Start with your Why

(CharleyD) #161

@RandyH Another maverick here. Stick to your guns brother!

I will occasionally fix a keto version of a dish that I know my family usually eats (The Keto Bread, or Fathead Pizza, etc) and I feel that, you know, is one more data point for the wife and kid toward the realization that it’s not all boring, monotonous meat.

I also have to be on guard to not make comments about the sugar/starch/grain content of their food, otherwise risk alienation.

You want to work towards reconciliation! Attract more flies with honey than vinegar… oh, wait, that’s a HORRIBLE idiom now! I can’t use it anymore! I love my apple cider vinegar, and haven’t had honey in over a year! :scream::sob:

(Steve Leverton) #162

Here seems as good a place as anywhere for my first post - so why keto?

Effective weight loss.
Increased energy.
Improved motivation.
BUT above all, actually feeling good!!

Started on my latest health-kick/lifestyle change back mid-September, and by the time October had started I had been introduced to Keto by a work colleague, and was well into nutritional ketosis. Since that time I’ve lost 22kg (3.5 stones or 48.5 pounds), but the back end of December has been a bit of a plateau… this is due to being very busy at work, not eating correctly and consequently dropping out of ketosis, and not following the exercise regime I’d set up for myself.

But now Christmas is out of the way, I am back on my A game. Been eating hflc since Wednesday, and my blood ketone level is at 0.4, so I fully expect to get through keto flu and enter ketosis in the next couple of days… oh boy, I can’t wait! To get back to those energy levels again.

Anyway, enough for now, I’ve been a lurker here for a little while, but thought it about time to start contributing.

Also massive thanks to 2 keto dudes, I’m working my way through the back catalogue of podcasts and love that I learn something in every one. Excellent, and honestly, life-changing too!

(Madge Boldt) #163

Welcome @KetoLevvy ! I agree that the podcasts are great. I binge-listened starting in October and have actually caught up to real time.

You have made amazing weight loss progress. Congratulations on that!

(Shayne) #164

Long story short (I hope). I used a protein only diet to lose 120lbs in 18 months in 2005/6 and then shifted (spontaneously) to intermittent fasting. A therapist in 2007 diagnosed me as “non purge bulimic” and told me to stop. Weight fluctuated in the high 170s to low 190s (for me that’s a size 8-10) for a few years. Hurt my back in 2010/11 (not positive on the timeline) and started taking a multitude of pain meds - gabapentin, ibuprofen, percoset and prednisone… by mid 2013 I was back up to nearly 300lbs. I tried repeatedly to use the same diet to get it back off and I failed every time… I HATED it so much, chicken breast and pork loin are absolutely awful.

But I was determined. This (2017) was going to be my year. I was going to stick to that diet if it killed me. I lost a few pounds. Then I discovered the beef only diet and I did that for a month and gained it all back and then some. Those beef only people were ragging on keto something fierce, so I decided to check it out. I guess I started in March - basically I did a modified fat fast and added some protein to it. I got off my bp meds that I’d been on for a couple of years, and I got off metformin. I got down to 265 (for some reason I can’t get past 265 these last two years) and then put it right back on.

Overall, I’m off my meds, but have lost a net 10lbs for the year 2017 and 2 inches off my waist.

Why do I keep going?
My BP is phenomenal!
I’ve learned that I DO have an off switch when it comes to eating - and sometimes I actually listen to it (something I’m still working on)
I have PTSD and keto is good for mental health. It has certainly helped lower my hypervigilance.

Changes I’m making for the new year - first off, I found a Functional Medicine doctor. Just waiting for Duke to hand over my records so he’ll know where to go from here.

I’m eliminating dairy and sweeteners (mostly there already, just going the extra mile), adding alternate day fasting and scheduling some exercise - easy and slow at first so I don’t hurt myself. It’s probably safe to assume that I’m very insulin resistant the these are the tactics I’ve learned are good for lowering that resistance.

So much for short. LOL

(Madge Boldt) #165

@smsherbert you have quite a story. I wonder why you were able to lose so much on high protein, but have stalled out on keto. Hopefully since you are feeling better healthwise you will remain patient and the scale will move. It is slower for me now as well but I am happy with the progress given my effort (could be better!)
I have never heard of beef only eating. I’m glad it led you to keto. Keep up the good work. I hope you are able to break through your stall.

