Started a month ago ... Who wants to share their journey with me? :)

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Thank you! I’m on day 9 now and looks like I’m out of the woods!
I wish I knew about the electrolytes prior to starting this. I did a bunch of mistakes in the beginning (worked out, didn’t take electrolytes or good supplements, ate too much meat), so I ended up with the worst convulsions. I’m now counting everything with a keto app and reading everything I can put my hands onto. I take magnesium-potassium, fish oil, keto multi and iodine.
The good news is my sugar has dropped to perfect level in just 1 week!!! I’ll continue with the diet and in a month will start Keto Cycling (I learned it from Dr Axe - highly recommend his book).
Best wishes❤

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Great to hear from you. Your progress is excellent! Great work!
You were talking about whether or not to weigh earlier. Personally I do weigh. I’m aware that the scale doesn’t give the full picture but it does give part of it. I take it with a grain of salt and also look at other factors like how my clothes fit and most important how I feel. But, I think for me it’s good to weigh several times a week because it shows me the reality of weight fluctuations. I see the number go up and down daily and this trains me to know that it isn’t realistic to see it down every time I step on. If I only weighed once a week or once a month and it happened to fall on one of my up days, this would likely be quite dejecting. Instead, I weigh more often and see lots of ups and downs that hopefully average out to an overall downward trend.
Anyway, great job! Keep up with your efforts!

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Not sure if you know this but you are in anonymous mode I think. Thats what all the random numbers are your name. You can click on your picture to bring up the menu items if you want to exit it. I assumed it was a mistake because you used your name in the body of the post.

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Hey there, the dairy cut concept bit is a hard one for me. Ive been on keto for 14 months now and lost 30kgs / 66 lbs with really little effort. I eat huge amounts of dairy, and especially cheese and cream, but not milk.
I have a blood keto meter, and the best I ever got was .5 keytones, which is hardly in ketosis. However my weights crashed, my blood tests are really good with very low triglycerides and I feel good. So my keytones are low but i’m good, so maybe dairy is ok.


A thought of mine as well, i have been EF for a couple months and this is the first time to this extent. I put on 2 more lbs. Either my scale is screwy or maybe water retention. I have not cheated at all, and im not sure why i would be retaining water. Weird!! Stress maybe? I don’t feel stressed but we are in the middle of purchasing 20 acres of raw land, maybe underlying stress. Omg now I’m stressing about not stressing. Lol.
I keep saying I’m not getting on that scale again but I’m weak!!! Anyway im hoping i get to the bottom Of this weight gain and it stops immediately.
Im fasting again and at 28 hrs.

@diana glad the keto flu is better.
@JenniferK3 welcome back lol. And your doing so great 28lbs in 2 months…love it!!
Hope everyone has a great week.

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How exciting to be buying that much land. What are you going to do with it? farm? build?


Farm. We already have 10. But only 6 usable, rest is too swampy. We have cattle, hogs, chickens, and meat rabbits. My husband wants sheep…like i need more work!!
Im really excited though…lots of work, but a vision in my head is so motivational. And it is super secluded.
We’re putting a brand new 4 bedroom modular home on it to start, building barns then a house later on in about 5 yrs. Barns and livestock always come first. Lol

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You may not need to. There are two possible issues with dairy: lactose intolerance and a sensitivity or allergy to milk protein (usually casein, but occasionally whey).

Lactose intolerance is the default human state; most people lose the ability to produce the enzyme lactase when they reach adulthood. People of northern European or Maasai ancestry, however, continue producing lactase into adulthood, and therefore remain lactose-tolerant.

A sensitivity or allergy to milk protein is completely unrelated to the ability, or lack thereof, to handle lactose. Casein is the primary protein found in milk, and some people find they develop a sensitivity to it. Obviously, young children do not, but the allergy can develop later in childhood. It is apparently rare for it to develop later in life. Whey is the liquid that separates from the curd in coagulated milk (which is the casein after treatment). Whey allergy or sensitivity is far less common, but it can happen.

