Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023


I planned to go out and buy sour cream and some fatty meat but it’s over 30C here! And I slept unwell again, woke up at 5am and stayed awake for some time, it never works well… I will try it tomorrow even if it will be still hot! I am so out of it, I am almost afraid I would hit a tree in the forest with my bike…
Even my house feels hot and it’s 24C…

I am very satiated, it’s not even 2pm after all but I have a huge appetite for some really fatty meat after my not very joyous yesterday so maybe I will have lunch… Tea just can’t cut it :wink: We will see. But whatever happens, today I will have a mini feast with some of my favs! Not stupid unusually lean meat dried out in a pan.

@KetoRocks1: I wondered if I was clear, with multiplicator, I meant the number one needs to multiply cooked meat amount to get the raw weight :slight_smile: Mine is often 1.6-1.8, for example. It’s important for me as I like to track day to day and I have the weight of my cooked meat, the raw weight of the whole slab and the cooked weight of the whole slab.

I couldn’t do much with a dietitian as only my body knows itself, even my own knowledge comes from it. I need to do what it wants from me or else I suffer. Calculations fail when it comes to its actual wants :slight_smile: See my 130+ g protein need. I allegedly don’t need over 2g/kg for LBM protein but I am starving without it. It’s very hard to eat only this little for me anyway, protein is wonderful but going below is just impossible (occasionally it happens).

But of course, it’s good you have found a good dietitian :slight_smile: We are all different and she surely knows a lot of things you don’t.

(Michael) #82

Here is Zeus this morning. The bone is mixed into the ground we buy from a local farmer, the second pic is his breakfast.


(Edith) #83

I think that’s awesome that there are now dieticians studying and promoting the keto way of eating. You are lucky to have found one!

I’m a 57 year old woman who is short, so my daily caloric needs are not that high. For myself and other women my age and size, my concern about keto and low calories has always been that there is not as many vitamins and minerals in fat, so that when we eat 60-70% of our calories from fat, that does not leave a lot of calories to get all the proteins, vitamins, and minerals our bodies need. It seems she has you making that up through supplements. If you ever have a chance to ask, I would be interested to know why she wants you to keep your intake quite so low.

(Robin) #84

Good lookin’ dog like that deserves the good stuff.


I had fatty meat too today… Way too fatty, I tried to pair it up with my lean one but I want some marbled pork chuck :sob:
Meat put me off again, what is wrong with me?
Meanwhile Zeus’s food looks somewhat tempting :rofl: I know it’s just looking at the pic, it wouldn’t be like that irl but still.

I hope I will change soon. I am super stubborn so I stick to carni, I just want to enjoy my food as I did in the past :frowning:
I don’t want this almost-gag slight nausea every day :frowning:
And I have lovely sponge cakes. Still, not enjoyable enough.

I will survive tomorrow (with some bacon and eggs as the highlight) and then I cook some lovely soup…
And then maybe a beef stew, that will be variety… Maybe I just had too much roasted and fried pork and not even the ideal, marbled kind.

But we eat nutritious meats and other things so it’s still loads better than someone else eating a bunch of chips and sweets… It’s harder with less calories, sure but if I was fine with my vegetarian high-carb (okay, I overate like crazy, most probably), my current woe most be very nutritious even on my lower-cal days… At least it seems logical to me. And my energy intake isn’t SUPER low. Some people eat 1200 kcal or less, IDK how they do it nutrition wise…
Oh and I eat liver so if I would worry about nutrition, it would be about getting too much.

It seems to me that the dietitian said it as minimum, it’s fine to eat more when needed…?

(Karen) #86

Okay so I am back, maybe just briefly as i am away again on thursday with children to Cotswolds. It is really strange saying children when they are 36 & 38 but there you go… they remain our babies throughout life even if they start acting like our mum!

So this weekend was dancing in Harrogate amd we had a fabulous time. You would not have known Raymond had been struggling so much with his legs… dancing like a spring chicken! He came home so positive that i have booked us a dance trip in between Xmas & new year down in Bournemouth. If anything it was me letting the side down with my balance issues from the brain infection though most peple didn’t notice but i knew how bad i was.

