Start with your Why

(Shawn) #81

Hi all :grinning:

I’m a 51yo male from western Canada and have been doing keto for about 3 months. I was 318 lbs when I started and am 285ish lbs now.

I started for many of the same reasons I’ve read on this thread. I’m sick of feeling fatigued. I’m sick of feeling fat. I have an 8.5 yo daughter who I want to keep up with (to a degree). I want to live longer. I am tired of being tired. I want to enjoy food that’s good for me. I want to stop paying for extra material when I buy my clothes. I’d love if the degenerative arthritis that keeps from really enjoying life would diminish through weight loss.

I’ve had very little trouble transitioning from my previous process food laden diet to one of mostly organics and always whole food. I grew up eating whole foods and have been influenced by many great cooks including my mother. I was always a lover of sweets and am surprised at how I’ve been able to leave that behind without looking back.

Cheers and it’s a pleasure to meet you!

PS. One of the reasons I’ve joined is I seem to be in the dreaded stall. I know that majority of weight I lost off the bat was water but it seems now I’m bouncing from 280 to 285 without ever going below 280 (this has persisted for about 6 weeks). I will look around for the appropriate thread to discuss when I get a chance.

(Mary 🌹 ) #82

That is exactly…how I feel too…AMAZING!

(Mary 🌹 ) #83

So happy for you!
Same here!

(Doug) #84

Hi everybody. I appreciate the spirit and participation of the people on this forum.

My why is that I finally got scared enough of the consequences of my prior lifestyle. 58 years old, and for the last 30 years have averaged a 5 lb. weight gain every year. I figure I’m quite lucky that it was as low as that - with a real love for excess there has been an enormous amount of eating and drinking that was compulsive, pretentious, exhibitionist, competitive, etc.

13 years ago the bottom of one little toe went numb, and with hindsight that was the beginning of peripheral neuropathy from high blood sugar. Was not diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic until two months ago, but it was obvious what was going on, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetic, and lots of denial going on while I was a virtual poster child for what not to do.

Haven’t been perfect in the last two months, but some fasting and low-carbohydrate eating instantly made me feel better, and I’m down 40 lbs. I think 10 or 15 lbs. of that is water, but the trend is now a good one, rather than a really bad one.



(Kathleen Lupole) #85

My why is:

  1. To lose weight
  2. To feel better
  3. To be healthy
  4. To be more active
  5. To make friends (I do not have any friends or do anything outside of my house)

(Kathy L) #86

Unfortunately not… he hasn’t liked any keto bread I’ve tried☹️


I have type 2 diabetes and was doing well in losing weight, controlling my bg, and living well for over one year with ketosis and intermittent fasting. Life became more stressful and I started letting carbs start to creep back in. Then this winter/spring my father got very sick and passed away. I threw the keto “rule book” completely away. Now I am re-engaging in my quest for:

  1. Control of my bg without medications
  2. Lowering my weight to healthier level
  3. Normalized blood pressure
  4. Feeling the vitality of a life well lived
  5. Most importantly…adding years of healthy life to be a vital part of my dear son’s life as long as God gives me

(Suzanne Barton) #88

My why is:

  1. Tired of feeling like a slave to sugar.
  2. Tired of sick all the time, blood pressure problems, PCOS, 24/7 nausea even with meds, chronic plantar fasciitis, achy, tired, unpredictable moods.
  3. So I can take my dog out and play with him like he deserves.
  4. So I can play with my grandbabies and never ever have to say again, “I’m sorry sweetie, grandma can’t do that.”
  5. So I don’t have to wind up in a wheelchair or using a walker.

Even with the issues I’ve had adjusting to keto I still feel better than I ever have in my life and have lost 11.8 lbs since April 27. I love this WOE and am never going back.

(Kitsel) #89

My why is kind of a forced why. My liver enzymes and cholesterol levels were super out of whack at my last testing so my doc kind of flipped out and told me she wanted me to go in a ketogenic diet. I am ok with it for the most part… but I have been following for 6 weeks now and am frustrated by slow progress. I have lost 5.8 pounds and still have no energy. The last few days, I have felt ravenous, but going over on protein yesterday resulted in a spike on the scale today. I just gave up coffee 2 days ago suspecting adrenal fatigue, but not having BPC in the morning seems to mean I am hungrier earlier and am never satisfied. I am also experiencing cramps in my feet and calves. I don’t want to screw up, but I am HUNGRY. (Gave up cheese and artificial sweeteners as they were suspect in my weight not changing.) I just hear such great things about vast amounts off weight being lost, so I suppose I am comparison frustrated.

(Linda) #90

Wow, I’m impressed with your doctor, that is rare!

You’re still early days, it can take up to a couple of months, especially if your body has a few issues, don’t lose heart, it will work.

I’m in the middle of Nora Gedgaudas’ Primal Fat Burner and it’s got a lot of great tips:

If you’re hungry, eat! This way of eating is not sustainable if you are always hungry. Just choose fat laden Keto foods. You could also be extra tired due to giving up coffee. Give it time.

Make sure your salt, magnesium, potassium and calcium levels are high enough. When I got cramps, I increased my magnesium and the cramps went away.

This is all about YOU and the food YOU eat and it will take a bit of tweaking till you get it right, but it seems like you are switching things up and trying different things already and coming onto the forum and asking questions is a good move. We are here to help!

(Siobhan) #91

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, if you want you can make a separate thread about the issues you’re having if you have questions but I’ll go ahead and address some things.