(Jane Lapointe) #166

My why? I have been struggling to lose 10 pounds for years. this may not sound like much to some of you, but I am a tiny person. When I was young it seemed that if I put on a couple of pounds all I had to do was think about it and I would lose it. As I have gotten older my weight has gradually increased and so has my blood pressure. My A1c is 5.5. I realize that is within the normal range but it’s getting up towards the top of that normal range. These are all concerns for me. Ketogenic diet seems to address most if not all of these issues. I started keto on November 13th. I have lost eight and a half pounds since then. That is 6% of my body weight and takes me to within 4 lb of my current goal weight. More importantly my blood pressure within 4 weeks of starting Keto is back down to a textbook perfect 110/ 70. My dad had very high blood pressure and was on medication for the last 20 to 30 years of his life. His mother died of a massive stroke before they had medications to control blood pressure. Clearly, this is something that I need to be concerned about in the long run.

My mother lived to be nearly 101 years old. If I have a lifespan like that I want to be healthy, active, and have all of my faculties. my children have not had children yet, but if they do I want to be able to play with my grandchildren, and be a part of their lives. Even without the grandchildren I want to have an active role in my own children’s lives and be able to travel and take part.

(Shayne) #167

I suspect that the pain meds I was on for close to two years made my IR much much worse and that’s why I’m having so much trouble with the weight loss. My doctor also suspects a much worse case of magnesium deficiency than I thought, so we’re testing for it. I go to get the blood drawn tomorrow. My doctor is keto friendly, so I suspect we’ll be working together to dial it in to heal my body and then the weight loss will come.

(Madge Boldt) #168

A keto friendly doctor is a wonderful thing to have!

(Merete C) #169

Thank you for your post.
Since you do not mention it I will: Look at your sleep, breathing and stress management. I can recommend this book “The Oxygen Advantage: Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques to Help You Become Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter” by Patrick McKeown. You can absolutely sabotage all the good things you ARE doing by over breathing and by triggering cortisol through stress. Good luck

(Paula) #170

My why is I was fixing to have to buy bigger clothes than when I was pregnant, on blood pressure and thyroid medicine and was depressed. I want to live longer and enjoy my husband and two sons! Now I am down 49 pounds and 33 inches, off blood pressure medicine and thyroid medicine at lowest amount and no longer depressed!

(Tee) #171

I’m a breast cancer survivor, mom of two grown men, and wife. I retired from my job of 31 years in 2016 to start a new beginning. I need to get healthy and lose a lot of weight. I’m doing this for me-- ridding my body of all the bad stuff.

(Bob) #172

I’ve heard of the existence of these mythical creatures. In these parts I’m much afraid they’re just that. :frowning_face:

(Renee Slaughter) #173

My why:
Was at first to lose weight. I’m 57 and didn’t want to be the old lady who had severe health issues. I wanted to age gracefully. Then TD2. I wanted to heal myself.
1 get rid of TD2
2. Active to my old age
3. Lose weight

(Renee Slaughter) #174

I too am ashamed of how I thought about the obese.

(Doug) #175

@rslaughter1960 :slightly_smiling_face: Renee, wow can I ever relate to that! 1959 model here, got to Type 2 diabetes last April. I remember shaking my head at obese people for most of my years until I got to be 30 or so.

We probably have quite a few years ahead of us. Let’s make them good ones.

(James) #176

My why is different now than it was 6 months ago.

Back then, I had a 6 month old. My first as well. I was a nice round 425. I hurt a lot, I had sleep apnea, I was tired all the time, I was depressed, I was almost suicidal, I felt like I was 60 when I was 33; I was a normal American male. So, I figured this diet made sense to me. I had seen a lot of people lose weight with it and quickly. So, I talked it over with my wife and we started it together.

Today, my why is still my son. Having the energy and ability to play with him and help him grow. Knowing that I can deminish so many things that would have sent me to my grave early. Most importantly, my why now… It is because I have had “holiday breaks”. I don’t like them. I feel bloated. I feel gassy. I feel tired. I get bowel issues. I can’t go back to eating that way. It feels like I am trying to torture my body.

(Wendy Miller Redd) #177

I’m 57
Family history of diabetes
I’m obese and tired of not being able to do stuff
Sore feet
High BP
My doctor’s timing was perfect
I saw a video of a guy talking about a monkey trap. He asked me what was keeping me from getting what I really want. The answer was my weight.

(Kristin ) #178

My Why…

because I’m worth it.
because I want to live life, not sleep through it.
because I’ve lived with depression for too long.
because bariatric surgery was a step, and not a cure.
because my children need to grow up eating the right way.
because I never want to have diabetes.
because I’m tired of dieting and being hungry.

(Kristin ) #179

I’m on the PTSD wagon too! It’d be amazing for it to help my hypervigilance. I wake at the smallest noise… literally a cricket will wake me up!

(Shayne) #180

I completely understand. I knew I was better (on that front) when my daughter was able to come into my bedroom and didn’t wake me up until she started getting into my bed! Usually I can hear the door open and it wakes me!