Started once, failed once

(The crazy German guy) #41

135.1kg ! Starting to get scared… but really, this is a gigantic water whoosh

(The crazy German guy) #42

So, back on the scale today after my 2 full days of getting inked…
I snacked like a madman during the tattoo process. All sausages, cheese, etc… so technically keto, but still just a crappy diversification of macros and not “proper” food.
Last night when i finally got home, i had the need to put a big old steak into the pan and have some quark afterwards, too. Probably the Quark kicked me out of ketosis for a little while, as i was also eating around 20g of Dextrose during the tattoo to keep my system running.

Now, for the next 2 weeks i can’t do any lifting exercises, so i will fully concentrate on my OMAD Keto diet and get good foods in.

(The crazy German guy) #43


Status update. Tattoo healing very well. Slight peeling of skin, but all within what was expected.
I hope to be able to go back into the gym in 1 week’s time. As long as there’s skin peeling off I think there is a risk of infection, as well as i don’t think it is very hygienic versus my fellow gym-members.

My weight is at 136,0kg. So, September - with all its ups and downs is at -1,5kg. I gained for 3 weeks and then lost for 1. Strange month :slight_smile:

Having a little hard time with Keto right now. Missing some carbs every now and then. Might be a lack of variety.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #44

Check out what did you keto today which has a bunch of photos of what folks are eating. It might inspire you. I do it before a grocery store trip to help me remember other options and get out of a rut. I have tattoos. If you’re not in pain and it won’t rub the tattoo to work out, you should be fine as long as you wash with soap and water afterward. Pic?

(The crazy German guy) #45

Thanks ! been there now. got some inspiration

(The crazy German guy) #46

Weight today: 135,3kg


Cable underhand pull down: 80kg x 6, 70kg x8, 70kg x8, 70kg x8
Machine reverse flyes: 45kg x 10, 45kg x8, 45kg x6, 35kg x6
Barbell Deadlifts: 40kg x10, 40kg x8, 60kg x8, 60kg x6
Cable rows: 40kg x12, 75kg x8, 75kg x7, 75kg x7
Barbell curls: 20kg x6, 20 kg x6, 20kg x5, 20kg x6, 20kg x6
Ab crunch machine: 105kg x8, 105kg x16, 105kg x13

815kcal, 20g net carbs, 120g protein, 24g fat.

(The crazy German guy) #47

Weight today: 135,1kg.

Will go to the gym later today. Didn’t have time this morning :slight_smile:

(The crazy German guy) #48

Weeeeee! 134,9kg

(kicking cancer's butt with keto) #49

Why are you keeping yours fat so low? Just curious…

(The crazy German guy) #50

Putting more emphasis on Protein. Honestly, I don’t even care. If I get the chance to eat a fatty cut of meat I’ll do it. But the stuff that keeps me going on the daily is chicken and Roastbeef or sirloin beefsteak.

(The crazy German guy) #51

Fell off the bandwagon again. Been on carbs the last 10 days. Didn’t feel too bad, but of course my weight changed. Thinking about going all in on Keto. 120g fat, 150g Protein, <20g net carbs. Should be around 1900kcal. No omad, no if, just Keto.
I don’t need those carbs. They are fun, for sure, but I don’t really need them.

Here are pics of me at 137kg

(Susan) #52

Best wishes for getting back on track.

My grand daughter (who is 3) said you look scary, hehe!

(The crazy German guy) #53

Yeah, didn’t think I’d lose so much weight in my face. :stuck_out_tongue:

(The crazy German guy) #54

Been on Keto food now since Friday. Keeping focus on my fats, so I consume around 150g of fat and 90g of Protein, which gets me to around 1800-1900kcal. This is considerably more of course, compared to my former OMAD carnivore diet.

Having slight symptoms of Keto flu today and upped my sodium intake a little. Not too bad still. I have a slight real cold anyhow, so that might add to it. Will do some weight lifting today, but at a sightly lower intensity

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #55

I also do just keto, no OMAD, no IF and have for a little over a year. It works for me and it’s easy to live with. It’s such a routine now that I don’t have to think too hard about it. Memorize the foods you want in your life, forget the rest. I agree, you lost a lot from the front of your face and the most of your brain! :rofl:

(The crazy German guy) #56

Soooo… My training for today, while on vacation in a nice hotel in the German alps.

Barbell bench press (incl bar) : 60kg x 10, 70kg x 8, 70kg x 8, 70kg x 8
Barbell incline bench press (incl bar): 60kg x 8, 60kg x 8, 60kg x 7
Cable seated row : 50kg x 10, 40kg x 10, 40kg x 10, 50kg x 10
Dumbbell one arm row: 16kg x 10, 16kg x 10, 20kg x 10, 20kg x 10
Dumbbell shoulder press: 20kg x 8, 20kg x 7
Dumbbell lateral raises: 6kg x 12, 6kg x 12, 6kg x 12, 6kg x 12
Dumbbell concentration curls: 16kg x 8, 16kg x 8, 16kg x 5, 14kg x 7
Dumbbell triceps kickbacks: 8kg x 12, 8kg x 12, 8kg x 7
Push-ups : 0kg x 10, 0kg x 10, 0kg x 10
Diamond Push-ups : 0kg x 10

(The crazy German guy) #57

Dinner, finishing the day strong!

(The crazy German guy) #58

Suffering a little these days… started Keto on Friday and now had a couple of days with not very good quality sleep and suffering from headaches, nausea and lethargy during the days. I figure it is the Keto flu hitting me a little there, maybe accompanied by the common cold I’ve been dealing with on Saturday&sunday.
Will get some bone broth today so I get my sodium intake back up. Currently, only consuming magnesium during the evening (600mg).

(The crazy German guy) #59

Damn, just realised how many carbs Joghurt has.
I just had a small bowl for breakfast and it turned out at 36g of total carbs.
Had the same yesterday plus later that day some olives which also have carbs.
All in, probably I turned out at 50-60g of carbs yesterday. Will limit my choice of food today so I’ll Stick to zero carb foods.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #60

Bullion cubes always helps me manage symptoms like that. That and upping my water/hydration. Hope you feel better soon. Yeah, skip the yogurt (unless it’s a full fat, zero sugar kind). You’ll find it harder to adapt with that many carbs in your day.