Started a month ago ... Who wants to share their journey with me? :)

(Sandy) #22

Hi Jennifer, we started around the same time, I started beginning of March :slight_smile:
I had no cheat day all along just like you. Would love to be here and support each other!

I’m a short girl and weight 106 lbs when I started, 101 lbs now and my goal is to be 92 lbs on or before mid-May. My weight lose is much slower than yours I only lost 5 lbs in a month and I need to lose another 8 lbs…BUT we will do it!

Don’t feel sad for the breakup, one day you will be beautiful and he will regret leaving you :wink:

(Jennifer ) #23

Hey Sandy, Thank you for your support! :blush:
Congrats on the 5 lbs, it is a lot when u have less weight to loose so it its quite impressive :slightly_smiling_face:
You can do it keep going!!!

(Justin ) #24

Hey Jennifer. Congrats on sticking to it so far. It seems like the first month is the hardest. I have been on Keto since Feb 21. I have lost about 13lbs or so and that includes some cheating. I am more looking at Keto as a lifestyle rather than a diet. My goal is to get down to my goal weight and fitting in a pair of pants that I have. I have read lots as well and as weight is a huge thing lots of people want to gain from Keto I find the health benefits always outweigh and with getting healthy first then the weight will come off. My recommendations is keep at it and dont worry about what anyone else thinks, this is for you and you only! Your health is the biggest thing and you are the only one that can control what you consume. Best of luck on your journey and change your lifestyle!


Hi Jennifer, hugs for your loss but high five for your scale loss. I started in Jan. At 248lbs im now sitting at 217. I dropped 18 in water weight in my first 2 weeks, and trucking along ever since. I too have a family thing in September to wow people at. LETS DO THIS!!!

(Jennifer ) #26

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
You are absolutly right it is a lifestyle that helps you take care of yourself and that is why I love sticking to it. It’s been 35 days and I still don’t feel the need to have a cheat day! I’m sure I will at some point because you can’t just exclude pasta bread potatoes and rice forever especially if your culture only cooks with these type of things. But I’ll never see food the same way and I will always make the right choices! Thank you for sharing your journey and for you advice I appreciate it!

(Jennifer ) #27

Hello Tanya :blush:
I loved your comment thank you very much for you encouragements :blush:
Congrats on your weightloss that is amazing!!! You can absolutly do this, what a coincidence for September!! :yum:

I have stopped loosing weight because I stopped eating following the heartbreak, The scale hasn’t moved all week so I’m just trying to eat slowly again cause I hate seing my progress stall especially without cheating AT ALL.

(Sheranda Key) #28

I will join you! My husband and I are just starting week 3. I had been researching Keto when my husband came home from doctor’s 4 weeks ago and announced that we were starting a diet the following week. He had just hit 350 lbs. I chose keto for its anti-cancer aspect. I have just hit my 1year mark of being in remission. We are determined to make this a life style change. We have been married 29 years this month are are looking forward to many more years together.


I also stalled badly for like 4 weeks, then i startered IF then quickly went to EF. Right now im 76 hrs fasted. I feel great and started losing again 3 weeks ago.


Welcome… so happy to hear of your remission.
#$@% cancer.

(Jennifer ) #31

I am very happy for you! I wish you both many years of happiness together!
You will not regret making this lifestyle change, it gets easier by day and you will feel AMAZING! Keep up the good work and if you need any advice don’t hesitate :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jennifer ) #32

IF is a very efficient fix for stalling other than it’s many different benefits. I have learned that you shouldn’t be doing it everyday because it won’t be efficient anymore, your body will get used to it. I’m doing it 4 times a week and I’ve seen the difference.
76 hrs is a long period so be carefull about not doing it too often.
Very happy to hear that it worked for you :blush:

(Jennifer ) #33

Hello everyone :blush:

A little update.
I have been dealing all of a sudden with so many acne spots that I never usually have. I have read and found that keto does cause this mostly because of the quantity of dairy product.
It is very overwhelming because i wake up every single day with 4 to 5 new acne spots out of nowhere! I have them on my chest, my neck, my back and on the lower part of my face and they are EXTREMELY painfull. So I stopped dairy for a few days and it seems that it’s starting to work, the spots are reducing thank god.

