me to stop the fast. Did look slightly horrified when I said it’d been 2 weeks. Doesn’t want me doing it at my weight and exercise levels or something along those lines I guess. Bugger it. But he is on board with keto, although wants me to up the complex carbs to 50g a day. And to eat breakfast (that part will never happen unless it’s bulletproof coffee :laughing:).

I was keen to fast for another week or so…But that’s all good, looks like I’m day 13-14 anyway so I’ll have some eggs and maybe some fruit tomorrow (strongly suggested by the dietitian…I said I don’t eat fruit, but compromised with blueberries). He wants me to ditch the OMAD eating as well as he thinks I can’t sustain myself eating so little with all the exercise.

Took 6 stabs to get blood out of me, which was less than ideal.


Thoughts anyone?

(Zina B) #84

Well you technically almost made it to your original goal anyway, so congrats! I’ve heard other medical professionals say that for people with more normal BMIs, it’s not a good idea to fast beyond 3-5 days and that it may be better to have 2 back to back fasts with a break in between, which would still give you all the benefits. That what got me to break mine up into two 5 day fasts (now on day 3 of the second one).
Are you seeing a dietitian for a medical reason or just as part of your checkups? I am curious because I want to know if his advice on fasting would apply to others with similar exercise and weight range.

(Jane) #85

Dehydrated? Low blood pressure from your EF?

(Jane) #86

I’ve done 3-5 days fasts away from home, but no access to a scale so no data except for post-fast several days later.

But I did two 36-hr fasts over the holidays with my husband and was fascinated at the lying bitch scale. Both mornings after 36 or so hour fasts I weighed either the same or MORE than when I started my fast. The day AFTER I broke it feasting the day before… I dropped several pounds. WTF???


Congrats on your fast, Lisa!! Since you obviously trust your doctor and your BMI is probably at the norm or below, makes sense to me that you end it on a high note. Well-done!!


Day 14 fasting (less New Year’s feasting) now complete … and I’m officially calling this EF closed. I have felt miserable all day today—cold, nauseated, and really weak. I probably didn’t do a great job of staying on top of salt/electrolytes, but just couldn’t stomach it. With that said, still pleased with making it to today.

I lost a total of 15 pounds—lost 10 pounds after first 6-day fast, gained 3 pounds back during New Years Day break feast, then lost 8 pounds after second 6-day fast.

I’m planning to take a couple of light eating days tonight and tomorrow, then move to 4/2/1 protocol (IF/24-hour/feast) for the next month or so. I still have about 15 pounds to lose, so hoping that keeps me heading in the right direction.

As mentioned before, have really LOVED this thread—thanks and continued success to all!!

(Lisa ) #89

Hey everyone
Thanks for your thoughtful replies and sharing your successes. I’m really glad I did this fast and I’m stoked it inspired others.

Well said!

I see the dietitian mostly to monitor my iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium and b12 + folate levels as they drop low quickly and I have needed TPN in the past. But yes, I trust what he says. And I think that incorporating more carbs would be sensible as I don’t have a weight loss goal anymore and I exercise a lot like you do. He basically said there wasn’t enough fuel going in on OMAD for me…

I am notoriously hard to get blood out of, but I had worked out a few hours before so that probably didn’t help…

I will look at doing IF for a while and then maybe some shorter EFs, thanks for the suggestion. Had blueberries last night and felt very energetic at the gym today despite not eating yet.

I might start another accountability/fasting chat thread in the next day or so where we can share ideas and whatnot.

And with that, I’m out for now.
Will be lurking on the forums :joy: