Simply Steady September - 30 day Carnivore Way of Eating - 2023


In the cool of an early Spring morning I discover the congealed white lake of the slow-cooked lamb ribs at lowest sea floor level of the large cast iron pan.

The whisking sound of steel tine on glazed ceramic belies the resistance to amalgamation, having enjoyed their biologic shell-cased apartheid, of yolk and egg white, vitamin rich fat and albumin protein. The raw yellow lake of breakfast lies gooey waiting for the pan.

Since eating fatty meats… or maybe I am a lazy house keeper, I don’t wash the iron pan nor iron baking dishes, very often. I delight in showing cereal and Lo-fat milk chomping nieces and nephews the joy of cooking eggs in butter. Then wiping the pan clean with some absorbent paper towel. Then keeping that paper towel to use as a woodfire stove fire starter that evening.

Their mothers had taught them as their mothers had taught them from the 1970s that high fibre, don’t look at the sugar content on the nutrition label, breakfast cereals are healthy with skim milk. They had grown into 20-somethings despite this advice I also once believed.

Getting back to pan washing. Not literally, subjectively. I notice that sometimes after a demonstration of butter wiped clean pan cleaning, Mrs Bear will give the “humour him” look to incredulous in-laws and soapy detergent wash the pan, then put it through the dishwasher taboot. I know I have used taboot incorrectly there.

The heat melts the cool white into glistening clarity. I call the rendered lamb fat tallow. But its tempting sea is deep. Too deep. I pour it off into a baking dish in which later to roast some dog dinner vegetables. She poos better with vegetables. The dog. She is the shiniest Labrador in town.

The pan shine remains and the assembled eggs sizzle into their blanket from the bowl. Salt dusts them. Remnant cheese is scattered atop. Then watched. The cheese melts and bubbles saying it is time to fold. The omelette comes away easily golden brown from its hot congress with the slick pan.

There was that time when the cast iron camp oven became too deep in accumulated beef and lamb tallow and the black suffusion suggested potential carcinogenicity like a deep fryer at the local fast food trap house. So I heated it up poured off the first part into a bucket quartered with porous calcium carbonate based sand. Then I scraped out the tenacious congealed bits. Finally wiping the black tempered cast iron with paper towel to make a fire-lighter. What to do with the weird grey clay? I took it deep into the food forest and dug a grave. The cylinder plopped out like a wet sandcastle formed in a castle pail at the beach. I covered it over. A few days later a hole I found in the forest the empty space testament to the night sneeking snout of a rich coated shiny vixen.

Back into the bowl the omelette slides and picks up a further glaze of raw yolk to complement the tallow. There is a fluffy resistance to the fork push and melted cheese oozes from the cut.

There is one nephew who now regularly, instinctively cooks butter and salt omelettes for breakfast. Still eschewing added cheese. He is 20 years old and has always been his mother’s child. Never having to lift a finger nor cooking utensil. But he has learnt to cook the simplest of omelettes. He craves them. Now, he can survive away from the nest in a world that substituted fast junk food for mother’s non-cooked hunger driving breakfasts.

(Bean) #42

Another steady day here. Lunch is 2 burger patties, 2 hard boiled farm eggs, electrolyte jello. Dinner will be pork steak and sliced brisket.

When I transitioned I was able to keep running for awhile and the hit a wall. I’m still very active (my phone tells me 9000-1100 steps most days), but I think I might try some intervals again. I crave running.

No obligations this weekend, which is the first one in a couple months. I hope to get caught up a little.

I’ve been able to begin a slow taper on a couple of meds.

(Bean) #43

Okay… so Hubby ended up eating away from home so instead of planned pork steak, I decided to play with some “chuck steak”. I picked through the roasts and picked one that looked like it contained the most ribeye muscle. I used the metal tenderizer thing, but I don’t think I needed it. It hit the spot. IMG_5359

(Judy Thompson) #44

@Karen18 Nice to see you sleeping in. It wasn’t that long ago you were up at 4 or 5 to work every day. Fun that you secretly like to watch people eat and then try to function, I’m the same. We make a living playing for people who are eating gourmet meals and I watch them and wonder how they do it. Naturally, we all did it not that long ago. But I can’t help but believe there’s a difference, that my body has to function more efficiently than theirs does!

Doctors do not know! No. They’re not allowed to think outside the box, the AMA would disbar them. I mention high fat diet or low carb but never carnivore or even keto. Even the veterinarian chewed me out for feeding my dog something other than kibble. These people are slaves to an obsolete institution. They really don’t have the freedom that we have.
Yesterday I boned a chicken I had sous vided but the grease from the pan didn’t work for me so today I made a chicken salad, and crack chicken for hubby, and ate a little of his along with my chicken salad (chicken, boiled eggs, and Mayo). Crack chicken is chicken, broth, cream cheese, grated cheddar and bacon. Ranch seasonings added so that’s why I just had a little, I don’t normally use herbs anymore. But hubby loves it and I hadn’t fixed it in awhile.
The good news is that the lactose “disgust” I’ve had since COVID (2 years ago) is starting to subside and the cream cheese was actually nice. I haven’t bought it in a long time.

This is the chicken from yesterday. Too greasy for my gut

Chicken salad

Crack chicken
Tonight, back to play the steakhouse. Tomorrow afternoon we have a duo wedding we’ve been working on all week. Nice to get a little extra/different work around here!

(Geoffrey) #45

If any medical professional (term used loosely) tells me that, I’ll tell them that it was the fiber that was killing me and it’s the meat that has saved me.

Now that sounds interesting. I fixing to have to butcher a bunch of roosters in the near future so I may just try something like that.

Went OMAD today. Wasn’t intentional, just happened that way. Between buying a ton of feed and running around picking up prescriptions for the elderly folks we care for it was a busy day. My bride wanted to try a new steakhouse in town so we stopped in an we both ordered their 16 oz ribeye. It was good and I really appreciated the service. I asked our server for just the steaks and no sides and I told her I’d like them à la carte. She didn’t understand what I was asking so I explained to her that I’m not ordering the steak dinner, I’m just ordering the steak separately, by itself and that I was hoping that it would not cost as much as a whole dinner. She finally understood and said that would be no problem. The bill was 7 dollars less so I’ll take that as a win.
When she cleared our table she asked if we’d like any dessert to which I replied, in a chuckling manner that I thought it was obvious that we only ate meat. She grinned and said, “Oh, yeah…oh, hey! Are you guys doing that uh…carnivore diet thing”?
Turns out she was very interested in our WOE so I turned her on to some doctors to look up, a documentary movie to watch and a book to read. I hope she follows through.


I wrote this… 2 days ago? I kept forgetting about the CF card with the photo, not like it’s anything to look at but at least I left the topic in peace for a while :slight_smile:

IDK what is enjoyable in it but each to their own :smiley:
And I deleted a lot here, I went a tad deep into the okayness of fish and chips (and I am not even sure if it’s breaded, we totally have fish and chips without that… despite Hungarians allegedly make absolutely everything breaded… not me, too much mess and hassle for making my food worse) and other things… I have my own personal ranking of food items, not surprisingly. Starches are among the best non-animal carbs for me, not like it makes them good, per se. But not being good doesn’t make them harming my healthy long life plans. The frying oil is something I am pretty choosy now. But nothing gets close to overprocessed sugary stuff, that’s bad.

I definitely wouldn’t eat before any exercise and it’s not good before singing either. Our choir leader said so and I experienced the same.
Yeah I know people has a super hard time to wrap their head around different ones. I don’t meet people but I imagine my eating habits would shock some. I can eat differently around people (as it happens so super rarely and my body is resilient and I like a lot of food) but I still have my limits. I easily could face dishes where I would just fast as that is way more enjoyable.

If I am here, I show some of my food. Just usual items, nothing exciting.

I didn’t eat it all for lunch and I ate some more. Like ice cream. It was very good. IDK how but it didn’t even need the usual few drops of lemon juice. It was so great, not just the ice cream itself but even the milk I pour into the cup the ice cream was before (I don’t waste the last drops either :smiley: I always rinse out egg and cream with some liquid and make a coffee of it… not now but it was always coffee before). Ice creamy milk, I approve.

