Start with your Why

(Arlene) #101

Soup bones are generally cheap. Buy some, bring them home and simmer them for several hours in water. Voila, you have high quality bone broth. As an added note, any time I roast a whole chicken, after we’re done eating the meat off the bones for a few days, I always simmer up the remaining carcass for bone broth.

(Erinn) #102

I got my doc to give me a requisition this past week–got the bloodwork done on Friday so I will have a baseline. She included a fasting insulin as well. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the results.

(Suzanne Barton) #103

I totally feel your pain! I am 9 weeks into keto and just now starting to get energy. I was soooo exhausted all the time, muscles felt like noodles, then I would read about how all these other people had energy within 3 days and lost lots of weight. Very frustrating and discouraging! I’ve only lost about 12 pounds total which is also discouraging. But hang it there! It gets better! Make sure you drink tons of water (I still drink 120 to 160 oz/day and get magnesium and potassium suppliments. Also increase your salt intake as much as you can. The leg cramps are caused by lack of potassium. You can do this!

(Gwen) #104

My why is: my husband had a stroke at 33 (16months ago) so I want to improve mine & my young families health so we don’t have anymore life threatening & preventable scares like the one we had.

(Brigette ) #105

My why:
I am a year in to my separation with my ex husband and being single and 4 weeks away from being 40.
I lost a lot of weight the unhealthy way with the separation and not eating. I have gained everything back but that is okay and I am going to do this the healthy way this time around.

  1. To feel comfortable with my body
  2. To lose inches/weight
  3. For my mental health
  4. Put my health and well being first.
    I started keto 3 weeks ago and am struggling with it a bit. I have to find meals that are easy to make and get motivated to exercise even a little bit daily.

(John Harman) #106

I’m a type 2 diabetic that has been loosing the battle for a couple of years.
I am insulin resistant and have the Dawn Phenomena.

(KB Keto) #107

@LindaA - you’ll have to let us know how the book is as a whole once you finish it! I have quite a few reads that I need to get thru, but it looks interesting and may add it to my list

(Linda) #108

I’ve now finished the book @KBDelight and thought it was a really good easy to read book. I’ve read a lot of Keto related books (including those by Gary Taubes) and this one is great for beginners that don’t know anything and want to not only know the basics but the ‘why’ behind them without getting so technical that it goes right over their heads. Well worth the read.

(Thao Le) #109

Here is my why:
Reversed T2D, diagnosed at 8.4
Stay in normal weight range
Keep feet/eyes/ other body parts

(Kevin) #110

As a wise person said, “Toes are better than french fries.”

(Mark ) #111

I’m a bit late but I love this, especially number 4 - Love it! :slight_smile:

(Porcinus) #112

Looking forward to retirement and being with my wife. Realistically, how long with that be? 25 years? (It’s not that big a part of life - I’ll have worked 50 years or so.) 15? 10? It would be stupid to die right after retiring.

(Charisse) #113

Where is the laughing my head off button???

(Brian) #114

My “why”…

I am in close contact with a group of mostly vegetarians (generally, McDougall types), that think they’re so much healthier than everyone else and yet I see them having heart problems, obesity problems, diabetes problems, stroke problems, alzheimer’s is very much a problem, and even cancer is noted among many. Most of them are on some kind of blood thinner, statin or high blood pressure meds. Point being, they brag on their China study and relish their delusion and I seriously doubt they are any healthier than any other group, sometimes I even wonder if they’re as healthy as some other groups.

A few months ago, I was looking at myself and thinking, I’m on the same road as they are. Weight is up, well past obese. Other health markers deteriorating. I gotta do something or I’m not gonna be too long for this world.

I have things I still want to do in this life. I’m only in my 50’s and there should be lots of time. I’d much rather make those dreams happen without having to do them all having had a heart attack, a stroke, be diabetic, or be fighting who knows what kind of cancer.

So I guess for me, it’s a combination of length and quality of life. And I’m taking this seriously. So far, I’ve lost a little over 1/3 of the weight I intend to lose and doing remarkably better in quite a few areas of life, some unexpected, but pleasant surprises. :slight_smile:

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #115

My original why was to avoid the metabolic risks common in my family, but having lost 50 pounds so far, my additional why is to lose another 50. Also, I love bacon, and having an excuse to eat a lot of it is heavenly.

(Celeste Le Tard) #116

I have been living with a man who has been eating keto for years, but has never identified it as such. I was extremely judgemental and worried about him because I thought he had it all wrong. I decided to start Atkins about 2 months ago, and was frustrated with the planning and work involved in eating that way. I am hoping that Keto will be more instinctive. I have already cut my “recognizable” carbs, but need to be wary of hidden ones. I haven’t lost as much weight as I expected, but I have notice some positive changes in the way my clothing fits. I have been listening to the 2 Keto Dudes podcasts on my commute and really enjoy them. Glad to be a part of the community.

I love to cook and I LOVE FAT!!! I always eat the skin off of the chicken, and the fat off of the steak… I love pork, pate, Brie, butter, mayonnaise… I am excited that I can eat these things. I only miss a couple of foods that are high carb, and I am also struggling with weekend cravings for margaritas. But I am here to learn and to continue this lifestyle. It also makes it so much better that my fiance encourages and models keto so well. I wish I had caught on sooner!

(Mon) #117

I have so many.

I want to have enough energy to get through daily life easily.
I want to wake well rested every day.
I want to minimise depression & anxiety.
I want to never worry about exposing ‘my wobbly bits’ on a hot day.
I want to stop obsessing about food, and live for life- not eating.
I want to be a good example to others.
I want better heart health.
I want to avoid inflammation related illness.
I want to retain my mental faculties well into old age.
I want to simplify my life.

Already enjoying most of these :tada:

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #118

Dr. Phinney advises women, in particular, to focus on their dress size rather than on their weight. A lot of women, he says, have restricted calories for so long, that they put on lean muscle mass once they’re on keto and giving their bodies enough energy. This can be frustrating if you focus only on the scale, because it appears not to move, even though you actually are losing fat. So dress size can be a better indicator than poundage in many cases.

(Celeste Le Tard) #119

@PaulL - Thanks! Although I know that intellectually, it’s annoying to experience in real life! But, when I got on the scale this morning, wonder of wonders - I had lost 2 pounds…

(Irian) #120

I guess I am just tired of feeling bad about myself - not so much for being overweight, although that certainly does not contribute to my self-esteem, but for behaving like I am a helpless victim of my body instead of it’s proud owner.

So here I am, accepting that I have a deranged metabolism, with all the lovely side-effects, from acne to mood swings to an inability to stop craving carbs once I start eating them - and taking it from there. The hardest part I think was getting to the point of being ready to reject the opinions of even people I love and respect on what I should be doing and how it should work and the whole paradigm of “it’s a character flaw”.

I am doing this to prove to myself that with the RIGHT method, I am not too weak or broken or whatever to get to a healthy body and a calmer mind - if it looks pretty in the end too who am I to object :slight_smile: