September 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Bob M) #43

That was super nice of him.

I’m rethinking my 4.5 day fast next week. I have cataract surgery the week after that, and forgot about not being able to exercise for a while after surgery. So, I might have to exercise a lot between now and the surgery, and I personally find exercise not conducive to fasting. Yesterday, I had an 80 minute body weight training session, and it’s all I can do today to make it OMAD.

(Jane) #44

40 hours in and feeling good. Yesterday it was so easy (not always for me but glad when it is) I kept forgetting I was fasting. Thankfully didn’t mindlessly pop something into my mouth. I was sitting in my bee club meeting around 7:00 pm and felt some mild hunger rumbles and wondered why I was hungry? Oh yeah - it’s been 24 since I ate last LOL.

Have another 25 hours to go. No hunger, enjoying the quiet calm feeling of day 2.

(Michael) #45

@Janie @ourtown Good luck on your fasts (and anyone else who is fasting and I missed) this week, looks like Jane is well on her way :slight_smile:
My fasting is done for this month (I count TRE as just that, and not fasting, so some TRE will be happening), the results are in the EF subsection. Last night and for the next 10 days, hard eating carnivore style :wink:

(Jane) #46

Thanks for the support.

We normally don’t eat breakfast and eat 2 meals between 11:30am and 5:30pm, so I suppose we are doing 18:6 most days - just never thought about it.

(Jane) #47

50 hours and will be going to bed soon. Had a hunger wave pass through about an hour ago but it’s gone now. 15 hours to go and will be sleeping 8 of those.



You folks are good as usual!

Meanwhile I merely managed NOT eating at night yesterday (I had some small problems with that again, my sickness made me weaker and even more rebellious)… I did TMAD (with minimal extra, I will clean up my theoretical fast when I run out of cream). I should start skipping lunch again. I am not satiated and maybe even slightly hungry at 3pm but my current hunger would go away for a while I think (it’s not like I have huge experience with not eating immediately for the first sign of hunger)… And dinnertime is only 3 hours away… TMAD just doesn’t seem to be ideal for me, at least not every day. But maybe it’s my food, it’s always waaaaaaaay better with lots of fatty meat.

I try harder :slight_smile: But not really hard, that’s not possible or productive in my case.
Maybe I come when I feel slightly tempted to eat without a Very Good Reason. (Real temptation is a Very Good Reason - and I can’t resist anyway -, it’s hard to be a hedonist sometimes but it’s usually enjoyable.)
I bring my hour numbers in the future, maybe it will motivate me just a tiny bit more, I don’t need much help… I don’t use apps, I count, I am oldschool and it’s only a single number, I don’t need stats.

(Jane) #49

64 hours in and will be headed to lunch soon to break my fast at 65 hours. Feel great this morning!

Probably my last fast until October. I got us tickets to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra in Little Rock (Firebird Suite by Stravinsky) the first weekend in October for my hubbies birthday, plus a nice hotel room downtown where we can walk to the concert hall. He loves classical music. He is a fine art major and there is a fancy fountain pen and paper shop we are going to stop by also and let him pick one out for his birthday present. I told him he was getting a barn for his birthday LOL and he just grinned.

We will be eating higher carb (but not crazy) that weekend so probably will fast the following week. See you guys on the October fasting thread!


(Butter Withaspoon) #50

Love Stravinsky! Petroushka is one of my most favourite orchestral pieces. Enjoy it!


Due to some tasting last evening (and if we are strict but let’s not be, not totally clean fasting, just a few kcal but still) my number isn’t impressive at all yet, not even to normal people or me - but I skipped lunch today! I was sitting at the kitchen table or putting away food after shopping, lots of food in my fridge and the type I find tempting… And I wasn’t hungry. Yay.
My default plan is doing OMAD now, as often as it’s comfortably possible, it probably would trigger some 26 hour fasts - and then we will see!

I should listen more to classical music, there are so many beautiful pieces but more modern ones usually help and entertain me more. Still, it’s no good to neglect them. Sometimes I stumble upon some on YT though. I like a pianist’s channel and he is all for classical style…

My heaven!!! :heart_eyes:


Waistline down to 37". Weight is steady at 175. Will do another 36-hour fast tomorrow.

(Jane) #53

Ok, I didn’t think we were fasting this week but hubby wants to do a 40-hr fast starting tonight so I am all in. We will start after an early dinner. It is getting dark so early now we have moved dinner up to 5:30 pm in order to put the chickens up afterwards while still light outside. May have to move it to 5:00 pm after we go back to standard time in November.


I had an OMAD day, it’s something (I ate very much though). It was maybe a 22 hour fast? It’s okay for me for now. No plans for tomorrow, I wait for more than some borderline hunger just like I did today, that’s sure.

(Bob M) #55

I did my first 36 hour fast in a while. From Monday evening to just now (about 10 am, Wednesday). It’s probably more like 37-38, but I like the concept of 36 hours.

I worked out 1 hour 14 minutes at about 32-33 hours. For whatever reason, working out fasted like this gives me a really good workout. One would think it wouldn’t, but my best workouts have been while fasting over a day.

I find these much harder to do now than when I started. 4+ years ago, I could do 2x36s/week, working out both times, no issues. Now, it’s all I can do to make it one 36 hour fast.

I did get slightly cold last night. I had to get up and switch from shorts to long pajama bottoms. I have restarted taking small amounts of Lugol’s iodine to see if this helps. It may have, though it’s always hard to tell. While I was warmer, I also ate more the day before to “feast”.

I’m not sure when my next fast will be. I have cataract surgery next week, and I won’t be allowed to exercise or lift more than 10 pounds for at least a week or maybe several. So, I’m trying to get in as many workouts as possible. For me, those make it MUCH harder to fast. I often can barely make OMAD the day after I workout. We’ll see how it goes.

(Central Florida Bob ) #56

Just completed a 60 hour fast, from Saturday night after dinner until lunch on Tuesday. I noticed I felt colder on Sunday than Monday. I attribute that to being more active throughout the day on Monday keeping my metabolic rate higher than on Sunday, but that’s a WAG (Wild Ass Guess). On Sunday morning, I did an hour long bike ride and then sat a lot, while on Monday I was working on little projects around the house most of the day.

It’s my first Saturday-Tuesday fast since late July, I think. I did ADFs the first two weeks of August and then got knocked off my rhythm by a nasty injury. I whacked off the end of my right index finger on Monday the 13th on a metal cutting lathe (not the cutting tool, the metal rectangular bar I was cutting hit me). Between getting knocked off the ADF by the emergency room ordeal, then the doctor visit, and the repair surgery, I fasted two days that week and last week. The finger will almost definitely be full length when this heals and there’s a “better than even” chance I’ll even have a fingernail.


I shouldn’t feel myself not belonging, it’s just too many people do EF here :smiley: But I totally do IF :smiley: I am this bubbly as I will have my 2nd OMAD day in row, surely.
23 hours, I am fine but a bit hungry, I won’t like to skip this day (I feel important things affected like my focus) and eating super late isn’t a great thing for me so I will break my fast at 6pm, right now.

But if things go well, maybe I will have a shot at an EF at some point…

I am pleased with what I have now :slight_smile:

(Jane) #58

Of course you belong! This monthly thread is for all fasters - EF and IF. I just think those doing longer EF’s need the additional support, but IF victory’s are welcome also

(Jane) #59

Started a 42-hr fast last night after dinner. And woke up hungry! Which never happens…grrr… Must be psychological. Or the fact my cat got me up at 4:00 am and I didn’t get back to sleep until 6:00 am and was up at 6:30 am.

(Jane) #60

Coming up on 21 hours, so halfway there. After this morning’s annoying hunger I haven’t had much since.

Staying busy with lots of online meetings so that heps pass the time.


Oh poor you. Yesterday I decided (on my honor so there was no way back) not to eat until 6pm. It felt safe as I usually don’t feel hunger until 3pm on a weekday and often not even then, my hunger is soft and it may go away… But when I decided and wrote it down in a chat… I got hungry. Just a tiny bit so it wasn’t annoying but STILL. It was before noon! My body usually understands when I am serious and don’t give me hunger signs even at the time when it normally does but not this time. But it wasn’t a big deal. Just odd.

Odd sleeping times can mess with my timing too but I guess it’s not real hunger just the knowledge that food helps with my zombieness. I should never be awake in my Sacred Hours (3am-6am) but sometimes it happens and it can ruin my whole day, my morning zombie state sticks. (I never eat during my sleep time, only when I wake up, like, 5:30am and can’t go back to sleep and actually I slept enough hours so I say okay, I start my day. It’s a tiny meal and makes me more alive. Still, I really want to avoid it in the future.)

My OMAD dinner was very very very satiating. I am very content now. I wondered a bit about eating at all as I was barely hungry but I really felt some problems so my body wanted its food and was whiny. And I don’t want it to blow up.
Why it can’t just give me proper hunger and appetite signs I don’t know but it has problems with these when it’s kind of late.

I continue my OMAD times and wait for a day when I will be perfectly fine even in the evening so I can just skip dinner too.

(Butter Withaspoon) #62

Well done on 60 hours Bob! And I hope you’ll be able to play the piano with that finger.
You can do it Janie, well over half way now.

I continue to do my TRE stopping at 7.30pm. Feels fantastic when I manage it. A poor sleep and a bit of fatigue when I eat late, like last night. Good to notice the difference. Onward and calmward! I’ll eat when hungry today because I did a huge (relatively) strength session yesterday and it’s usually the day or 2 after that my body needs to catch up on protein and hunger.

Keep calm and fast on you awesome peoples!