As it’s Thursday aka milk and egg day. Alvaro brought 50 eggs (yay! we have about 100 now, very nice with our dropped egg consumption) and more than a liter milk (as the bottle is more if the generous dairy truck person fills it)… I can be very modest with milk now but why would I avoid it so I drank some. But my milk needy times are over, thankfully.

Wow, that’s a lot! I think it’s completely impossible for me, at least without serious force and tricks but probably even so. But some people regularly eat more so it’s still not extreme :slight_smile: But extreme only would mean highly unusual for most, even among carnivore, not that it’s too much. Hopefully most of us who eat not so tiny amount of meat (as my 450-600g isn’t really much in my eyes. it’s just a decent amount and perfect for me) feel how much we need. I think meat is good at giving us stop sign, it works for me quite well as long as I avoid big amounts of chicken and pork shoulder… As I can overeat those. But that’s why I use this mixed thing, listening to my body signs and tracking too.

Our plants surely would survive a few days - EXCEPT the leanders. Okay, they would survive but they complain “loudly” if we miss one of their 2 daily watering in hot weather! They are SUPER needy. They are inside in winter, little sun, plenty of humidity… I watered them as my other plants and they just dried and lost their leaves. Now I know they need a huge amount of water regularly and all the time. Troublesome plants, why did I accept them? The big one is even in the way in winter! So I kind of decided to leave them outside. They even survive mild winters… If forecast says we get -20C, I can bring it in (and shock it with room temp… still better than the super humid cellar I suppose… because that’s farther and the big leander is HEAVY. well its soil is).

Fortunately we only have 25C now. Radio talks about 30-31C but that’s not in this area.

And it happened. I wondered if it ever will. Our most posh (but still pretty common so not so very expensive. more expensive than most though) margarine brand finally reached the price of butter. One version went WAY over it, wow. People seem to strongly prefer butter and usually are price sensitive and this isn’t a cheap brand so they use the word butter since several years. Butter flavored, butter alternative… It’s so weird to me.

Meanwhile I had my second meal, it was so hard, I was hungry but my appetite was so low I didn’t want anything and barely could eat 1-2 bites from everything. So I ate 1-2 bites of everything. Good thing I always have variety, I learned my lesson long ago. But I better get something very fatty and tempting. Like smoked pork belly.
Tomorrow I make a big bacon and eggs and probably won’t eat much pork roast. I had enough for a while. I could eat the fried pork without problems today but I didn’t enjoy it :frowning: Sad.

But I adore my teas and I drink of with cream and it’s a perfect replacement for coffee, it’s tastier than that and a similar feeling!
Having something really nice (and variety… I have 7 new teas now) helps not to stray too far due to lack of food joy. But I do hope tomorrow will be better.
Milk is enjoyable too but I gave the majority of it to Alvaro so I only have a little…


Isn’t it very, very obvious that meat is the best for dogs…?
Like, seriously…?

Crack chicken, I never heard about that :smiley:
The chicken salad is surely nothing normal people would imagine reading the word (or nearly anyone, probably), it looks interesting and pretty! :wink:

(Michael) #48

Breakfast today

(Judy Thompson) #49

Thanks, yes it should be obvious but like the low fat scam, industry has convinced everyone that dogs can survive on cereal. It’s very hard for them to shake that.
Crack chicken was a trendy casserole that came out about 5 years ago… surprise surprise! It’s carnivore!

(Judy Thompson) #50

@Shinita “normal” chicken salad includes diced onions, celery and sometimes pickle relish. I just leave out the contraband lol :joy:


I never was familiar with salads as I disliked them :slight_smile: I was a vegetarian adoring vegs, raw too and disliking salads :smiley: (I liked one or two special ones, 1-2 times a year.)
And I only vaguely know about the low-veg salads.
But carnivore salad, that’s new :wink: Maybe I heard about it but my memory has its quirks.
It just doesn’t fit into my definition of “salad”. It’s the same for pasta salads, nope, that’s not salad for me.


You can make all kinds of keto and carni salads, eggs are really good, any fish or meat, it’s all good. Salads are just cold instead of hot.

(Geoffrey) #53

Yep, as in an earlier post of mine I had some salmon salad.