About the weightloss, still haven’t cheated but I struggled a bit after I stopped eating because of the breakup, I was gaining weight and when I started eating again, the weight gain continued for 3 days.
Woke up this morning and I finally lost the few small grams I gained and lost an additional 2.2 lbs.
I am sooooo relieved, I thought it wouldn’t work anymore but perseverance does work.
I went to the gym on saturday but I always struggle with going to the gym I hate it too much, I’m hoping I can stick to 3 times a week but i’m kind of failing :sweat_smile:
I won’t stress too much about not going enough to the gym because many have lost up to 80 lbs before doing any kind of exercice.

Total weightloss in 40 days is 25 pounds but I haven’t lost in clothing sizes, They just fit better now.

What about you guys? :slightly_smiling_face:

(traci simpson) #34

Thats amazing! congratulations! This is day 10 for me and I’ll gladly join you on this journey. I’m quite confused though, about macros and the like. I’m finding it difficult to stay under 20 grams and still have nice meals. I’m using recipes from Diet Doctor and 2 keto dudes and sometimes barely making it under 20 grams. I was using a tracker but you have to break down every single item and not just the meal its which might say “total recipe per serving 7 grams” or something like that so I stopped using it and just try to be mindful of the things that I’m eating that I know have lower carbs like veggies that grow above the ground, meat, eggs, cheese, cream etc. I have to limit the dairy because it give me acid re flux! I guess I’ll figure it all out sooner rather than later.

(Justin ) #36

Hi Traci, macros can be confusing at the start. I would recommend checking out Dr. Bergs videos. He has a good one talking about Macros. Just search him on YouTube and put in Dr Berg Macros and it will show up. Trying to stay under 20 grams for me in fairly easy now because I am intermittent fasting so I eat only within a 8 hour period and two meals. I think when to get there you will see it will be much easier. I use MyFitnessPal which many on here do. Its free and easy to use. Good luck and keep at it.

(traci simpson) #37

Thank you I will look him up. I only ate twice today. At 9ish and then again around 3:30. Finished with some ginger, turmeric, acv green tea.

(Justin ) #38

Hi Jennifer, glad you are sticking to it. Regarding the gym, if you haven’t really been a gym person it is much better to just start walking. Just moving at a brisk rate is great. Some people hit the gym hard and their bodies are like what the hell is going on and their body goes on the defense. Use the MyFitnessPal app and MapMyWalk app and they sync together and they are great tools. On the website it says how much one should walk to start losing. Also keep being patient and more results will come.
I am around 17lbs lost and my goal is around another 15 and when I get there I am going to start really strength training. I am walking with a friend 3 times a week and it is nice planning new walks and meal plans etc.

(Jennifer ) #39

Hello Traci :blush:
I understand your struggle because I still don’t understand macros and never really took the time to understand.
If it can help you I never counted my macros, I just use the recipes on diet doctor and if a recipe says 7 grams then I just consider it as 7 grams while following the exact quantities (with slightly less butter bcz I find it to be too much). I look up the recipes with the fewest grams of carbs in case my ingredients are a little bit over in net carbs but I never look and I still managed to loose 25 pounds in 40 days with barely any exercice. I ate pizza, burgers, lasagna,… The keto version of course but still tastes amazing. Just cutting out bread, pasta, rice and potatoes will make a huge difference for your body.

Don’t stress about it, you will get better at it, just keep watching videos about keto, you will learn something new everyday.
For me Thomas delauer’s youtube channel changed my life, I learned everything I knw today thanks to him he’s amazing and has every possible topic u can think about for Keto.

Don’t hesitate if you need advice and keep sharing your progress :blush:

(Jennifer ) #40

Hello Nomura,
Thank you for your advice!
I do walk a little everyday because I live in Paris and I have no car so I walk atleast 30 min just to go to work and come back home .
I’ll take your advice and download the apps to track everything.
Congrats on your 17 lbs lost that’s amazing!! I hope you reach your goal weight!

(traci simpson) #41

Hi JenniferK3
My brain doesn’t process math very well so the Macros thing, doesn’t make much sense to me at this point, but I will revisit. I’ve been using only recipes from 2KetoDudes and Diet_Doctor so maybe I’ll up my green leaves and lower my protein???

(Jennifer ) #42

Hello Traci,
Too much protein can kick you out of ketosis and make you gain weight so be carefull about the quantities.
Upping your green leaves is always a good idea, especially spinach.
Maybe describe a typical day of eating so we can see and help you :slightly_smiling_face: