Started a month ago ... Who wants to share their journey with me? :)

(Jennifer ) #1

Hello everyone :blush:
Very happy to have found this forum because I have started Keto about a month ago ( Feb 26th) and I’m tired of friends not believing in me after countless failed diet so I thought I needed to be a part of a community that understands Keto to share my journey and listen to others :slight_smile:

As I mentioned, apart from my boyfriend that I live with, no one knows I’m on Keto. I don’t want to tell friends and family because I’ve been dieting for over 7 years and have failed constantly so I want to do this for myself and keep it to myself this time! I’m going to travel in September to go see my family (because I live abroad) and I’ve dreamed every single year that I went to visit them that I would surprise them with my weight-loss but instead I always end up going with more weight gain then the time before and it’s been like that for 5 years now. I’ve set myself the goal to reach at least 85% of my goal weight before going to visit in September:) I want them to see that I can do it because they know that it is what makes me happy to achieve. We have fought countless time over weightloss surgery that I don’t want to do because they are worried that I will never be able to loose the weight once and for all but they respect my decision of not wanting to do surgical procedures.
This is the first time I try Keto and I’m absolutely in love with it it’s insane how easy I find it to stick to it!
My goal weight to start off would be 187 lbs (85 kg), If i can hit that I would be pretty happy and then I’ll work slowly on loosing more till I feel it’s enough and at a healthy point!

I am 24 years old, I’ve started Keto on Feb 26th 2019, I weighed 272 lbs (123.40kg) and I was so shocked that I reached this weight I was having such a hard time processing it knowing that last year I weighed 238 lbs!
It has been 24 days now and I’ve lost a total of 15 lbs (6.9kg) :blush: !!!
I have made a HUGE research before starting Keto and I’ve educated myself on everything I should know, I keep educating myself every single day cause you can never learn enough and so far it has been paying off! I haven’t had a single cheat meal and I honestly don’t want to because I don’t crave anything for now. I’ve prevented getting the keto flu by doing everything that is recommended and the first week felt amazing and It still does till now, I feel so energized all the time!

So who wants to join me on this amazing journey where 2019 is the last time I “try again” and actually FINISH IT?! :tada::tada:

(Carl Keller) #2

It’s ok to want others to be proud of you and to prove to them that they were wrong to doubt you, but you should do keto, lose weight and become healthy for you.

That’s fantastic! I can see that you are on the right track and I’m excited for you and your future. For the first time in your life, you have an understanding of what makes you gain weight and you know how to correct it. Please make the most of this gift. Most people will go their entire lives without ever knowing what you know.

(Jill F.) #3

Welcome back to keto! We will be here to cheer you on. Do this for you, your health, and your sanity. You are worth it!

(Yu) #4

I’ve had a similar experience myself! I’ve been trying to lose weight and be in the healthy weight range for over 7 years now, and Keto has been the only way of living/eating that I have felt contented and more energized. I was worried about telling friends and family about going Keto, but one day I let slip at work and I found out that two of my other colleagues were also on Keto themselves! They’ve been a great support system where we check in on one another and encourage each other. Maybe your friends and family may not understand, but I’m glad you found this forum and we’re definitely here to cheer you on. In fact, I started my Keto journey around the same time you did (11th Feb '19 for me!). We can do this!!

KCKO my friend!

(Jennifer ) #5

Wow thank you so much for the support I appreciate it so much!! :relaxed:
I agree with you 100% about doing it for myself because I live in my body 24/7 and I carry my weight with me every single day so it is of course doing it for myself :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right, It’s crazy to know that so many people don’t know this information and I can’t believe how little knowledge I had about this for so many years but I’m so glad I found out and it’s working wonders I couldn’t be happier!!

Thank you again for your support and kind advice!

(Jennifer ) #6

Thank you soooo much that is very sweet of you! Appreciate the support and encouragements :slight_smile:

(Jennifer ) #7

I’m so happy to see you have a similar story to mine :blush:
I’m glad you have support from your colleagues, that is truly amazing and very encouraging! I’ve tried telling one colleague that I am very close to, she is on the typical restrictive diet that is extremely difficult to stick too so she is kind of chocked when she sees that I can eat fat and loose weight. It is the main reason why I prefer not telling friends about it because they will think I’m crazy and unhealthy or whatever! If only they knew how wrong they are …

We can definitely do this so please keep on sharing your progress I would be more than happy to support each other :slightly_smiling_face:

(John) #8

Well all of us here are with you on your journey, and ours. We are here to help, listen, advise, and support you.

All I can say is stick with the plan, eat healthy real foods, don’t do cheat days or cheat meals, and that the solution to most roadblocks is staying consistent with what is working and be patient enough to let the changes occur over the long term. Expect it to take longer than you want, and not necessarily be in a straight line of improvement, but you WILL get to a healthier body.


Good job!! I wish I had the knowledge in my 20s that you have!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #10

Hi, Jennifer! It sounds like you’ve prepared yourself well, have a great attitude about things and you found a place to get support. I’m rooting for you!

For me, it was useful to identify the reasons I wanted food that wasn’t going to benefit me. Am I tired, sad, angry, bored? And then, what is my plan for going to parties, a kids birthday celebration or out to dinner or when my boss orders food in for everyone. (Especially if you’re not telling folks you’re trying a new eating plan).

