Start with your Why

(Newbie in Kansas. ) #41

I am 71 years old and I just heard about the Keto lifestyle (calling it a lifestyle rather than a diet) from my niece. I have never heard of it before.

My why is because I know I am killing myself with my diet of whatever I have a coupon for…like Burger King 2 for 1 burgers and a large coke and fries or how about a large thick crust pizza for $10…and it goes on.

I want to be able to take control of my life instead of eating this crap and waiting for it to kill me.

Don’t know if I will be able to do this or not, wife is not on board, so I will have to do my own cooking…the odds are against me.

I have Maria Emmerich’s book, “Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking” and it is a super book, I am hoping that will help.

Wish me luck.

Ooops forgot to mention I want to get off Statin drugs and reflux drugs.


(Keto in Katy) #42

@RandyH Even if you have to go it alone, you absolutely can do it. You might also inspire others with your success, but do it for you, right now. It has been life-changing for many (including me, I’m 54) and it could literally save your life. Good luck! And let us know how it goes.


my main resons why are:

  • I want to keep my feet
  • live a long time
  • keep my mind heathy and alert
  • help my bi-polar and ADHD moods

Putting it down on this fourum will help me remember why Im doing it!

(David) #44

Go Randy! You can do it. I am going to look at getting that cookbook if you say it’s good.

(Jaidann) #45

I’ll play!! :slight_smile:

My why: At 54 years old I felt like I was 90. I have a demanding job and a home with 5 acres that needs to be handled along with 2 horses, a dog, and 14 chickens! Also, a husband that demands my attention. For YEARS I felt like I couldn’t get out of a paper bag if someone was threatening my life. I was so damned tired.

Went to a yearly physical June 2016. None of them were that great over the last ten years but my constant high blood pressure was 158/90 even medicated! I was obese at 5’6" and 198lbs. And that is so hard for me to say. I was never obese in my 20’s and 30’s. Something had changed and I was so lost. I had no idea what it was and worse yet, when did this happen? How did I let it get this far? My doctor sent me for a sleep study because of how I was feeling. Now I have sleep apnea. GREAT!

I knew something had to change so a friend turned me on to MyFitnessPal. I started tracking my food on August 1st, 2016. I saw some success but I was off. I was starving all the damned time. I ate 1500 calories a day and was STILL hungry. I couldn’t understand it so I started searching for an answer. I ran across and immediately dismissed it. Then, one of the threads in the community part of MyFitnessPal mentioned Keto and I had remembered the diet doctor site. Now I really started to dig in and get info. I was like a sponge. I researched keto for a good month every single day trying to find the “gimmick”. I’m not so easily convinced and am extremely critical of any type of “diet”. But, there was a pull there from everything I had read and something was ringing true but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. I went through the usual “I can’t give up bread and pizza and ice cream.” But I knew my body was screaming and mentally I was in horrible shape.

October 3, 2016 I made the switch. I haven’t looked back since! I feel so alive and so awake and I now weigh 140lbs. Which for me, on a medium frame, is just about where I need to be. But the really really cool thing is while I am still on HBP at this time, my doctor is about to take me off. Last BP was 118/64. I do have mitral valve prolapse so he’s watching that carefully for a bit to make sure I can handle being taken off the HBP meds and be ok. My apnea has improved greatly and I have to have another sleep study to see if I still need my machine. My dyslexia and OCD have improved by leaps and bounds and for the first time in years I have a sense of well being and peace.

Keto has turned my life around. While I’m not diabetic I was headed for a very early grave I have no doubt. Now, at 55 years old, I feel like I’m 30 again and can do anything!

That is my why!

(Newbie in Kansas. ) #46

Chance…I have no other cookbooks to compare it to…but I like it so far…only had it a couple of days.

(Bacon for the Win) #47

you have us. and we are ALWAYS here :slight_smile:

(Jeff) #48

Wow! That’s awesome!

(Newbie in Kansas. ) #49

That is an incredible story Ketofied, good for you!

(Jaidann) #50

Thanks! And you CAN do this too. My hubby didn’t want to eat keto either. I was forever cooking two separate meals because he couldn’t eat mine. As of 3 weeks ago he decided to join me. :slight_smile: Be the example! You got this!!

(Barbara Greenwood) #51
  • to weigh substantially less (all time high was 22st/ 308lb, currently 16-3/227), because being that big has multiple bad effects on just being able to live comfortably

  • to control/heal/reverse type 2 diabetes (which I’ve had for 19 years)

  • to escape from the tyranny of food addiction/compulsion

(Kathy L) #52

That’s an awesome book! Welcome & good luck! My husband is not on board either… occasionally I throw a potato in the micro for him to have w/ our meat & veggies. Now he tells me that he really doesn’t like baked potatoes- the process of mashing them down with his fork, putting butter on, etc, is too much work! He’d rather have mashed potatoes!! LOL Not going to happen ( too much work for ME -for just one potato!!)

(Newbie in Kansas. ) #53

Kathy…make some instant mashed potatoes and don’t tell him. He won’t know the difference…some of those are really good.

(Let's get going...) #54

Father passed away to from health issues related to being a type 2 diabetic. He was still a young man. That’s my why.

(Henna Selnes) #55


I love my toes and other body parts
To help take care of my husband ( disabled after 4 massive strokes) ( keto is helping for him)
Lastly to hike and bicycle ride our beautiful trails and mountains again

(Kiri Graves) #56

I love this idea so much!

I’m in it to obviously lose the weight that I keep putting on.

However, I’m also in it to:
Keep my blood sugars low
Maintain muscle as I start getting closer to menopause
Get rid of some of the joint pain
Fight my chronic fatigue and depression
Not be a burden on my husband as I get older
As much as I love my relatives on my dad’s side, I don’t want to end up like them size/health wise.

And, this should be better off if the zombie apocalypse happens. :wink: ;D

(Mary 🌹 ) #57

Oh…YOU HAVE a great mindset for a HEALTH RECOVERY! You are in the right place!
Congratulations on your HEALTH CHOICE!:+1::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

(Mark ) #58

How are you going with Keto Phil?

(Phil Ware) #59

Not too bad thanks
Down about 7 kg and 2.5 inch off waist/tummy
Pretty much no wheat or sugar
I see the doc Tuesday to discuss bloods results
I haven’t seen the bloods myself yet
Doc is pro lchf so it should be a decent discussion at least
Then the next thing will be the gastroenterologist about June
Hopefully the scarring of the oesophagus will be better and I can reduce or even stop ppi meds
That’s the hope anyway
Thanks for asking

(Jane Reed) #60

Randy, if your wife is the cook in the family, request she provide meals with plain meat and vegetables, which she probably does much if the time. You take a pass on the starchy stuff and add butter to the rest. Boom, half your problem solved.

As for the other half, yes, you may have to take up the skillet and pan yourself. But it can be as easy as bacon and eggs for one meal and,for another, a fried hamburger patty with fried onions and mushrooms and a slice of cheese on top. Easy stuff till you master more sophisticated cookery.

Good luck.