Start with your Why

(Lex (Sydney, NSW)) #181

I will be 50 this year and I want to be 50, fit and fabulous (not 50 and frumpy).
I’ve yo-yoed in weight all my adult life and had a crack at keto last year and lost 20kg, then was sick and in and out of hospital (food not at all good, I should have just done extended fasts) and I put it all back on again…

So my WHY is:

  • to be 50, fit and fabulous
  • look good and fit back into my size 10 clothes
  • feel good from the inside out
  • turn heads (I’ll admit to a bit of vanity)
  • get my confidence back

(Kristin ) #182

So- I wanted to tell you that I weaned off OTC sleep meds!!! 2 nights slept like a baby!!!

(Shayne) #183

THAT IS AWESOME!!! Congratulations.

Just as a warning - don’t be alarmed if you have a setback. But it should continue to get better!

(Danielle Spooner) #184

My why originally started as being supportive to my husband when his dr put him on keto. Then I saw Carrie Brown’s video of her experience with keto and reversing her bipolar disorder. I have been “bp2” for 20 years and consistent with meds for 16. When I went to my husband’s dr and found out after full lab work that I had hypothyroidism. I also had a hysterectomy at 26 due to endometriosis so now being postmenapausal my estrogen was very low but due to the history of endometriosis am not able to do estrogen replacement. Dr put me on testosterone cream and thyroid meds. I was getting disappointed that my husband was rapidly losing and I hardly lost any but when I found out that when I get my hormones in check it will start shedding off.

(Amy) #185

My why is that I am:

  • tired of being overweight
  • tired of the joint and back pain
  • tired of all the pills


I have many “why” reasons

  • Early death avoidance
  • Optimal health. Many small but real signs of wear and tear beyond my age (insulin overload)
  • More energy.
  • Steady energy supply.
  • Better mental acuity
  • I just knew something was massively wrong with the S.A.D but couldn’t put my finger on it.

And it’s nice to eat real food in satiating quantities, no need to starve myself while overdosing on carbs/sugar/insulin …

Oh and I lost a some weight (so what? Well it’s nice to stop expanding).

(ennui) #187

Why? Tired of not having self confidence,tired of being treated differently ie no real chance for promotion at work, as my Supervisor regularly fat shames.

Tired of having to make sure I defecate at home where my bidet is, so I can clean myself.After 320 lbs it’s impossible by normal means.

For my health, I haven’t lost it yet, but as a 340lb (272 since start of LTF) 54 yr old mail who carries most of it in my gut it’s just a matter of time.

For my kids sake 11 and 13, I want to go hiking with them,I want to watch them grow up and I dont want them to be embarrassed by me,or to endure the comments about me from their peers.

I want to feel better and maybe learn to surf.
I want to buy nice looking clothes off the regular rack.

I want to look good with my wife again who is smoking hot.

Why? Because I’m a fabulously bad ass MOFO who can do this!

(Brian) #188

If I read that right, that’s nearly 70 pounds!!!

Awesome!! Keep it up, you’re making great progress. :slight_smile:


I like this question, it’s making me really think and come up with legitimate reasons to commit to this pretty drastic change in my life. My Why’s are:

I want to feel good
I want to have more energy
I want to feel more in control of my eating choices
I want to feel like myself again

I’ve always been healthy, I don’t have any major concerns but I fear that if I keep going as I am, they will soon develop. I exercise regularly, I enjoy good food, but in the last few years I have not been able to control my cravings. Sugar, mostly in the form of wine, sweets, and carbs have come to be my go-to. I’m 48 years old, happy in my life, and I want to be as healthy as I can! I want to live a long and happy life and feel good doing it. I’m about 35 lbs overweight, for no other reason than laziness and lack of control. I’m excited to get started!


My whys.
~To totally reverse my type 2 diabetes and normalize my metabolic functions.
~To live free of artificial substances like medications.
~To keep my lower limbs.
~Because I am worth it. :blush:

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #191

That’s a pretty good reason, right there! :grin:

(ennui) #192

Thanks Brian,60 days and 266 (probably some water) in and I still feel good all I have noticed is a little dizziness when I stand with my head down like when I pick something up off the ground.I guess its not a total fast though, as I do have about 2 tablespoons or less of heavy cream in my coffee which is about 100 cal,I also have 45 cal worth of bone broth every day.

(Ivy) #193

get my confidence back and stop feeling gassed out
feel good from the inside out
heal from an accident
because I want to live life, not sleep through it
to avoid depression and regain control over my life
because I never want to have diabetes; I have a family history
because I’m tired of dieting and being hungry
because i owe it to myself after listening to and reading up on keto
because I deserve more energy, weight loss, fun and happiness brought by keto
because its easier than veganism
because I want to be a role model, always felt bad on SAD, and for self-love
because I started keto as soon as I found out about it, and am never going back
because of less cravings, digestive and health issues, but better body comp
because it tweaks the way i think about food and I sleep better
because its to prove that its the right method and makes me stronger
because it helps me feel comfortable with my body and be more active
because it prevents health scares and weighing food on keto is easier
because im tired of feeling fat &/or fatigued, want to maintain muscle & be ketofied
because this WOE is so effective from the start and i know how to do it