Started once, failed once

(The crazy German guy) #21


Just wanted to revive this thread.
This month I’ve reached my all time low of 137,5kg, which is roughly 30kg less than where I started from.
Done this through many different means, but essentially intermittent fasting (with and without Keto) has been the key for me so far.
The full month of August, OMAD has been my weapon of choice and I got the hang of it after 2 weeks.
Now, I’m combining OMAD with Keto since this Monday. So far it is going ok, but no further weight loss.
However, I’ve started lifting weights 2 weeks ago and it is incredibly hot in Germany right now - so not sure about my water %.

Little bit struggling that there’s no weight loss currently, but the whole month of August got me -6kg, so I’m happy.

(Ilana Rose) #22

6 kg in a month is excellent!

What are you eating and drinking in your day?

(The crazy German guy) #23

Well, until last Monday I would eat whatever I like for my omad lunch. Can be pizza and snickers, can be a Cesars salad, etc… quite good fun, actually, because I really looked forward to that omad. Sometimes, I would even not have lunch and have cake in the afternoon instead. It’s just all about that decision „what’s my omad today - I can have anything I like, but should I?“.
Drinks: water, lots of it. And lots of Black coffee. I try to avoid diet soda, but on a hot day, i have a glass or two.

In Keto, i tend to go more carnivore. I just love meat too much. I can have a 400g Rumpsteak, or 200g of meat loaf and eggs, etc…
today we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and I chose the nice duck with the fatty skin. I ditched the rice and most of the vegetables, but ordered some cashews aside.
However, because I’m traveling so much, Keto can become boring very quickly for me. I carry some salami and cheese when travelling so I can fill up on some fat whenever there’s no good lunch option for me.
For my lunch at home, I can have the 3000 different variants of meat, but not exactly a lot of variety in there too.

(The crazy German guy) #24

Back in here. Did a lot of work in the gym in the last weeks. Gained 3 kilos due to switching my diet back in a belief that muscle gains need carbs.
Now I know better… will bet OMAD Keto from today on again. Exciting to see how quickly my body can re-adapt and how my progress in the gym will continue.

(The crazy German guy) #25

So… my macros today:

1147kcal, 15g net carbs, 184g protein, 31g fat.
Plus 600mg magnesium and 2000mg potassium, as well as 5mg creatine. All my food (meat) is heavily salted.

I know i’m supposed to eat more fat, but i want to put emphasis on Protein due to my heavy workout routine.
I have no problem with hunger, so i don’t need fat to keep me saturated. Over the past months i have become so adapted to fasting, it doesn’t really make any difference anymore.

Now, i know my glycogen is still high due to eating carbs in the last days.I will do some weight lifting tomorrow morning and eventually some running in the evening, before saturday early i will - again - hit the gym. That should deplete glycogen quite effectively.

(The crazy German guy) #26

Went for a run last night to deplete my glycogen a little quicker. Now heading to the gym. Feeling great today!

Weight is still the same at 139,3kg

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #27

I take that one farther… I dump the whites and eat just the yolks which have a much higher fat to protein ratio.
It’s funny, for 5 years, every day, I ate 10-12 jumbo eggs whites, and dumped all the yolks ! How foolish was that ? Okay, granted, I was in pro athlete shape, but I was constantly freaking starved ! Now that I’m eating keto, I’m so much more satiated :slightly_smiling_face:

(The crazy German guy) #28

so, my workout this morning at 7AM

Dip Machine, 60kg x 8, 70kg x 8, 80kg x4, 105kg x8, 105kg x8, 105kg x8 - need to go to manual dips i believe.
Barbell bench press, 20kg x8, 20kg x6, 40kg x8, 40kg x6, 40kg x4
Barbell squat, 40kg x6, 60kg x8, 60kg x6, 40kg x8
Dumbbell incline flyes, 3x 12kg x8
Smith shoulder press, 20kg x8, 20kg x8, 20kg x7
Dumbbell lat raises, 3x 12kg x8
Leg raises, 2x 15, 1x20

(The crazy German guy) #29

Consumed my food for today.

