Started once, failed once

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I’m Stefan - 32 yrs, from Germany. Currently weighing in at 364 pounds, started weight loss around 6 weeks ago with a standard diet, lost 6 pounds, went to keto, got into ketosis after 3 days and lost another 6 pounds in around 3 weeks.
Then failed, didn’t pay too much attention anymore thinking i know my basics and boom, out of ketosis and my weight levelled.
Now i’m up for the next attempt.

I have a hard time eating enough fat though. It’s rather proteins that i accumulated through the day. Starting with some scrambled eggs, going through lunch with some mozzarella, feta, etc… and a nice steak, and ending the day with some more meat.
I can’t seem to find a good way to really consume enough fat!

I really need some more advice on the foods that i can eat all day long, being in the office, travelling, etc…

Hope this place can help me sort this out.


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I have the same issue . Every food that contains fat contains more protein.

The solution for me was HWC and butter.

I like my steak and meat in general with butter. Regarding other food I eat, I drink with it 30 to 50 grams of webbing cream.

I also take 2 table spoons of coconut oil mixed with 2 spoons of Apple cider vinegar twice a day.

put olives oil on everything you eat whenever applicable.


FAILED… FAILED??? How can you fail at making a lifestyle change? Changes like diet and health change over time; there is no quick fix in my experience.

If you want to adopt to long term change and you know you are committed to that as a priority, then surely that’s all you need to know?

I’m only 2 months in, but still experiment, still had the odd day when I either have to or want to ‘cheat’. I lost 22lb in under 2 months.

I have to be perfectly honest though; in my very new and humble opinion; you need to adopt fasting along side keto/LCHF/Pre-agricultural style diet; and of course you need to be eating less and probably go hungry occasionally to make sure you stomach shrinks (i.e. a natural gastric bypass surgery).

Fasting can then become a part of that lifestyle alongside a new diet, and a tool you can implement which is the glue of this new diet. If things go of track you can use Fasting to reset.

As you can see I’m a strong fan of implementing fasting; probably above just changing your diet; if not the same priority. Even just cutting out any snacks between meals may be considered intermittent fasting and be enough to kick start weight loss. It has it’s mental challenges of course, but it’s such an empowering tool that the minor mental battles are massively outweighed IMO.


This is a process and as such requires a re-framing your thinking patterns. So instead of ‘failure’ that was a learning opportunity about what happens to you when you drift. There is a lot of information to absorb at first, but what none of us need is yet another reason to beat ourselves up for being human. Yes, deligence is required but with time it will become 2nd nature. In the meantime, fall down once - get up two times etc etc etc. Stick with us (and a few of our favorite experts that you will learn about in time) and things will change for the positive :grinning:


I know what you mean, the first couple weeks I also had a hard time getting my fat intake higher than my protein. I found that starting the day with bulletproof coffee helps me to get ahead. Sometimes I have two if I need the extra boost!


Hi, I am only about 5 weeks into this and have lost 10 lbs…some days of poor choices helped that number be a bit low. I am really after improving my numbers so I understand that there is a learning curve and some poor choices will not keep me from moving forward.
I have the same fat problem…however, the bullet coffee has helped me SO much! I have only fat for breakfast with this or maybe a tiny bit of protein when I add the collagen powder. I put a tablespoon of MCT oil in my coffee and 3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream, plus 2 teaspoons of the collagen powder, I am then 25-30 grams of fat into my day and it tastes heavenly!!! I mix it in a blender too so that it gets creamy, yum!!
Good luck!

(The remembrance of bacon past.) #7

Firstly, eggs contain protein and fat in almost the ideal proportion for a ketogenic diet. (For more fat, fry some bacon, scramble some eggs with a healthy dollop of double cream, and fry them in the bacon fat.) Likewise, steak is about 1/4 protein, and much of the rest of the weight is fat.

If you need to increase your fat consumption, an easy way is to cook with butter, lard, tallow, and coconut oil. (Butter, in fact, contains almost exactly the right proportions of saturated, monounsaturated, and omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fats.)

I’m sure that in Germany you can get Gloucester cheese and Brie made from double cream. Eat whole-milk and double-cream yoghurt, put double cream in your coffee (people in the U.S. know it as heavy or whipping cream). When you have a salad, make a high-fat salad dressing. You can make your own mayonnaise quite easily, which allows you to control the quality of the oil, and mayonnaise is a very tasty way to eat fat. Avocadoes have a great deal of fat in them as well, so try one and see if you like the taste., run by the Swedish physician Andreas Eeenfeldt, has lists of foods that are excellent to eat on a ketogenic diet, and if you are willing to part with the subscription price, they will even provide you menus and recipes.


I’m all for cooking with oil/butter/ghee, but drinking oil just to meet some macro ratio, doesn’t pass the common sense test for me. My great grandma did not drink MCT oil. Neither did Neanderthals. Or current aboriginal cultures. There are plenty of high fat whole food sources: fatty cuts of meats, avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds, cacao (chocolate), olives, dairy (if tolerated). I believe that optimal health is achieved by eating real foods as unprocessed as feasible.

There are plenty of HFLC recipes online. Pick a dozen and cycle through them repeatedly, replacing as you get tired of them.

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right… because I don’t see the avocados… the olive oil… the salads with avocado oil… the fat bombs… coconut oil… etc etc … don’t forget about these things… this is where u get the fats… people think u have to stuff urself with bacon … not the case… oh and of course the delicious Irish butter… plenty of vitamin K2… are u cooking those eggs on cooking spray?? use butter and add it into ur macros … some of us forget to add those little things

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I understand what your saying here but just thought I’d ask, why is it different to consume the food as opposed to drinking the oil extracted from that food?

I would think that clean press extraction would not hinder optimal health at all.
FYI…not intended to offend or challenge your choice at all.

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Here are some foods where I get my fat intake:
Avocado, cheese, eggs, Bacon, Real Sausage (not the supermarket brand), lamb chops, scotch fillet, pork belly, pork chops, Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Butter, Whole milk, full cream, duck fat, olive oil, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts.

Some people find peanut butter an excellent source and there’s coconut oil. Those two I don’t eat.

Stefan you should have very good access to top quality sausage in Germany, I’m assuming.


I nominate this for motivational quote of the day!


Extracting the oil or juice separates it from the other nutrients that are supposed to be consumed with it. Drinking the cream from the coconut vs eating the coconut meat or drinking macadamia oil vs eating macadamia nuts, or olive oil vs the whole olive. The body processes them differently. For example, drinking orange juice will spike BG more than eating the entire orange.

I believe the closer we are to eating things as nature created it, the heathier we are. When factories create it, we need to be suspicious.

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I don’t dispute what you say and will do diligence to expand my knowledge on this subject.
I am not quite sure your example applies the same as the oil question though as you are talking about the body dealing with extreme amounts of fructose in OJ vs fiber in the orange that dissipates fructose levels allowable for the body to handle. Not really a nutrient gaining example as much as a defense one.
Good viewpoint though that deserves more research.:thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


MCT oil, butter, avocados, Heavy whipping cream

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Agree with some of this, if possible eat the fruit rather than the juice but then its also a matter of access or availability. The other thing to consider if you’re going down this track is should we really be eating fruit out of season? Or fruit that is not indigenous to your country?


I agree, though I wasn’t so much emphasizing fruits as I was oils. There is a tendency to think that we need to eat fat in order to be in ketosis. Which leads to thinking that we need to meet a macro target, which leads to drinking oil. This isn’t necessary. Lack of glucose as a fuel source leads the body to burn fatty acids for fuel which results in ketosis.

Children and metabolically healthy adults can get into ketosis in between SAD meals. Their body is able to use up the ingested fuel and then resorts to lipolysis. More metabolically deranged folks may have to decrease caloric intake, increase the hours between feedings (IF), eat fewer carbs, or do extending fasting in order to reach that state.

The OP is having a difficult time meeting fat macros, and I was trying to say don’t fret about it. Get fat from the real foods that others have suggested in this thread.

@AndySat emphasized fasting. I second that. Fasting can help tremendously with self control. Which is ultimately needed for success.

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Hi guys,

As you probably guessed I couldn’t stick to it in summer last year. In hindsight, I made a lot of mistakes. I was continuously snacking nuts etc and had a high caloric intake for one.
I’m doing IF 16-8 since 26th of December and it has been going great so far. Find my chart for January enclosed.

Today is the first day I have a little upswing which renders my weight loss of this week so far a little insignificant at 400g. Last week I lost 3 kilos, but with 48 straight hours of fasting.
Honestly, I still have the feeling I eat too much protein per day and too less fat.
Can be as much as 450g of beef…

thinking about switching to OMAD, but not sure yet because most likely it would mean that I can’t have dinner with my wife and kids, which would be a pity.

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I also had a serious problem with nuts. They look and feel like a great keto food, but they seriously made me feel like crap. Perhaps I just ate too many of them, but nuts seriously challenge my self control. I have found the best method with nuts is simple avoidance. They are no longer in my repertoire. Gone.