If you have the gene to continue producing lactase in adulthood, and your immune system does not react to any of the proteins in milk, you can keep on eating dairy with no problem.

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That’s truly awesome! I want a farm/ranch = lots of land with lots of animals and room to have my family build on the property also.


Yes, we love country living most of the time…but somedays i dream of a cute little cookie cutter house that isn’t full of dirt. With a cute little flower garden that chickens didn’t eat. Not wearing gumboots, or owning a jacket that isn’t a plaid barn coat., turning heat on… not chopping wood. Going for a stroll to a starbucks for coffee and not having to drive 45 min. Or one of my favorites… picking kids up and them being embarrassed of my new 2017 vehicle smelling like cow shit or worse… pig shit!! Omg… or last week when we were supposed to go for dinner with another couple and literally 2 min before we leave a knock on the door from neighbors…
Cows are out in with their horses… 5 hrs later we went to bed with no dinner. I even dressed up i think the cows really appreciated me chasing them wearing a nice dress and
non-barn boots which by the way ruined from that night.
Aaaaahhhhhhh… farm life gotta love it
Hhhhmmmm town living isn’t so bad either
Grass is always greener on the other side :grinning:

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Oh wow! never saw it from that perspective. Ok, how about a nice little cottage on a lot of wooded acre lot that you own that doesn’t have to be mowed excluding the three acres right outside your door. Only animals you have to take care of are your two dogs!!!




Bwahahaha. Sounds great… i think i may even ditch the dogs.
Im still thinking condo near Starbucks, with a purse dog maybe…not one of my 125lb ones. Nah… no dog or husband or kids… maybe a pool boy, yeah that sounds good. Lmao. All this dreaming today.


Maybe its delirium from no food…52 hrs fasted

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Oh Pool boy!!! Pool MAN!


Been quiet over here hope everyone is doing good.
Im on day 3 of refeeding, and scale was at 210, which I’m happy about cause it had gone from 207 to 213 last week. Whew!!! I know it just does that but still don’t like it. I’m 10 lbs away from my first goal well 11, I want under 200.
I also didn’t even get on scale for 3 days woo hoo another win.
Anyway hope all is well

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Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry if I haven’t been very active, work is taking over day and night!

So official 2 months update is 33 lbs lost and not a single cheat meal :smiley:
My acne is still going strong and I’m starting to think it’s not just keto maybe it’s hormonal or something because it’s not going away and it’s getting worse even when I cut out dairy.

Other than that, all is good with the keto lifestyle :slight_smile:

KCKO guys


I would look very closely at any other potential food allergies you might be experiencing, acne can be an inflammatory reaction to other foods, not just dairy.


Wow…33!!! You are doing great! Hope you get to the bottom of skin issue.
This week I did a 48, ate 1 meal and am now on 33 hrs of my next 48. I’m trying to change it up because of stall. Weighed in at 208 this AM, fingers crossed it keeps going down. Hopefully after this week at work and life stress will subside do weight can move. It has been a long time.
Anyway KCKO good vibes to all

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I don’t know how you guys can fast for that long! I barely made it to 20 hours; the last two of those hours I didn’t even think about eating because I was busy. What will power ya’ll must have.


Morning all…long time since I checked in. Crazy busy, our property purchase is finished. Woo hoo we now own 20 acres of work! Lol. Broke ground this week for home site and starting fencing next weekend. Hopefully…fingers crossed…if all planets align…we should be moved in by September, animals by late July to August.
On the Keto journey, I have done a few 48hr fasts. I have continued OMAD with no cheating and cut my carbs down to next to nothing. Weight at 203. Hell yeah!!! Scales moving again. Very motivating being this close to 199, might be motivated enough to get in a 4 day fast again.
Hope everyone is doing good… would love to see some updates in here. Go team!!!