  1. It is very normal to lose water weight at first and then stop losing for 1-2 months. It took my dad 3 months to start losing again, and it varies person by person. You’re likely not doing anything wrong. It also took him that long to be able to skip meals, so that’s normal too. Your body is learning to use fat as fuel, which can take a while. Just get used to eating fat as fuel. Hungry but don’t want to worry about going over in protein/carbs? Eat fat.
  2. You’re likely hungry after giving up BPC because it has fat in it and that was keeping you full, plus caffeine is an appetite suppressant. As far as I know the only concern with caffeine (unless you’re sensitive to it) is that it causes you to flush out salts faster. Perhaps just keep it to the morning (BPC definitely!) and switch to decaf after that.
  3. Keep Calm and Keto On. You may not need to give up cheese, artificial sweeteners (as long as they are keto-approved. e.g. erythritol, stevia, sucralose, monk fruit extract, aspartame [for some]), and coffee. You are very early on, although I understand the frustration of nothing appearing to happen for a while, so just keep doing what you’re doing and if you remain stalled after say… 4 months (because you’re still in the “becoming fat adapted” stage) consider switching things up.
  4. The weight you gained from excess protein is water weight, because extra protein you don’t need is converted into sugar for storage or energy (because protein can’t be stored “as is”). It will likely come off in a few days. Don’t worry about it.
  5. The cramping is likely from one of the following: low potassium (be careful increasing this, too much is an issue too), low sodium (salt everything, put salt directly on the tongue and then a sip of water, drink mildly salty water if you can handle it), low magnesium (take epsom salt baths), low calcium (get from food).

Here are some guidelines and quick things for you:

  1. <20g of carbs per day
  2. 1-1.5g of protein per kg of lean body mass
  3. Fat to satiety. Satiety is the important part. If you are hungry, then EAT. Don’t worry about calories, don’t worry about “eating too much”, just eat until you’re satiated. Real physical hunger is a sign. Listen to it!
  4. Try not to snack. This may seem to conflict with #3, but if you are desperately hungry between meals, add more fat at meal time. This can take some time to adjust to, so if hungry between meals at first go for something as close to all fat as possible to prevent insulin response. Fat bombs, BPC, etc are perfectly fine.
  5. Keep Calm and Keto On. Your body is adjusting to running off of an entirely different fuel than its used to (from glucose to ketones). It is going to take an adjustment period, but this is completely normal. Follow the above, and trust that you’re doing okay unless there is some sign you’re not… in which case ask questions or use the search function on the forum to see what the fix is. What you’re experiencing is SUPER common. The key here is that yes many people experience amazing changes on keto… but that is after whatever amount of time. I experienced stalls and muscle twitches/cramping, as did my mom, as did my dad. It’s common. It’s a process.

Hopefully that’s not too long, and you probably know most of it already, but it can help to have it as a checklist. It is important to know that you’re likely doing most things right except things a lot of people overlook at first (like electrolyte levels).
We are here to help (plus your doctor!), and we all want you to succeed!

P.S. The scale is a filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy liar. It doesn’t account for increase in muscle. It doesn’t account for anything you’ve put in your mouth (e.g. if you drink a liter of water, you’ll gain two pounds. Does it tell you that? Nope). It doesn’t account for water weight. It doesn’t account for fat cells filling with water after they empty until you can finally flush it out when stress, etc, is low.
I would suggest: Taking progress pictures (face and full body), taking measurements (tape measure… waist, chest, hips, arm, thigh, you can include as many or few as you want), tracking blood glucose (if usually high), are all things that can help because one thing may change while the rest stays the same.
That plus NSVs (Non-Scale Victories) can help a lot too. Sleeping better? Clearer/smoother skin? Face looks smaller/less puffy? Shinier/less frizzy hair? Less ache-y joints? Make note of it if you notice it, it will work as a reminder that all is well even if the scale doesn’t move.
Hope any bit of this helps!

(Erinn) #92

My big why is to halt the path to type 2 diabetes that I am on. My parents both have type 2 diabetes, my mom is now on insulin to control her diabetes. While I don’t have high blood sugar or other biomarkers…yet…I am worried that this is the trajectory that I am on–just a decade out!

Also I want to be a better faster cyclist–despite being 275 lbs I love long distance cycling but I’m finding that while I’ve got the endurance I can’t keep up with my friends.

I also want to look and feel bettter, I am constantly tired and craving carbs. I am looking forward to getting started after this weekend.

(Siobhan) #93

If you are concerned, you can request a fasting insulin check for a baseline. You could have higher than average fasting insulin, but still normalized blood glucose (if I’m remembering right). It is just a blood test so pretty simple, and even if it is high, it might be reassuring to see that, and test again say… a year or 6 months of keto and see if it has gone down, no?
@richard’s fasting insulin has gone down after starting keto, for example.

Good on your for going preventative, though. Much easier to fix any possible problems by catching them early.

(Kathy L) #94

Eat more FAT -it doesn’t affect BG or cause insulin spike. If you don’t eat cheese (cheese w/butter) try some broth with melted butter in it.

(Kitsel) #95

Thanks, Linda! I don’t ever want to sound like a whiner, but there are times one just needs to vent and too many friends/family don’t understand this WOE.

(Kitsel) #96

Actually that was one thing she also tested. She started was “pre-diabetic”. I think my fasting was 100. I have so much to learn. Right now really want to see improved energy and shake the nausea that has been plaguing me for the past 2 days or so.

(Kitsel) #97

I will give that a try, thanks! My only broth is fat -free and has carbs (go figure). I need to go get a different kind apparently. :thinking:

(Kitsel) #98

Wow! So much useful information. Thanks so much!!!

(Linda) #99

Why don’t you make your own? It’s so easy!
…and cheaper!

(Kitsel) #100

Probably a “duh” moment… never thought to make my own. LOL :joy::joy::joy: