Started a month ago ... Who wants to share their journey with me? :)


Morning all…long time since I checked in. Crazy busy, our property purchase is finished. Woo hoo we now own 20 acres of work! Lol. Broke ground this week for home site and starting fencing next weekend. Hopefully…fingers crossed…if all planets align…we should be moved in by September, animals by late July to August.
On the Keto journey, I have done a few 48hr fasts. I have continued OMAD with no cheating and cut my carbs down to next to nothing. Weight at 203. Hell yeah!!! Scales moving again. Very motivating being this close to 199, might be motivated enough to get in a 4 day fast again.
Hope everyone is doing good… would love to see some updates in here. Go team!!!


I have lost another few pounds. Down to 169, goal is 135. I have not ditched my sugar free flavored coffee powder. I drink diet sodas and have an occasional piece of sugar free hard candy every few weeks or so. I want my food life to be as normal (to me) as possible. I am not into fasting and I don’t work out. I try to eat only one meal a day though, never more that two and I eat until I am full. I’m a cook in a rural school cafeteria and it can be challenging at times because the food is pretty good. Nothing like the mostly prepackaged junk like big city schools major in. Anyway, just checking in on my account.


I hear you on being a cook. I find it difficult at times, but I make others try it. I almost find it satisfying just cooking it. Like when I have a sweet tooth, i bake for the kids and the smells seem to be enough.
I too have been guilty of the odd diet soda, but usually just a 1/2 a can. I never did like pop, but I miss OJ very much.
Good luck on your journey