Start with your Why

(Lex (Sydney, NSW)) #181

I will be 50 this year and I want to be 50, fit and fabulous (not 50 and frumpy).
I’ve yo-yoed in weight all my adult life and had a crack at keto last year and lost 20kg, then was sick and in and out of hospital (food not at all good, I should have just done extended fasts) and I put it all back on again…

So my WHY is:

  • to be 50, fit and fabulous
  • look good and fit back into my size 10 clothes
  • feel good from the inside out
  • turn heads (I’ll admit to a bit of vanity)
  • get my confidence back

(Kristin ) #182

So- I wanted to tell you that I weaned off OTC sleep meds!!! 2 nights slept like a baby!!!

(Shayne) #183

THAT IS AWESOME!!! Congratulations.

Just as a warning - don’t be alarmed if you have a setback. But it should continue to get better!

(Danielle Spooner) #184

My why originally started as being supportive to my husband when his dr put him on keto. Then I saw Carrie Brown’s video of her experience with keto and reversing her bipolar disorder. I have been “bp2” for 20 years and consistent with meds for 16. When I went to my husband’s dr and found out after full lab work that I had hypothyroidism. I also had a hysterectomy at 26 due to endometriosis so now being postmenapausal my estrogen was very low but due to the history of endometriosis am not able to do estrogen replacement. Dr put me on testosterone cream and thyroid meds. I was getting disappointed that my husband was rapidly losing and I hardly lost any but when I found out that when I get my hormones in check it will start shedding off.

(Amy) #185

My why is that I am:

  • tired of being overweight
  • tired of the joint and back pain
  • tired of all the pills


I have many “why” reasons

  • Early death avoidance
  • Optimal health. Many small but real signs of wear and tear beyond my age (insulin overload)
  • More energy.
  • Steady energy supply.
  • Better mental acuity
  • I just knew something was massively wrong with the S.A.D but couldn’t put my finger on it.

And it’s nice to eat real food in satiating quantities, no need to starve myself while overdosing on carbs/sugar/insulin …

Oh and I lost a some weight (so what? Well it’s nice to stop expanding).