Started a month ago ... Who wants to share their journey with me? :)

(Jennifer ) #43

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been experimenting with what I eat at night and I found out that eating a salad with lettuce makes me bloated and gain a tiny bit of weight compared to days where I have cooked vegetables.
I remember reading an article stating that eating raw vegetables at night can be hard to digest for some people so I wonder if this is the case for me because I do feel a huge difference and feel extremely bloated in the morning.

Any Idea or advice? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

(traci simpson) #44

Yesterday I had egg casserole with eggs, cheese, spinach, red peppers for breakfast, lunch was bacon cheeseburger casserole grass fed beef, bacon HWC and cheese and an avocado and for dinner I had a smaller version of lunch with chocolate mousse for dessert!

(traci simpson) #45

I also worked out that day

(George) #46

Hi Jennifer,

I’m right there with you. I’ve tried many things, and was 1 call away from scheduling a consultation for weight loss surgery in December, I thought I’d give it one last shot on keto, officially started January 1st at 297 and now I’m at 253ish.

2019 will be a good year for us!

(Jennifer ) #48

Hi George!
Im very happy that you decided to pause the surgery and try keto! Congrats on your weightloss that is amazing! Please keep sharing your progress and don’t hesitate if you need Advice :slight_smile:

Yes, 2019 here we come!

(Jennifer ) #49

Hey Everyone,

I’m kind of disappointed in myself because I only lost 1 pound in 13 days I don’t know what’s happening…
I cut out dairy for a week because I had developed acne and I didn’t lose anything, I gained a bit.
Didn’t change much in my eating habits so I can’t help but compare my results to the first month where I lost 22 lbs…
I know I won’t loose as much because it will slow down but going from 22 lbs to 1 pounds is ridiculous!

If only I could motivate myself to workout, i’m sure it will be extremely helpful…


I’d like to join this particular journey. I started early Feb and as of today, 4/13/19 I have lost 23 lbs. My goal was to lose a total of 60 lbs. I am not in a hurry at all. In fact, I believe a slow rate increases the probability of success. I would like to lose around 3-5 lbs each month and have a final weigh in at 135. I believe I can achieve this by November of this year. That’s my story and I’m st-st-stickin to it!


Hi all. Broke my fast earlier day at 112hrs. Longest one yet!!
Lost 4 lbs in fast however will weigh again in a few days to tell real loss. At 207 today.

Jennifer don’t fret over the stall. I didn’t lose a pound for over 6 weeks…then boom lost 10 suddenly. Its seems thats how im losing…stall then nice drop. I stopped getting on the scale because of it for awhile and was thinking of putting it away again for a time out.
KCKO my friend!!!


Welcome and that is a very doable goal.
I started in January so were all around the same start time. Will be a great journey for us!!

(Jennifer ) #53

Welcome!! :hugs:

Wow congrats on your 23 lbs weightloss!! Keep up the good work! It is always better to go slow so keep your goal in mind and you can do it!! Best of luck, keep sharing your progress with us :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jennifer ) #54

Hello Tanya,

112 hours omg that’s insane and impressive!! :scream:
Keep up to the good work, I’m sure you will achieve your goal this year! 8 more pounds and you will leave the 200 for good , I can only imagine how excited you are!

Yes you are right but I can’t seem to let go of the scale it’s an obsession :pensive:
If I don’t weight myself every single day I feel like crap even more.
I found out that I was eating too much protein compared to the percentage of fat. I should probably start counting my macros even if I hate the idea of it.

I am however EXTREMElY proud of myself for sticking to keto and not having a single cheat meal even after all the depressing things that happened to me these 2 months! I’ve never been able to stick to a diet this well and this easy!


Thanks, i can’t wait to see under 200.
You should be proud of yourself, its quite an achievement. Im also not a cheater, i think I’m scared to. Not sure why, but i can’t cheat. Not a bad thing i suppose.

I also am a slave to the scale, but i have put it away before. I did it by weaning myself off, lol.
So lets try it together. I put mine in the closet, lets say we can weigh on Monday’s only.

(Jennifer ) #56

Same! I’m too scared to cheat so I just don’t! Glad to know i’m not the only one lol

I think i’m scared of weighing myself once a week and seeing the scale go up, whereas if I weigh myself everyday I see that there are days where I lost and others where I didn’t.
I even weigh myself at night and know how much I will have lost or gained in the morning so it’s at least twice a day which is pretty obsessive.

But I’m up for the challenge! I’ll put it away and only weigh myself on Monday. We have a deal thank you for the motivation !!

(George) #57

Thank you Jennifer!

I’m all in and focused to hit my goal weight, especially with a vacation scheduled for later this year, I’m looking forward to clothes shopping a week before or so LOL. Since my last post last week, I’m down another 5 lbs., (I have no idea how that happened) which is awesome considering my I’ve been hitting -2.2lb losses every week for a few months. I’ve been doing almost daily IF, and this week I’m going to start doing weekly EF along with feasting before starting the fasts. Hopefully all goes well!

(Jennifer ) #58

I totally get the shopping motivation lol
Some weeks are better than others, guess this one is on ur side even more so don’t give up!

I’ve been doing IF everyday too because I absolutely hate breakfast. But it is recommended to do it 3 to 4 times a week maximum or it will stop being effective, which is what’s happening to me, I’m stalling even with IF because i’m so used to it everyday that it has no effect on me anymore…
Hope things go the way you want them to!

(George) #59

Don’t get down about the stall, it happens.

Maybe you’re just closer than you think to your ideal body weigh and your body is trying hard to hold on to what it has.
Try an EF with a few feasting days beforehand, I’m sure that will break your stall!

Since I started, I switch up my fasting cycles every 3-4 weeks so my body doesn’t get used to anything, I think that’s why I haven’t had a stall week. So, a few weeks of 16/8, few weeks of 20/4, few weeks of OMAD (this one was probably the best for me), and I make sure to get some exercise in within 30 minutes of my largest meal of the day

(Jennifer ) #60

I wish I was anywhere near my goal weight but I lost 23 lbs in a month and I’m still at 246 lbs (started at 272 lbs) so I’ve got a long way to go still.

I will however follow your advice and switch up my fasting because I only stick to the typical 16/8 fast. Thank you for the advice I appreciate it!

(George) #61

When you do eat, cut out any dairy and artificial sweetener (I was using stevia for a while, but weened myself off it) for a couple weeks, as those are things that can also contribute to a stall. Once you break it, then try introducing cheese, heavy cream, etc. again.

Let me know how it goes!


Ok lets do this… i weighed this morning i was 207
Im expecting to gain cause im coming off a EF but dont want to get back on to see the gain.

Then i will weigh next monday and post.

(Jennifer ) #63

Hello George,

I do use sweetener everyday but I use liquid monkfruit extract which is supposed to be better than stevia and has 0 calories 0 carbs and 0 fat. I have a hard time cutting out sweetener because I already stopped eating so many things, my coffee and my tea are my everything I can’t cut out sweetener too it’s too much for me there’s nothing left to enjoy.
I’m a sushi, pasta and potato lover so cutting those out is already a miracle.

I did try cutting out dairy for a week mainly to reduce my keto rash which did help, but I did not loose a single gram on the scale so I kind of started eating dairy again.

I do love Keto but it is already extremely restrictive, I don’t like the idea of cutting dairy too because truly u have not many options left to eat in my opinion.
Do you think I should try cutting dairy for more than a week to break the stall?