Start with your Why


Reverse T2 Diabetes (I’m on no meds for T2)
Heal Meniere’s Disease
Heal Hashimotos Disease

I am at a good weight or me so weight loss is not my goal.

(Mark ) #62

Nice work buddy, keep it up. I hope to have similar results soon :slight_smile:

(Lauren) #63

The short-term why: I’m getting married in December, and I’d like to not feel like a whale in my dress. Our honeymoon is a cruise the following March. I’d like to not be the fatest woman at the pool. I’d like to wear shorts w/o feeling like hiding.

Long-term: I’m struggling to play with my kids. I’d like to go hiking with them again. I’d like to walk up and down stairs w/o getting winded. I’d like to live to see grandbabies.

I’d like for my food to revolve around my life, instead of my life revolving around my food.

(Arlene) #64

This is perhaps the BEST thing about this way of eating, to no longer be a slave to food. I used to crave junk non-foods constantly. I was a slave to my cravings, and angry I had seemingly no control over myself. I did not crave vegetables or proteins. Who craves healthy food? Oh no, I craved candy, crackers, pop corn, chips…the list could go on and on.
Fast forward to now, only 4 months in to this way of eating. I have no food cravings. When I’m hungry, I eat. It seems decadent to me now to indulge in a big rib eye steak.
When I first started eating this way, I felt deprived of “fun” junk non-foods. I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life without them, so I told myself I would allow myself to have a few of these junk non-foods, once in a while. Somehow knowing I could have them at some time in the future, I was able to let go of them for the present.
End result, I no longer want junk non-foods. They just don’t appeal to me any more. I have lost 26 pounds, and I know that’s important to you, but be aware that everyone is different and you could lose very slowly, or much quicker than I did. Stay the course and you will get results. Oh, and give yourself a hug. You seem to really need it. :slight_smile:

(Judie Bird) #65

Hello all!

I’m Judie from Hungary and I’m attempting to turn my lifestyle into full ketogenic for about a year now. I used to have anxiety, OCD and mild depression. Firstly I tried it because i started weight training and found it a good idea to go very low carb when cutting. I’m no a bodybuilder or something like that, just wanted to gain a bit more muscle and shape. So I continued doing keto for two weeks and I realized that my anxiety and depression symtops started to disappear and after about 6 months, I became technically symptom-free. Since that, I have no intention to stop and will do it as a lifestyle because there is clearly something in carbs to which my body reacts with hormonal changes and psychological symptoms. My doctor is an asshole, she won’t believe me if I tell anything about it (as food sensitivity only can cause physical issues,like diarrhea, yada yada) so I’m planning to change GP because she won’t ever give me a referral to further exams. At the beginning I said it’s an attempt because I try my best to stick to the rules, it’s not that it’s a hardship for me, it’s rather that I have serious financial issues and it became obvious that keto diet can be quite expensive. So very occasionally I cheat, not because I desire but because I still have to eat. On those days, my symptoms come back after a few hours to a day but once I get back to ketogenic, they are again gone after one or two days. I feel quite bad about it, it’s like there’s no good choice… until I change my GP and succeed to get a better job. But still, I try to do my best! :slight_smile:
Whoops, that’s quite a long one… thanks for the patience! :3

(Kathy L) #66

Sorry to hear that!
You could try eating less often & have some boullion w/butter in it in between-its very good & satisfying -and boullion is cheap here.
Good luck ! Glad to hear your symptoms resolve for ya!

(Keto Amicia) #67

Because I am 65 pounds over my ideal weight and I also want to prevent health problems.

(Texan ) #68

My why:
Unfortunately, my self worth is a number on a scale. I feel I won’t be happy until I see massive improvements. Thankfully, I don’t have health issues.

