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Current pics

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Great progress so far!! You are looking good, best wishes for the rest of your journey =).

(What was reported? Did someone do an advertisement? I always flag those posts as well).

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Yeah it was spam.

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I hate when they come here and do that, but luckily between all of us, the messages never remain for long =).

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I’m pretty new here - just started being an active listener of the 2KD podcast and learned about the forum from them. Something I noticed right away was the friendliness and positive mood of the conversations. It certainly stands to reason that spam and other unwanted messaging wouldn’t hang around too long.

Everyone seems to have a good spirit of scientific curiosity, and an attitude of support and kindness for the community and the other members.

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Yes! It is the nicest, most friendly, encouraging, supportive forum on the net that I have ever encountered for sure.

Welcome to the group, and I am sure that you will love this place as much as most of us do =).

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Hi guys,

Little update. Weighed in at 130,4kg a few days ago, but that was after almost 2 weeks without any training due to getting tattoo‘ed and suffering from a bad cold.
Re-started the training, immediately gained 2kg in water weight. Now, I‘m hovering around 131kg.
So, yeah, there‘s still a trend and i like that trend.

Now diving into more keto foods. Made my own first keto bread yesterday evening (4g of carbs per 100g) for the fun of it… to see that there are other keto foods than meat.
Yesterday, also, i had two meals rather than just my usual one meal a day.
I had some good steak and chicken at lunchtime, plus some Quark afterwards. This is usually around 700kcal. Then, i had some salmon and crabs in the evening, which was GREAT as an alternative to meat. Dinner had around 400kcal.

I snack a lot, but now I’ll go away from nuts and switch over to pork rinds most likely. And i figure, rather than just opening the drawer and taking „some“. I will portion what i can eat in a day, put that upon the table - and if I’m done, I’m done.
Still thinking a lot about whether i should stay OMAD or 2MAD…

Happy with the weight loss so far. It‘s been 38kg if i compare 168,x to 130,4kg and I’m constantly losing weight at around 3 kilos per month. Training 4-5 times per week with heavy weight lifting.
Been on Keto now again for 4 weeks and so far i like it better than the previous times. I did have popcorn last weekend as a one-time exception at the movies, but that‘s it.
Otherwise pretty much every day is the same. Most likely training early, eating steak + chicken + quark at lunchtime, snacking some nuts in between, and repeat the next day.

In terms of supplements: creatine, potassium, L-Carnitine, Multivitamins, Magnesium