The hotel was great as per, we been guests there 4 times. Food is always good and it is a big floor. There was a carvery servery both nights so i had a plate of gammon on the friday evening (I usually hate gammon but this was beautifully cooked and not overly salty) on the saturday evening i had turkey and sea bass. I would have been happy with just sea bass but it was just a very small piece, very tasty though. I had to add a lot of butter though as everything was a bit on the lean side. I grabbed some bacon and sausage at breakfast to eat at a more reasonable brunch time. No pics though because i was too distracted chatting to the folk on our table! It was roasting hot all weekend but fortunately my room was on the shady side of the hotel so it was fairly cool. Raymonds room on the opposite side was baking like an oven!

First night the fire alarm went off at 5am so everyone felt a bit jaded saturday!

Got back home sunday afternoon after diverting to see a cousin for a cuppa and catch up. Nottingham was very humid on return.

Yesterday i did some stair runs, ran to CrossFit and walked back home afterwards. Emotions still temperamental. Just ate 1 small ribeye steak and 3 rashers of bacon

Today couldn’t stair run, just felt a bit wobbly and out of breath so cancelled CrossFit as it was all barbell overhead stuff and i haven’t good enough balance for it yet. Sorted out car insurance instead and reserved the hotel for the twixmas dance. Also dug out 12 pairs of dance shoes that are just too high or a little uncomfortable to give to our Dance hostess to sell. Some haven’t seen a dance floor and are beautiful shoes but i am being realistic now. Digging those out has hardly dented my dance shoe collection AND i found some i had forgotten about! :smiley: i had decided to buy some new flatter shoes but having found these i don’t need to buy any now. :wink:

I have eaten a rump steak about 2pm for brunch. I have another one for a bit later as i was a bit hungry last night with eating so little so don’t want to feel like that tonight. Not really snacked since last thursday and haven’t eaten any cheese or mayo.

First pic must have been thursdays food and the sausage and bacon was brunch on friday after we arrived in Harrogate before booking in to Hotel at 3pm.
Meal times in the hotel were after 6.30pm.

(Michael) #87

This morning……I have quarter cow coming in a week or two and I am running out of options



My first plate at lunch, well my only one, I just had a mug with egg milk and some sponge cakes too…

I wasn’t hungry at lunchtime yet but I could eat and I welcomed some potential joy… After the first bite my body welcomed the nutrition…
2MAD day, IF 21/3.
Only 393g meat today but I had eggs and some quark.
My quark/butter sponge cakes are even better than my somewhat soggy quark/sour cream ones, I keep this recipe! Butter definitely became a very important item in my life. And I always enjoy it even if I have problems with my meat. But today I didn’t need borderline force even if I didn’t enjoy my meat as much as expected.
Guesstimation says 127g protein and 123g fat. Wonderful. It’s so easy not to overeat if I keep my dairy intake in check! :smiley: I even can afford my 30+ g butter easily :smiley:
I wasn’t outside today, too hot and bad sleep but I had half a workout. It didn’t go worse than on normal days when I don’t feel an out of it zombie, good.
My carb intake is a bit below 10g every day now.

(Karen) #89

Had the 2nd rump steak with some butter then followed that with some bacon but got dstracted and ended up wth burnt offerings :roll_eyes: hopefully i won’t feel hungry when i go to bed, it’s about getting my head to realise that my stomach has enough food in it!

(Geoffrey) #90

OMAD again today.
Just some slow cooked, in bone broth, beef, shredded and scrambled with four eggs. Delicious.

Then this afternoon I made liverwurst.


I’ll be have some with my eggs mañana.

(Robin) #91

I could live quite happily on that first meal 24/7.

(Judy Thompson) #92

On the road again! We left yesterday morning around 10 and stopped in Texarkana for the night, now headed for a b&b in Missouri on our way to Chicago, where we’ll spend the weekend and play an Oktoberfest.
I may be done with Mayo. I bought some that was rancid for my boiled egg yesterday. Today I used ghee on my egg, not a bad sub for Mayo at least in this instance. Ate a naked truck stop hot dog for lunch and broke out the liverwurst and smoked cheddar later in the room. Simple, steady.

(Bean) #93

Boxes for this busy week. Mostly a mix of beef, bison liver, and chicken thighs. Grilling for dinner. Eggs to fill in. I like a little pork/ bacon fat on my boiled eggs.


