Starting a post-Christmas extended fast today - all welcome to join!

(Dean) #21

I’m going to try to go 48hrs after a carby christmas, im at about hour 18. I really felt like crap after i ate all that stuff, I have been doing this for couple years and feel i can rebound quicker if i rest and get plenty of water. What i really like about this way of eating is there is always a way back and i know what to do, just a matter of keeping calm and ketoing on! I feel better already.


Hi everyone! I’m from the US embarking on a hard dry fast for the remainder of 2018. I’m close to my goal and will incorporate keto around my fasting lifestyle in January.


14 day fast…omg I think I would die…BUT I will check back and see if you guys are all still in it! I am just going to go back to my regular lazy keto/low-carb and at the end of the month, I know I will feel so much better.
I just should have thrown all those cookies in the compost bucket as soon as the guests who brought them left!
But was so interesting to find myself congested, bloated, loose stools, and getting woken up with hot flashes at night, after just a few cookies!

(Jenny) #24

im 45 hours into my post Xmas fast and feeling well :slight_smile:
goal is 89 hours which isnt my longest but close. we have a Holiday party Saturday and there will be keto food there. Unless i decide to keep going but probably not lol. 4.2 pounds down so far!

(Lisa ) #25

That’s awesome Jenny, keep it up!

(Lisa ) #26

I’m not one to give up on any goal…so I will only stop if my body stops agreeing with me :sweat_smile: will see you again in 12 days


Almost 48 hours into the fast and feeling great. Did a refresh read of The Complete Guide to Fasting (by Jason Fung) that you recommended in another post … really great info and helped get me even more jazzed about doing this fast. Maybe I’ll go the 14 days? :slight_smile:

(Jenny) #28

does anyone have any info on fasting while on an antibiotic? I’m on doxy for rosacea. On my eating days (when I’m not fasting) I be sure to consume keifer. so far, so good.

(Lisa ) #29

You should be fine taking it with a big glass of water :blush:


I’m glad I found this site. Everyone is so inspired and determined! I’m in the middle of Day 2 of my HDF, feeling fine. 2018 feels like it’s quickly coming to a close which I think is part of the reason why my fasting seems easier this time around. My last HDF was 7 days right before Xmas and it no doubt became challenging, especially those last couple days but it was worth staying the course. Great going everyone!

(Zina B) #31

Hi everyone. Today is start of day 3 for me :smiley: and I feel great. I did a fasted workout at the gym this morning and not feeling hungry.
I am taking a multivitamin and a home-made electrolyte drink with a splash of apple cider vinegar in the morning. I also drink a lot of tea as I tend to get cold when I fast. What are you guys taking aside from water?

(Tracy ) #32

Starting today as well! also with 16/8 IF looking to lose 15lbs.

(Tracy ) #33

Rishi Matcha green tea I also do Lemon water make a big pitcher with 2 lemons sliced can add some mint- yummy

(Lisa ) #34

Hello everyone! So good to see so many people joining me :smiley:
Day Three for me. Or about 62 hours. No hunger so far today (it’s 12pm in NZ).

I would love to hear your results, in whichever way you measure it (glucose/HbA1c/weight/inches/mental health etc).

This morning I went to the gym (I usually walk about 3km there and back to warm up and cool down, but another kind gym member drove past and gave me a ride!). I did about 20 min on the bike, then a pump class and then combat. Was regretting upping the weights for my biceps/triceps and shoulders…made punching a lot harder haha. My wrist has been giving me a bit of trouble from a ruptured ligament in September, so it doesn’t like taking much weight and this is limiting me a little. It’s definitely going in the right direction though.

My family are celebrating Christmas today, only 4 days late. Thankfully it doesn’t start til 2pm and it’s just a lunch so I’m sure I can babysit my nephew while everyone eats a late lunch. I’m also sober driving.

Ketones were 0.5 this morning and 0.8 after my workout today - usually they go down after exercise (makes sense as they’re being used up) and then pop up to 2-4 in the late afternoon. I really should emphasise that you don’t need to measure your ketones, but if you insist then get a blood meter rather than the urine strips as they’re useless.

My weight has dropped by 4kg (9 pounds) since I started. Must have had a LOT of water on me :stuck_out_tongue: cos there’s no way that’s all fat.

Have a smashing day!


Good morning to all! I am starting an extended fast this morning to get back into my ketogenic wol after an extended period away. My plan is for a basic water fast plus bone broth and co as needed. If I start to struggle I am going to follow IDM advice to use their modified fat fast to maintain momentum to lower insulin. I want to go 5-7 days if at all possible. This re-entry is about progress and not perfection. Happy fasting everyone!

(Jenny) #36

I made it 72 hours and lost 5 pounds. I am pretty pleased with that. Next time I’m going to try snake juice to see if it helps me be more comfortable during the fast. Just using salt helps when I feel blah but maybe I’m not using it enough.


I’m on Day 3 and lost 2.5 lbs so far. The loss is neither exciting nor disappointing to me. It’s just really hard to get the last pounds off. I literally feel every pound I lose at this point as if my body doesn’t want to readily give it up. So making an effort not to even ponder my fast, just staying busy and let my fasting app notify me when it’s time to break it. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

(Lisa ) #38

Morning! Day Four here. According to Fastient I am at 85 hours, 30% through, although I did an extra day of bone broth before that so I’m really at around 110 hours :wink:
We had our late Christmas yesterday and it was a very long day and late night! Tired today! I couldn’t really get away with fasting while we had a sit down meal so I had a few nibbles of fat from the roast. Drank water, black coffee and some coke zero while everyone else drank alcohol. Pleased with that! I stayed over at my parents’ house so haven’t checked weight or ketones. I was wondering if having the small amount of fat would make me want to give up and break, but instead it gave me a bit more pep to get through the day so a good decision there! Continuing on today, starting with lots of water and salt because I’m having occasional leg cramps. Welcome to everyone who has jumped in since I last posted :grinning:


Just wrapped day 4–woot! Daytime is always easy for me—just my normal coffee with 1 T of MTC oil in the morning and iced green tea throughout the day. Nights are tougher—it’s when my mind starts kicking in that I should really eat. A cup or two of decaf rooibus tea has helped me stay on track.

I’m planning to break the fast at the end of day 6 for New Year’s Eve dinner and then resume the fast for another week after that. (While I’d love to go the full 14 days without a break, we are getting together with friends for steak and lobster—so keto celebration anyway. And warm butter on a freezing Minnesota night will be bonus!! :slight_smile:

I plan to jump on the scale on close of Day 6 and will try to remember to post the results before heading out for New Years Eve. Beyond the scale, already experiencing higher energy and clearer head over the last couple of days. One exception is leg cramps and trouble sleeping, so added an epsom salt bath last night (and tonight) for more magnesium.


Congratulations! That is a fantastic fast. But what is snake juice?