1 Bifi, 160g of Beef Steak, 280g of Chicken Breast. Then had some 0,2% Quark, 60ml of Milk and some flavdrops.

2000mg Potassium, 600mg Magnesium, 3000mg of Omega 3, 5g Creatine.

(The crazy German guy) #30

Keto whoosh!!
Minus 1.3kg today.
Traces of ketones on Ketostix. Will probably be in ketosis tomorrow.

Heading to the gym now. Heavy pull workout :slight_smile:

(The crazy German guy) #31

Training !!

Cable underhand pull down: 45kg x 8, 60kg x 6, 85kg x 8, 85kg x8, 85kg x 6
Machine Reverse Flyes: 45kg x 12, 45kg x 10, 45kg x 7, 35kg x 12
Back extension machine: 105kg x 12, 105 kg x 12, 105kg x 12, 105kg x 8
Cable Rows : 40 kg x 8, 70kg x 6, 90 kg x 6, 90kg x 6
Barbell Curls: 20kg x 8, 25kg x 8, 25kg x 8, 25kg x 6
Leg raises : 20, 20, 15

Liked it! Though felt a little exhausted half way through the session. Might be because i was sweating heavily, wearing a hoodie, or that the fasted state took it‘s toll. Anyhow - pushed through it and got some increases in Curls, Rows and pull down.

Will now rest until Tuesday probably.

(The crazy German guy) #32

Macros for today
9g net carbs
103g Protein
84g fat

2000mg Potassium, 600mg Magnesium, 3000mg of Omega 3, 5g Creatine.

(The crazy German guy) #33

Weight today, exactly the same as yesterday at 137.8kgs.

#newbies - Ketostix now show middle section ketone results. Normally i would get up to 2nd to highest rating. I believe this will happen in next 2-3 days.

(The crazy German guy) #34

Did all my food for today. Macros

22g net carbs
82g Protein
91g fat

Had chicken wings for lunch. Not a good mix of protein vs fat and quite a lot of carbs too. Lesson learned. Will go back to Roastbeef tomorrow :wink:

Supps as usual!

Educating myself on Keto today through the usual suspects on YouTube. Some fresh ideas.

(The crazy German guy) #35

Especially interested in how long it takes to get Keto adapted. I’m long into being adapted to fasting, but Keto and Fat adaption are what seems to take 2-3 months. Interesting videos on the topic by Thomas DeLauer

(The crazy German guy) #36

Next whoosh: 136.9kg !

(Susan) #37

Congrats =).

(The crazy German guy) #38

Thanks. Definitely good from psychological point of view

(The crazy German guy) #39

Well… it just continues.

136,1kg today.

Yesterday’s macros
22 net carbs
136g protein
36g fat

Training today :
Bench Press: 40kg x 6, x8, x7, x7
Leg press: 205kg x 10, x8, x10, 221kg x 7
Dumbbell incline flyes: 14kg x 6, x6, 12kg x8, x8, x8
Smith shoulder press: 20kg x8, x8, x6
Machine lateral raises: 35kg x8, 45kg x8, x8, x8
Machine assisted dip: 50kg x8, x6, 75kg x 8, x8

Now, this will be probably the last training in 1 1/2 weeks due to getting a new tattoo in the next two days. Going to have 2 8-hour sessions.

(The crazy German guy) #40

Did all my nutrition today.

1235 kcal
17g net carbs
180g protein
46g fat

Supplements as usual.

Have a little headache since 3 days. Might be related to Keto flu.
My Ketostix readings are “middle” since yesterday. I figure this is actually a good sign. Normally, when starting Keto, i get quite heavy readings in the first days and then they back off.
Peestrips measure excess ketones in urine, so might be i’m actually more keto adapted than i thought already.