I had a pretty decent meal and thought that’s it.
I tracked waaaay later, when I already got hungry. Oh. Way too low protein and meat, no wonder I got hungry. And managed to eat all the leftover meats and opened the package of ham and ate some other stuff as well… Finally, joy. I tend to enjoy my meat when I eat late especially if my body decides I need more meat. It was FINE with zero for so long but now it can’t wait for the next day, troublesome.

The ham is… Nothing like the good homemade hams I had. But it’s just some sliced supermarket ham. It is super smoky thing. Not bad just a too smoky, it overpowers the flavor even if it’s still there below. But it was good for hungry meat wanting me with my last sponge cake bun and some butter, oh butter is lovely any time ~. So, so good, just pure bliss and it’s the cheapest I could find. Butters are pretty similar but some brands are better and this one is really good. I like most dairy items from them even though they messed up their sour cream (my old fav) a bit so I had to find the sourest sour cream again. I am pretty sensitive to that. I love sour. Sour cream and sour cherry should be SOUR (not all of them are, far from it). And the first one shouldn’t be sweet while the latter should but the sourness is more important even there.

By the way, sour cream prices seem to go even lower than before. Cheeses too. It’s so very unusual but wonderful and actually right after dairy items suddenly got twice as expensive as before (or more)… Still, lowered prices, wow. We aren’t used to that here.
Eggs stayed where they were though. They are still worth it.

Oh my photo! Part of my lunch but I didn’t eat everything. Just almost. But I ate up everything eventually.

I had more eggs, lots of cream cheese with my sponge cake buns, ham and turkey sausage. I eat dry sausage now (this turkey one isn’t hard though as normal dry sausages), got bored of the softer ones.
And a slice of cheese. I think that’s it.

So nicely satiated, it better last until tomorrow evening. It rarely does when I eat late but one can hope. And persevere. Even if I get hungry earlier, that won’t be proper hunger and will pass if I can keep myself from eating my freshly roasted pork. Green ham and the too lean chuck so not THAT tempting. But some sausage and cream cheese or bacon can transform them.

Why do I like to write about meat so much instead of going to bed already…?

I miss Fangs.

(Bean) #95

Here is my old lady dog.

She’s hard to get a good photo of because her eyes don’t show up. This one is from last February.
Those of you who feed their doggos carnivore, how did you start them. Since decent dog food runs $1-$2 a pound, I think I can feed her better for similar money. She’s 11 and beginning to have series hip pain.

(Michael) #96

Wife bought me a treat tonight, here is my dinner

(Geoffrey) #97

Didn’t take any pics but it was homemade liverwurst and scrambled eggs today.
Was so busy today preparing for a trip next month that when I did feel hungry again that it was later than I care to eat so it was just an OMAD kinda day for me.

(Marion) #98

Hi again Virginia.
The answer to that question regarding why she wants me to have 400 grams of cooked protein in a minimum of two meals a day (which your refer to as “so low”), would probably be better sourced in the Two Keto Dudes classic podcast 213 Protein Controversy, with all the linked references underneath.

Best wishes.


simply steady. darn zc right :partying_face:

food is still changing in a way. I am very narrow now on choice. I want what I want and nothing else, loving this lifestyle but damn hard on the road sometimes. Wedding in New Jersey was fab. long trip but thank heavens going more civilized from my rural South area meant alot of darn steakhouses around me so I ate well and hubby was fine with my demands so zc food on long weekend trip went fab for me.

still cutting salt down naturally for me.
still eating 2 meals per day as usual. first meal is my must have heavy beef, sets my day instantly but second meal is now all about pork as my next, life now is beef and pork. got no draw even to seafood like I did in the day.

Interesting more changes as I enter into year 7 sooner than later now. I tell ya, time on ZC changes us all if we allow that time and years—yes years—I am still changing for the better! I just sing the darn greatness of carnivore every day :), yes I am that sappy on it all HAHA


(Geoffrey) #100

I like this statement. It fits with how I feel now.
I’m only 128 days as a carnivore and my mindset is the same.
A neighbor has invited us over this weekend for gumbo. In my past life I loved gumbo and this woman makes a really good pot but I now have absolutely no desire to eat anything like that.