Started a month ago ... Who wants to share their journey with me? :)


I have lost another few pounds. Down to 169, goal is 135. I have not ditched my sugar free flavored coffee powder. I drink diet sodas and have an occasional piece of sugar free hard candy every few weeks or so. I want my food life to be as normal (to me) as possible. I am not into fasting and I don’t work out. I try to eat only one meal a day though, never more that two and I eat until I am full. I’m a cook in a rural school cafeteria and it can be challenging at times because the food is pretty good. Nothing like the mostly prepackaged junk like big city schools major in. Anyway, just checking in on my account.


I hear you on being a cook. I find it difficult at times, but I make others try it. I almost find it satisfying just cooking it. Like when I have a sweet tooth, i bake for the kids and the smells seem to be enough.
I too have been guilty of the odd diet soda, but usually just a 1/2 a can. I never did like pop, but I miss OJ very much.
Good luck on your journey

(Jennifer ) #108

Hey guys! It’s been a while … Ive had a rough month with family and work!
On the keto side, in 4 days it will be the mark of 3 months on this amazing lifestyle. Still haven’t cheated once and I’m down 41 pounds! Started at 271 pounds and I’m at 230 now :slight_smile:
Still have a looong way to go but I’m amazed at what I was able to achieve in 3 months!
We mesure in Kilos in france instead of pounds so I went from 123 kilos to 104, i cannot believe that in just 4 kilos i will be able to see 2 numbers on the scale instead on 3!!!

Hope eveyone is doing great!!

(Jennifer ) #109

Woooow Tee congrats!! I hope everything goes according to plan and that you will be able to move soon enough ^^

Keep up the great work with keto u are killing it!!!
199 soon omg that has to be sooooo exiting to you!!


41lbs in 3 months is fantastic! You’re doing awesome! It took me 6 months to lose 54 and I thought that was amazing. Whatever you’re doing is working. Keep it up!

(Jennifer ) #112

Thank you very much for your support I appreciate it :blush::blush::blush: and congrats on your weightloss!!

(UsedToBeT2D) #117

You rock! Our bodies are amazing when we feed them right.
I’m in Keto for 3 months, lost 20 pounds, but better is my Type 2 diabetes is moving toward normal. This is truly life changing. Keep going!

(Giovanni Zapatero) #118

Hello there, I’m about 40 days in now and still experience strange things. I currently get this every once in a while but my ears get clogged with pressure. Also I have experienced headaches and extreme urination. The positive side, I have had intense mental clarity which was amazing and only really experienced huge increase in energy during Intermittent Fasting. That also could have been irritability but looking into electrolytes now. So please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. This is my third attempt at Keto and the farthest I have ever gone.

(DHrec) #119

I’m at 21 days and finding it hard. I’m trying to not walk before I can crawl but the extreme tiredness and constant hunger is driving me mad. I take daily magnesium and fish oil tablets. Eat avocado for the potassium and also take a b complex vitamin but feel shattered. I also eat salmon, beef, eggs, spinach, mushrooms and lots of butter, ghee and coconut and virgin oils but must admit I’m struggling and becoming frustrated.
All the best to you and everyone else on this journey, I’ll update my journey as I go :v:

(Giovanni Zapatero) #122

Hey There about 48 days in now and still have not felt that amazing boost of energy everyone talks about. I was getting headaches and feeling weird for a bit but just recently purchased KETO electrolytes product and that seems to have helped. Only issue is im tired alot, now also working out mon wed fri during the week. Please would like to know what experiences you go thru
I eat about 2500 calories a day plus carbs usually up to 30grams and fat content is waay up.