Anyway, welcome and I’m excited to see your journey. Congrats on your success so far!

(Elena) #11

Hi Jen, I would like to join you in this journey. I just started 4 days ago & screwed badly, was chugging water w/out electrolytes. So started having the heart palpitations around 3am, long story short me & my trooper hubby went to Walmart at 4am just so I could make ketoade & start to replenish the electrolytes. I dove straight in with out much knowledge other then low carb high fat & protein in the middle. I’m still confused cause I find so many varying numbers for all except carbs & im so confused. It sometimes makes me wonder if I should just stop till I can learn more things but now I’m in ketosis I don’t want to drop out. I feel the same way as you do with the “dreaming” of visiting family & surprise surprise, I’m 130 again, but that’s never happened & w/ being T2 diabetic I’ve lost hope until I heard about Keto Diet. Even my doc said try it since another patient is off her meds & she did Keto. I do want to look nice but more importantly I need to be around for my kid. I don’t want to die before they have a chance to live life & before I have a chance to give needed advice.

(Jennifer ) #12

Thank you very very much for your message! I agree with u 100% , no cheat days!
I don’t want to have to have to fix all my hardwork and recover for days just for 1 cheat meal.
I’ll keep your advice in mind, I truly appreciate it!!

(Jennifer ) #13

Thank you very much :blush:
I did get this advice before about always asking yourself why are you eating and if it’s really hunger or just the idea of being bored and needing the food for fun. It has helped me SO much thank you for reminding me that great advice!
Thank you for your kind words!

(Jennifer ) #14

Hello Geronimo,
Don’t worry you can always start over it’s never too late don’t feel bad.
It is very important to replenish your electrolytes when you start to avoid having the keto flu! I bought a soluble one that tastes like lemonade with 0 calories, 0 sugar and 0 carbs because i knew it would make me drink more water! You do have to be carefull with supplements because not all of them are Keto approved because of the sugar or the carbs so either check the ingredients or search for a keto approved one.
I had no idea about what keto was but i only used 2 sources to get all the information i needed to know! I used for all my keto recipes cause I did not really know how to mix food for good recipes on Keto. This website if free and is truly amazing, all you need to do is search in the ketogenic section, not the low carb one because they are not the same. All information you need to know about keto u can find on Thomas Delauer’s youtube channel. He is amazing, you will find a complete guide on how to start keto, the difference between low carb and keto, what kind of fats are better then others, etc… I watched his videos for a week before starting and I keep watching them everyday! Don’t give up, it really works u just need to know how and stick to it it will be easier then what you think. If you need any advice I’m here for you to try to help so don’t hesitate :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jennifer ) #15

Hey Everyone,
So Today marks 1 month on Keto with no cheat meals at all so I’m very proud of myself. I have lost a total of 22 pounds and I cannot believe I’m actually saying this number cause it’s seems like magic!

I’m going through an extremely painful time because my boyfriend and I broke up 3 days ago… we have been living together for 5 years so I’ve fallen very sick because of the breakup, I haven’t eaten anything in 3 days (that’s why I dropped an extra 3.5 lbs the last 3 days) because I have an extremely strong stomach ache and nausea. My coworkers forced me to eat something this morning so I ate almonds, that’s all I could eat. I know I shouldn’t be doing this but it’s very hard for me to know that I lost the one I love and i’m physically not capable of eating…
But then I tell myself it’s like doing a 24h Fasting period … 3 days in a row :sweat_smile:
I’m drinking water as much as I can to avoid getting dehydrated and ending up in the hospital. Can u imagine that I’m worried to end up in the hospital because i don’t want them to feed me non Keto food :rofl:
I’ve fallen in love with this diet i can’t believe that!

Anyway… I want to be happy about all my efforts and my 22 lbs loss but the breakup hurts too much… I know time will heal the wounds but it won’t be anytime soon…
Any advice to get rid of the stomach pain? It’s really very painfull :disappointed:


Do you think you would use your knowledge? I wish I could get through to my teens about the benefits of keto, they just look at me like I’m crazy :crazy_face:


Hey girl, sorry to hear the bad news, I can only imagine how hard it is to deal with the break up. It’s great that you’re not giving up on your efforts as it could be so tempting to comfort eat in stressful situations. I wish I knew how to help you with the pain without knowing the cause, but all I can think of is try to relax your abdominal muscles by taking deep breaths using your diaphragm, as the tension can be accumulating in your tummy muscles and keep sharing , we are here to support you xx

(Jennifer ) #19

Thank you for your support I deeply appreciate and need it right now…
I’ll try and relax like you advised me as much as I can.
I’m very surprised that I don’t feel like comfort eating for the first time in my life but I don’t think food will make the pain go away anyway so I won’t ruin my efforts for that.
Thank u again for your kind words xx


@ketobulous - HA, same girl! I have tried to trick them numerous times (“try these delicious cookies”) and they no longer trust me. lol


I’m so sorry about the breakup. I know the feeling and it would also cause me to lose my appetite. I understand. Hang in there… <3 <3 <3