Sigh. not losing weight

(Keith Bronsdon) #1

Started Keto back in April. Got more serious in May. Now June and no changes. Never seen a drop in weight. I had been worried about not being in ketosis after so long, so switched to breath meter. Now I know I’m in ketosis (don’t bother with pee stix) and usually breathe a 1.5 to 3 first thing in the morning. Sometimes I check other times of day, but think of the AM reading as the standard. I had been frustrated that I was not reaching ketosis, and it was suggested here I eat even less carbs. I did that and switched to a breath meter. Not sure if did anything, but I got into ketosis, or had been and didn’t know it.

After a few months I really have seen no results. I feel the same and look the same. I’ve not seen any huge weight loss and if anything have seen some of both loss and gain, but only a pound or two. I saw this before and it was suggested that I am running too much. So I switched to HIIT three times a week for 30 minutes. Seems like none of these changes have made any positive difference. Now the weight and body comp measurements are all taken off my scale, so perhaps it’s not accurate. But for weeks I’ve stayed at the same range of numbers. Weight at 207.2 to 210, 29.7% body fat, muscle mass 139-140, body water 50.1%. BMR 1725. This diet seems to have done nothing.

Currently my calorie intake (use a keto tracking app) shows my averages for the past week at 6%, 24%, 70%. I know my protein is over, but I try to get a lot of protein since I exercise. I had been frustrated that I seemed to eat none, but now just accept that I want more protein that was recommended. My monthly total calorie average is 1733 intake. The app wants me to eat 2331, and that seems so high. I used to eat 1800 calories and was losing weight when doing a lot of cardio.

Right now the only things I feel I know to change are eat more fat (not sure that I should) or add more exercise. I want to go back to the gym, but still closed due to pandemic. Hopefully opening very soon.

(Polly) #2

How tall are you? Could you simply be at your natural weight?

(Keith Bronsdon) #3

I’m 6’1, 48, male. I feel like my body holds all its weight in my belly, as my arms and legs “feel” lean. My middle is pudgy. I was 203 or so a few months ago. Sometimes my weight gain from week to week has seemed drastically fast, as if it’s not what it appears. If there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, I’m not eating that much extra in order to be gaining. Weight has gone down a time or two but then it goes up.
I wonder if it’s gaining water sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever had a big decrease in weight that people get when they eliminate carbs. I drink coffee (heavy cream only) and lots of water. Once in while a diet soda, but not often, maybe twice a week. I have not tracked my salt intake, and I really don’t eat added salt (salting food or adding in cooking), and eat few foods I don’t make myself. I am guessing all my salt intake comes from cheese. Ive noticed my water percentage does not seem to have changed since beginning tracking. Stayed quite consistent at 50%.


Odd as your calories are low enough to expect fat-loss, of course it’s more complicated for some people…
But your protein is fine, I am a short woman, not active and I eat a similar amount. Percentages don’t matter but as you wrote calorie intake too, I could calculate (or just compare as I usually eat this amount myself - except when much more, 1800 kcal is little food, I never could eat that little for several days).
My percentages are often similar so my macros too and yeah, many of us seem to have all our excess fat on our bellies at some point. And many of us experience that losing fat is super hard at that point… Keto didn’t help me with fat-loss either, at least not directly, first I needed fat adaptation but it wasn’t that easy afterwards either. I just enjoyed some other benefits and fat-loss will happen too, I am sure. For me, 1-2% carbs seem to be the only good way, actually. But it’s very individual and you already eat little, I would lose fat at this point. Maybe you really need to eat more, at least now and then. 1800 kcal may be too little for you…
But I wouldn’t even believe in apps, they know nothing. We are individuals and our energy need can’t be calculated.

I’m sorry, i don’t know what to do at this point… I surely wouldn’t include 1-2 higher-calorie day per week, maybe it would help with metabolism… I automatically always had such days and my metabolism never was slow for my stats. Maybe there is a connection, it would be logical.

(Ken) #5

Calorie tracking apps are notoriously inaccurate. As are body composition scales. They provide only very general determinations.

IMO , you’re in Lipostasis, and just need to tweak a few things. Are you hungry when you eat? If not, that’s the first step as you’re probably eating at Maintenance right now. I suggest a 24-48 hr. Initial Fast, at least to the point you experience actual hunger, then eating OMAD afterwards. If you are not hungry by the time to eat OMAD, adjust your intake down to the point that you are. That should kick you back to losing fat, and hunger is the best sauce.

(Ron) #6