Veterinarians are very early indoctrinated by pet food companies that the only balanced diets are highly processed kibble diets. We were very scared with the threat of malpractice if we suggested anything that might be unbalanced (usually for minerals). That seems like a big statement. But it was my experience in the profession. So, not only did we have Big Pharma washing our brains, we also had Big Dog Food and Big Cat Food. My Labrador had not had a processed food feed since she came home as a puppy. She eats low carb carnivore and duck poo and kangaroo poo, I regards these as probiotics (and cat poo snacks, if she can get them). She’s the shiniest dog in the whole dang town.


I made a drawing of my head. I had ‘serious-concentration-face’ as I created. It is the first time I posted a selfie on social media. I do take selfie photographs, because face photos are a good way to collect data and track changes. But am not into posting them. Face changes are hard to see in oneself. But in significant others they can be consciously and subconsciously apparent. That is because people are very sensitive to changes in close-relatives faces. Sometimes ‘puffy’, sometimes ‘tired’, shadows, blotches, redness, sun-kissed, bright eyes, unkempt, wild, glowing… all terms of face descriptions.

The night before last I had a run of heart palpitations. I hate to blame my visiting brother-in-law who brought the city’s woes with him. We fed him steak. He drives a Tesla. Then he drank a whole bottle of wine by himself. He did offer a share each time he topped up his glass. By the time he left the next day after being outside in Nature, he was commenting, “It is so good to come visit down here.” But the thing was the palpitations. I hit them with magnesium citrate and some salt. Now, I linked that to waking in the morning with crusty (sandy) eyes and ear holes. Like someone had tipped a beach on my head in the night. Then that night after the heart was settled I had 6 full bladder excursions to the toilet, about one an hour. My body was dumping a lot of water. Next day all normalised and the following night no strange physiological adventures. Best guess is an oxalate dump.

Egg, butter and bacon breakfasts, red meat and cooked cheese dinners. Rain water drinks.

Here’s a postcard from my place. I am turning into the land, sea and sky. Maybe it is a were-wolf thing?

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #56

Reminds me of the English festival. Jack in the Green.

It is thought that the Jack-in-the-Green custom originated around the 17th century from the milkmaids and chimney sweeps of London . As part of the May Day processions milkmaids would carry milk pails decorated with flowers and silverware. Over time the pails were replaced with decorated headdresses.

(Robin) #57

Man, I love that selfie. Reminds me of my dads pen/ink drawings. Very cool.

(Geoffrey) #58

Very cool.

I have noticed a correlation in my palpations and stress.

And yet canines are perfect carnivores.
I was watching a video of Dr. Berry interviewing a veterinarian who was advocating that our dogs eat their species specific food and when my wife heard this she agreed that it made sense. She then started doing price comparisons between kibble, canned dog food and cheap meats such as hotdogs and found that it was a little cheaper to feed hotdogs to our pups. We buy the cheapest brand available (Bar S) and instead of only feeding twice a day we now feed three times a day but a little less at each feeding. They are all fit, healthy and thriving. Even the “old man” among them is moving better and playing with the younger dogs.
They do get some supplemental foods in the form of scraps.

(Betsy) #59

FrankoBear, what exactly do you feed your dog, and by that I mean just muscle meat? Bones to chew on?

Thank you

(Judy Thompson) #60

When our Yorkie poo was a pup my daughter said, feed her raw. I bought raw dog food patties (Answers, Primal brands) and when we moved here to the Texas Hill Country that food wasn’t available so I hit the net and came up with a recipe. I mix it using ground muscle meats, bone meal, bacon and a little cooked veggie. Then I dehydrate organ meats as she prefers them as treats. At 6 years 9 months she’s still a pup. Recently I read that a dog fed raw stands to live about 3 years longer than her kibble fed counterpart.
@Geezy56 hot dogs. Why not! I was behind a guy in HEB a couple years ago whose cart was completely full of chickens. The cashier said, whatcha gonna do with all those chickens? He said he buys them for his dogs. Just cuts them in half and throws them out to them. He said the local vet suggested feeding them this way. I found out who the vet was and we’ve gone to that vet ever since.