(cj higgins) #69
  1. I have an on your feet, lifting students much of the day (I work with kid who are medically fragile, + multiple challenges) eating salad everyday for lunch yet have been gaining weight slowly for years.
  2. I am a singer in a community chorus and have to fit into a form fitting (for me) dress with out looking like a sausage stuffed into a casing.
  3. I know how to do this WOE and it’s easier and less stressful than counting points which to me have no relevance to the food I choose, and I don’t have to pay monthly to join.
  4. I can SO easily fit this plan into cooking for my 2 sons. I’m a single mom, so not having to make everything separate just for me is a lifesaver.

(eschor) #70

i was on a healthful path…not keto …more no white stuff(no grains) when i got bloodwork that was bigtime diabetic.
i witnessed my mothers diabetic decline and the horrors of kidney failure
i learned about healing with keto…and there you go.
still moving towards healing…but. huge progress.(a1c cut in half, 25 lbs down, improvement in vision)
interesting observation…not hungry…not craving…not hurting…sufferd arthritic knees when it rains…no more

(Kathy L) #71



Why? I had already lost 90+ pounds with walking, intermittent fasting, and My Fittness Pal but struggled with carbs and the overwhelming hunger for them. Since starting keto 8 weeks ago have had significantly less cravings and just feel phenomenal. I have lost an additional 10 pounds and 2 sizes. Have been binge listening to 2 Keto Dudes and the other whys are never-ending -so many benefits!! This can be my lifestyle.

(Dustin Cade) #73

My why…

I’ve been heavy since I was in the 3rd or 4th grade

I’ve always struggled with eating way more than I should

I watched my mom fall apart, strokes, heart stacks, diabetes, stints, just overall poor health my whole life, the whole time feeling helpless, when she passed away I was terrified that this is how I would end up…

those diabetic nerve pain commercials, being terrified of dementia…

I weighed as much as two grown men…

so Keto is my saving grace if you will… it’s been 8 months since i started Keto, I’ve never felt better in my life…

(Mary Ann) #74

Such a cool thread!

For me, keto is the only thing that reliably helps with my depression. It is a game changer. Don’t know if it’s because of hormone regulation or gut biome but I feel so much better on it. I have energy. I’ve done keto recently and Atkins (10 yrs) ago and I remember feeling great on that too.

I also love feeling full, better digestive health (ahem), and stable easy to maintain weight.

(Kathy ) #75

This ia a good thread. It really helps tobeclearabout the why? My why-
-to reducemy weight and improve my health. Weight loss will meam I am comfortable in my own skin, can like the image in my mirror. Weight loss means my body will be able to move more freely.

(Judie Bird) #76

That’s a good idea! I love bouillon, we do not have it often as canned but no problem, I can make it and anyway, I prefer that so! Oh, today, I made a large portion out of duck backs. Mmm!

(Ren) #77

My initial why was because I wanted to get a life insurance policy (that I was declined for) so that should something happen to me, my fiance had a method to replace my income so she could be comfortable in life.

After a little more than a year of weight loss and diet changes I was able to get the insurance policy. My why now is so that I keep feeling great, lose weight, and hopefully have a nice long life together.

(KB Keto) #78

My Why - Ohio State study will hold me accountable. I’ve read about Keto and thought about Keto but never dove into Keto. The study forces me to be accountable and do it.


Good for her! She loves you! I just told MY husband the same thing tonight! :smile:


My WHY … well I had Bariatric Surgery 3 years ago and lost 140 in 10 months. I kept it off pretty well, but I have recently been through a very stressful time including a very stressful job and started gaining weight again. I have gained 53 over the course of the last year. I need help and my doctors office where I had my surgery is not much help. They just flat out … do not care about the long term success of their patients. They give everyone the same one week eating plan, send you on your way and say “see you in a year”! That being said, I have a few close friends that have started this and they are doing very well, but I was really inspired by my friends son who just turned 18. He has been heavy all his life and has felt left out because he is so heavy and unable to do sports. he lost 40 lbs in 2 months. He is active, confident and talkative. I said to myself, if he can do it … then so can I!