September 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #63

27 hours in and 15 to go with me sleeping 8 of them. Plus my mild hunger from day 1 fades after I sleep so no issues making it to lunch tomorrow.


16 hours so it’s nothing yet, just telling my number :smiley: Last dinner was smallish and it still satiates me nicely (well of course, it’s quite extreme for me to be hungry this early), we will see what happens later. I think Carnivore Satiation Effect kicked in, finally.
I feel I have power to decide the timing of my OMAD now… I wonder if my original idea about dinner OMAD is the best but probably. It makes fasting until the evening the norm, I surely avoid night eating and adding a few extra hours sounds more doable than skipping some late lunch when my body will decide my single meal isn’t absolutely vital one day… My first meal skipping is the hardest, I get out of my normal rhythm, the less hours I have before bed in that weird state, the better, I would think. Then I sleep and get okay again, I so love that… It just don’t work if I go to bed hungry but I never do that. Once I did out of desperation, it wasn’t nice.

I want a tiny EF, only 46-50 hours (if I go over 26, I can’t really do a smaller one than this but it’s nice) already, is it such a big wish? But I keep feeling weak and unfocused when it’s around 24 hours. While I am perfectly fine and even satiated 1 hours before. My body has its fixation on feeding each and every day… But it makes little sense. It is well-fed, it could handle weeks and I only want days from it. Okay, it may be mental, why I blame my poor body. Maybe because it gives me those physical signs. And anyway, it’s an entity in my mythology, who cares if some mind stuff is mixed into it? I am not too mental, am I? :smiley:

Oh well, bigger meals always gave me way longer satiation so I am hopeful now. In the worst case, I continue OMAD, it’s not exactly bad. I just stubbornly wish for an EF since aces, just very very occasionally and a smallish one… I don’t give up.

(Jane) #65

37 hours in and listening to it pour down rain. 3.5” so far and badly needed. But it can stop now - don’t want it to flood!


We had rain in the last days too. It’s finally sunny now, I go out asap!

Nearing 19 hours, wonderful satiation even after a low-meat meal yesterday. Yay.
(To me, almost nothing is triggering but meat can be :smiley: Especially in photos.)

If I eat earlier today and keep my OMAD, I may do some 26 hour fast next… The longest realistic one I can do without skipping a whole day. It doesn’t matter much if it’s 23 or 26 but I like playing with numbers and collecting them. I did 26 hours before, not even a new one but still, the longest since a very long time.

(Central Florida Bob ) #67

I remember a joke like that from my childhood.

Guy at a doctor getting hand fixed: “When this heals will I be able to play the violin?”
Doc: “Sure. This shouldn’t interfere with you.”
Guy: “Cool. I’ve never been able to do that.”

(Jane) #68

Broke a couple hours earlier than planned - no biggie. Made it 40 hrs and feel good.

We may be flooded in so scrapped plans to go out to eat for lunch and I made us bacon and eggs cooked in the bacon grease to break.

Old habits die hard and I was still draining my bacon on paper towels. Until last year when paper towels were hard to come by. Never went back to that.

(KCKO, KCFO) #69

My motto is either IF or EX fasting is a good thing.

Of course you belong here, it says it in the thread title.

I’m doing a 36+ fast currently in hour 39, I want to continue to dinner tonight. I have had a hard time doing longer than 24 hr. fasts for a while now. I want to get my EX fasting “muscles” back. I have 4 lbs. that I don’t want, from stress eating during the Covid era. I get my boaster on Saturday so I will feel less stressed after that happens.


I know just everyone does EF while I just wishing for it since ages… :smiley: I must be boring. But I am hopeful now, it is bound to happen at some point, I am close :wink:

I finished a 23 hour fast today as it’s normal when I have my OMAD at the same time every day. Zero hunger and appetite but my body started to shake some services like balance and I felt some almost-weakness previously so I didn’t wonder about skipping dinner. My meal was nice but even smaller than the previous one (eating leaner today didn’t help…) despite I kept eating after reaching satiation. I probably will have a 2MAD day soon.
But I enjoy OMAD as long as I can :slight_smile: It really works for me now. Convenient.

(KCKO, KCFO) #71