Started a month ago ... Who wants to share their journey with me? :)

(Jennifer ) #64

You can do it Tanya !!

(George) #66

I completely understand. I’m not a big fan of black coffee, but I’ve been forcing myself to do that for a while now (I get enough fat with my meals so I don’t bother fattening up my coffee)

I’m big on sushi too, I’ve switched over to poke’ bowls with no rice and that seems to satisfy that craving, I do miss pasta though LOL.

But to answer your question, yes, I’d say maybe 2 weeks of cutting sweetener and dairy, along with an extended fast somewhere in there, and once you break the stall you’ll get able to bring the dairy and sweetener back in. It’s worth experimenting with.

(Khara) #67

Hi all. Just read through this entire post. Kind of like binge watching an entire season of a show rather than in real time.:nerd_face:

I just want to re-emphasize something that has already been touched on. Fat loss is NOT linear. The mantra KCKO really is important to keep in mind. Just live life and let your body do what it needs to do. Stop fretting over not seeing a scale drop. Our bodies really cannot lose fat in a linear and even timeline. Healing in many different forms needs to happen and healing takes time. Years. So what might look like a stall, likely really isn’t. Our body is just focused on other processes during that time. Weight loss is not the only form of healing this way of eating tackles. Those of you who have lost any amount of weight (fat) so far - enjoy it!! But don’t focus on it as though it is the only benefit. Enjoy life as this new you and just let time go by with this way of eating and new lifestyle.

That said, there is nothing wrong with trying out some new things like eliminating dairy or artificial sweeteners to see if you feel better. But even with that, have patience. Be realistic. Don’t just expect it to cause a sudden fat loss within a week. And don’t limit your thinking to the belief that the change was only positive if it results in instant weight loss. Pay attention to whether other improvements are happening as a result.

A side note on skin problems like acne. This way of eating very likely will clear up skin but it can get worse before it gets better. As our bodies heal, they release years of toxins through the skin. This can cause breakouts. Also, skin cells are 2-3 months old so it takes this long on a ketogenic diet to see improved clear skin.


(Sheranda Key) #68

I have heard that you should splurge sometimes, to kick a plateau. We are designed to be hunter/gatherers. We feast on good days and fast on the bad days. When are losing weight so quickly, your body panics and starts refusing to let go of its stored fat. Women are also battling their bodies, because it is designed to be ready for a pregnancy.

I have also heard that varying your caloric intake day to day will help keep you from hitting plateaus.

I can’t tell you where I heard these bits of information from. So I am interested to hear if it is right.

(traci simpson) #69

I think tomorrow I’m going to cut down on cheese and with the HWC in my coffee and dinner recipes. Maybe not have coffee over the weekend and see how I’m feeling or if things start to move.


I was kinda feeling the same way for myself. I already did most cheese and dairy, except my coffee. Which contains HWC and stevia, i tried before and failed, but now of cut it in half for the last week. I will try 1/4 next week. Im a coffee addict.

(traci simpson) #71

I like my coffee but I don’t have to have it every day so I’m thinking maybe only having it 4 days a week instead of 7 and looking for more recipes with less cheese and cream.

(Diana) #72

Great job!!!
Could you please share what you did to reduce the symptoms of keto flu? I’m on day 5 and still having an awful time… taking magnesium and potasium along with chugging down salt helps. I also bought some other keto specific supplements, but I still might be iodine deficient, or something, because I’m cold, tired and shaking. Leg convulsions keep me up at night))… Aside from that my sugar has dropped and this is the main reason why I’m doing it (I was prediabetic with high cholestorol - absolute shock since I didn’t have extra weight or any symptoms).
If you could please share your knowledge that would be much appreciated :heart:
Best of luck with your goals!!! You can do it!:revolving_hearts:


Hi, welcome
I would say that if your only 5 days in could be awhile with keto flu. I never did get it too bad but did have symptoms as you did. Electrolytes and perseverance…lol. I did eat a lot in the first month or so as well, but sounds like your doing all the right things.
KCKO is a good rule.


Hey “no scale partener” i beat the urge to get on the scale this morning. Someone left it out of the closet and right in the middle of the bathroom floor.
I think I heard it whisper to me… just get on, nobody will know…its just you and me here…just do it, one little step.
I beat that little devil, I didnt get on!!!
I won!!!

