Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023

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Deleted - youtube link of a cat and dog sharing a chicken leg. Kept linking to other stuff, sorry.

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Keeping up with aging parents this weekend. Also moving furniture from between all three levels of the house. We have a small house made very live-able by having a walk-out basement. Why does that kind of furniture moving always seem to unleash so many forgotten belongings? When we are done we will have a proper place for adult kiddos to sleep when they come home.

I have lunch boxes made up for the week- trying out some very reasonably priced grass fed beef from a “friend of a friend” family I talked to at the farmer’s market. Turns out I can react to some farmer’s eggs. My regular egg lady wasn’t there, and I’ve had mild reactions to these.I suspect chicken diet as well as how the eggs are handled are factors.

Wishing everyone a good start to the week!


I join Bean at wishing a good start AND continuation of the week! :smiley: I tend to have problems with the latter… But I am determined now, again.

I’ve hid all the coffee days ago and with my new teas, I am fine without it. I still had a very very tiny bit of coffee for flavoring and I obviously ended up drinking it as tiny cups of coffees but it’s over and it was minimal anyway. So, really no coffee from now on. On a normal day I mean, I will have the occasional cup here and there I suppose. Like, 2 cups per week, that’s extremely impressive from me who easily had 6 in the morning and it was just the start…

I go for Very Simple now (I ate up my leftovers) and I try to avoid dairy. I planned and it’s very low-cal, oh well I always can add some butter. Without all the dairy and with only a few eggs fat tends to stay low. Even if I don’t eat (only) lean meat. I will fry pork chuck (and my usual leaner one, the chuck isn’t so much, I want it to last longer and I am perfectly fine with green ham as long as it isn’t my single meat option).

I hope I will be successful. It sounds so easy in theory and then things get complicated. But I truly have close to no dairy now (and all the cheese belongs to Alvaro as we have little and they are vital for him while not so much for me), I am super full at the moment (I reached a perfect satiation yesterday and then I ate some leftovers… I am stuffed but it’s useful to trigger an OMAD period) and I LOVE fried pork chuck so I expect today being good. Then we will see.

Weather is still very much summer-y. It’s nice though a tad too hot for me.

(Marion) #64

Am keeping on and intending for the rest of the month to eat carnivore meals 2x day, 2pm(ish) and 6pm.
150gm cooked weight of meat in each meal and a tsp of MCT oils a few x day, particularly before bed, to prevent blood sugar dips whilst I sleep.
Carnivore has finally helped me to reverse my type 2 diabetes, which I hadn’t been able to shake off with keto, so am going to give it my best shot, before my next round of blood tests in 3 months.

Correction…200grams of cooked meat x2 meals a day!

(Edith) #65

300 grams of meat a day is not going to be enough on full carnivore. You are going to need at least 500 - 750 grams a day.

Congratulations on reversing your type 2 diabetes! I find it interesting that keto wasn’t enough to get it reversed.


If 300g cooked meat is 600g in raw weight (that’s rare even for me but 500-540 is quite common, I love thoroughly fried pork), that may work, it’s a great amount for me. I would need more if I only ate meat but I have a high protein need as well.
I am sure most people have a smaller multiplicator for their meat to convert cooked weight into raw.

I know nothing about your stats and needs, @KetoRocks1, of course. Or your multiplicator.

I ate below half a pound of meat in the first several months, quite often. (My only beef and a single yolk day had 600g meat though. It was nice.)
It’s loads better to be over a pound now but I had to get used to eating much meat. And I had up to 12 eggs and lots of dairy with my meat. Again, it’s me, not everyone needs as much protein but 300g cooked meat and some fat is a super tiny amount for a day for anyone I would think…

I just fried up a little meat. Well it looks little, it’s 560g but I will have a sausage too as it’s lean. LEAN pork chuck, I am a bit disappointed :frowning: And I paired it with super lean green ham (I cut off all the visible fat last time) because that was the plan for reasons… I added lard and butter though, just a bit. But I am very ready to snack on more butter… I really have a butter phase, I always loved it but now I can afford it as I don’t eat so much fat from dairy and eggs anymore.


Hello Betsy. We feed Billie OMAD. She is a 3 year old Labrador.

She has beef stuffed in a chew toy and one frozen free range chicken neck during the day. Sometimes I will get raw meaty ruminant bones for her to chew and for that I choose the trabecular flat bones like scapula, pelvis wing, or sternum. Those bones soften, rather than splinter when chewed. Rather than round bones like the long leg bones, nor the back bones that are spiky.

She does get a cooked beef rib bone to gnaw connective tissues off of when I have a rib eye steak. But here is the thing, and it may be unbelievable when contemplating Labradors, she chews it clean and maybe a bit off the end, then she brings the clean bone to me and drops it at my feet. I wipe down my steak plate with a piece of baked pumpkin, or I scramble an egg in the juices, and give that to her. That’s been a thing to do since she was about 2 year’s old.

For her OMAD she gets 2 frozen chicken frames for 1 day. She has clean, white teeth. Local pastured meat chickens. On the alternate day she gets fatty beef mince fried with an egg white and pumpkin. The egg yolk is mixed in raw to the cooling beef mince, a small tin of sardines in water (I don’t trust the oil), a dessert spoon of pot set full fat yogurt, half a cup of salty bone broth poured over the top. She probably eats better than me :sweat_smile:

We adjust the ratios of pumpkin and meat depending on if she is fattening up (reduce the pumpkin). I try to feed her cartilage and connective tissue from my meals as I like to eat meat on the bone.

When I worked as a vet in a small animal hospital I remember a client who lost the last joint of a finger when he went to remove his Golden Retriever’s food bowl. That dog was on carefully portioned processed dry food and always hungry. Labrador breeds were always regarded as ‘greedy’ for food. After 3 decades, I now know we were feeding them wrongly.

With Billie we leave the cat food on the ground in the cat enclosure and Billie leaves it alone (unless it’s raw beef, then she helpfully cleans the plate). The cat does get dry processed food. Let’s just say that’s Mrs. Bear’s department.

There are 4 people that feed her. Mrs. Bear seems quite good, but she is Italian. Little brother is strict with the menu. Then there’s my 81 year old mum, a sucker for nice brown eyes, and she feeds what she thinks dogs should be fed in Germany in the 1960’s, so there may be a few treats slipping in there and bits of wurst.

Your dogs - let's see them
(Michael) #68

Billie looks great, I will post a similar picture in Zeus who is also similar looking. Not that I was asked, but Zeus gets 2 or 3 one pound brick of beef with ground bone per day, he weighs about 140 pounds. Here is a common breakfast for me with some cheese


I can’t tell what the white and black things are.

(Robin) #70

I don’t think I want to…


It will be something awesome and mineral filled.


Steady as she goes skippers.

2MAD. Baked beef ribs and about 75g Camembert for dinner. Breakfast was 3 egg butter omelette. Salty beef bone broth at tea break time. I have eaten all the bacon. All of it.


2MAD for me too, my eating window was somewhere below 2 hours, I started to eat after 4pm and finished at 5:55pm.
Maximal level of force-feeding possible for me. So not very much but a bit. Very unusual but I was hungry. Mustard sauce helped with the too lean and dry meat. I didn’t like it but I could eat it somehow.
120g protein and less fat, I haven’t any idea about the fattiness of my meat just that it was low. But I did eat 37g butter :smiley: And yolks. And no sausage, I had enough of that.
The numbers are a bit low but maybe I can pull it off. If not, I eat my leftover meat.

A pound of meat and 70 kcal from dairy :smiley: Tiny cheese and some cottage cheese. Good.

Tomorrow I will remember I have some wonderful, fatty pork shoulder roast in my freezer… :wink:

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Sorry too many posts to catch up on but i did notice some great pics as i scolled down.

Will try and write post tomorrow about weekend away, feel way too tired to do it now xx

(Geoffrey) #75

A small ribeye and three over easy eggs cooked in ghee for me so far. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

(Michael) #76

Black are snails (magnesium), white is veal thymus (vitamin C)

(Betsy) #77

That’s an excellent meal plan for dogs! Your dog is really blessed. Yes, your dog eats better than me, too. We feed our dogs various meats and some dry foods such as Stella and Chewy. One dog is 15 3/4, one is 17 1/2, and one is about 10 months. Big variety! The older dogs are getting very picky so it’s a lot of work, and the puppy is on clean up duty. I started giving the puppy marrow bones just yesterday, and he does love them.

Today I started focusing on trying to remove any dry food with oxalates. The puppy is very high anxiety and itchy. We are trying to figure out if it’s food related.

Your dog does look very healthy. Too bad more isn’t taught about diet to vets in med school.

(Betsy) #78

Yes, please post a picture!

Which ground bone do you get, and how do you serve it?

(Marion) #79

Went back and checked and my memory failed me.

Dietician has asked me to have two meals at least a day and to ensure 200gm of cooked weight protein per meal.

I am also having other stuff such as MCT oil here and there, electrolytes 2x daily and a few supplements to help replace things my body isn’t absorbing.

I do trust her judgement, as she recently received a PhD for a research study on keto for type 1 diabetics and she has helped me to reverse my type 2 diabetes status whilst still eating, which I have been trying to do for years and previously only achieved through fasting.

I will continue to follow her advice, since she has access to my body weight, blood tests and health history over the years.

(Marion) #80

Thanks Shinita.
My multiplicator is a keto informed dietician who is way ahead of anyone else I have been able to find to advise me.

When I decided to try keto some years ago, I was looking for someone to keep track of what I was doing and keep me out of trouble. I had to really search and I found someone in another state, who referred me to her.

I was a lucky because I have some deficiencies I wouldn’t have known about that would have been problematical down the track, had they gone unaddressed.