(Diana) #75

Thank you Tanya! I hope this will pass soon. I so envy people who can just get in and out of it seamlessly. I hope I will be able to do keto cycling someday. But first- survive this.:see_no_evil:


Ok…very unhappy. Scale today was +5 lbs. I have felt like im retaining water all week. Puffy fingers. I have been refeeding for a week, not a cheat though purely keto. Not sure whats up but I’m seriously breaking up with the scale permanently. We’re done!
I had taken a week off fasting, but now i think i shouldn’t have done that cause of the gain. I was TMAD last week, I will go back OMAD after fast this week which was normally what i do, but thought I should change it up a bit.
Only on hour 8 of fast, I’m aiming for Friday as my goal but we’ll see.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #78

Not to minimize what you’re feeling, but this sort of thing happens, and it’s not important. Over the long range, the downward trend is what counts. I experinced a 30-pound jump in scale weight a few weeks ago, but by last Monday was back down to my previous weight and have been maintaining that ever since. I didn’t change anything, it just happened. Intriguingly, 20 of the thirty pounds came off in one- or two-pound increments, then the final 10 came off between one day and the next. I had a similar experience a few months ago, when I shot up 15 pounds and was back to starting weight in a few days. So it’s just part of the process.

The annoying thing right now is that, even though my weight is back down again, my waistline seems to have grown a bit, while my face and legs are even thinner. Go figure!

(Jennifer ) #79

I will be experimenting! Thank you so much George!

(Jennifer ) #80

Hello!! Welcome and thank you for reading through the post :hugs:
You are absolutely right thank you for reminding me that!

I’m kind of relieved to hear you say that skin cells are 2-3 months old and that it takes time to see improvements. I’ve never had acne and it it extremely painfull on my back so I’m very happy to know it takes time.
Thank you very much for your comment, I’ve learned something new thanks to u I appreciate it! :blush:

(Jennifer ) #81

You do Have a valid point, it makes sense.

I do varie my caloric intake and it does make me avoid plateaus sometimes but not enought to completly keep me from hitting a plateau.

Thank you for your advice!

(Jennifer ) #82

Hello Diana,

I didn’t get the keto flu at all, I was taking an electrolyte supplement that had all of the 6 basic electrolytes needed. Was a bit pricy but it tasted like lemonade and made me drink water, it’s called ultima replenisher it comes in powder form that you put into a bottle of water. Don’t know if this is what prevented the keto flu but I was quite surprised that I didn’t get it knowing that I have massive migraines without being on a diet so I expected it to get worse and in fact it got rid of 80% of it. Try a gd electrolyte supplement and drink plenty of water!

Best of luck to you I hope you get better soon!

(Jennifer ) #83

Hey Tanya!
Sorry for being away I’ve been dealing with family issues.
Well I gave in and stepped on the scale… I think I’m just comfy with the scale even if I gain weight. Not knowing makes me anxious and nervous so I’d rather keep being best friends with my scale even if I’m not always happy to see it :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry about the +5 lbs, I know that it is extremely frustrating and I know exactly how you feel cause it makes me so angry to know that I didn’t cheat and still gain. I have found that changing what you eat helps a lot. I tend to always eat the same recipes and it makes me gain sometimes because my body gets used to the same ingredients over and over again. So I try new recipes and It somehow works… Maybe it’s just me don’t know.
Your body gets used to fasting too so it is completly normal to stop fasting sometimes even if you gain.

Don’t Give up Tanya you can do it!!! Forget about the scale if it makes you upset, try using it just once a month to keep track.

(Jennifer ) #84

Hey everyone :blush:

A little update after everything that has happened.
It’s been 55 days exactly and a total loss of 28 lbs in almost 2 months.

If I have to compare, first month 22 lbs lost
Second month 6.6 lbs, I’m sure I’ll be able to lose another pound or 2 till the end of this month knowing that there is still a week left.

I have learned thanks to all of you guys that it is not always going to be me losing tons of weight, so I’m just going to celebrate every little pound lost because I am so extremely proud of myself.

I cannot even believe that i haven’t cheated a single time in 2 months and how great I feel. It doesn’t feel like a diet anymore, it became a lifestyle.
If you would have told me that I would be scared to eat rice pasta potatoes and bread and that I would be happy to be that way, boy I would of called you crazy. Wish I knew Keto sooner, but better now then never!

The second month I’ve hit a looot of plateaus and it was mainly after the breakup because I stopped eating for atleast 13 days which made it hard to eat again and my body was confused.
Still didn’t go a size down but my clothes do fit way better and are very slightly starting to be too big.

Thank you a million times for every single one of you that has been there and has given me advice and support!

How is everyone doing on their progress? Would love to hear you guys!

(traci simpson) #85

This is why I’m leery about too many days of fasting. You loose weight not eating, but as soon as you start it comes back - at least that is my fear.