OCT 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Time for another thread, year is flying by.

September 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
13hrs into my first 48hr fast, just checking in for accountability

Yes Ma’am, that it is… :slight_smile: I stepped away some here briefly to deal with some things, & also haven’t been doing much Fasting. But I am doing so presently, to which I’m just about at 48 hrs. now.


Glad to see you being active again.


Thank you, @collaroygal. … Stepped away mostly for the wife, who was dealing with multiple medical issues, but it ended up just being a four month long fiasco, due to the yahoos running things…

2 - 3 times, I took off work, wasting a whole day, to run her into Washington DC (A place I hate!) just to get a required Covid test, 2 days prior to surgery. - Only to have them cancel the next day. Kept stating they didn’t receive all data from another facility that did her pre-testing. - She then ended up getting two more test done after this, and still no surgery. Then the last test showed she might have a blockage in her heart. So now just needed approval to go into her wrist and up to heart to check. … Now they were started just not-approving the surgery for this, saying they didn’t provide any real evidence they felt was enough info to show it was needed. :flushed: Not to mention she’s a High-Risk blood clotter, and has been hospitalized 3 times, with the last one, ended up with massive blood clotting on both lungs.

So the procedure was finally done, but it still took nearly 5 more weeks because the facility was now saying there wasn’t enough evidence/data being provided to show this was needed? I don’t get it?

To say the least, the Wife was getting pissed, depressed and worried throughout this whole ordeal. … And if that wasn’t enough, she rolled her ankle and broke a bone in her foot a few weeks before going in. (Urgent care said it was just a sprain, but 2-1/2 weeks later, she was doing a follow-up with another doctor for bone spurs in the same foot, and she was still hurting and with some swelling so the doctor reviewed her films and confirmed, it wasn’t sprained, but actually broken. So she’s been in an Air Cast for a while now. (just getting to go without it now, and was in the cast during the procedure) She finally got the procedure done for the possible blockage, after the refusals, and thankfully there wasn’t any.

But during all this, I was doing pretty much all the cooking/cleaning, etc. so she could rest up while she dealing with this, and she also spent some time thinking things over and has decided to not even have the original surgery done now, which was for nerve damage in her left arm/hand. … A 4 inch incision on the inside of elbow to move one nerve over, then another incision from the center of her palm & about 8 or so inches down the center of her forearm. - With the mentioned recuperation timeframe possibly 18 months or more, stating it takes time to regrow nerves. Plus data shows it will always be incomplete.

I don’t blame her for her choice.

Oh, and I broke my fast tonight at just 58 hrs. Wasn’t planning on eating anything, but we went grocery shopping after work, and while there, she informed me I had stuff that needed making before it went bad. So broke while making her something to eat, and saved some food from being wasted. :slight_smile:

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@Digital_Dave and Virginia, sorry about your troubles. Totally understand about deciding against the procedure.

I have too much food around at times too, and worry about it going bad. Oh well.


Thanks, Laurie. She’s starting to get around better now, and thinks the Air Cast was hurting just as much as the break. :slight_smile: But at least she doesn’t have to wear it presently. And trying not to re- injure it.

Oh, and the stuff she was speaking about was… just Mushrooms and some other meats I just cooked up for lunch tomorrow. So I just made a steak for tonight. :slight_smile:


What an ordeal… I am sorry for that.

Hi guys, it seems my OMAD momentum is still with me! I don’t do it every day but very close! Yay.
It should be okay for now but I am quite sure there will be a day when I won’t need food. Yesterday I broke my fast at 6:30pm but didn’t feel the usual cat-like things of my body to the usual extent. (“I am starving, I am so weeeeeak, I can’t even focus… you still doesn’t listen to me? what is balance I wonder?” while I feel no hunger, no appetite and actually no problem just some very subtle weakness and other things. it wouldn’t be a big deal to ignore it but I don’t ignore my body. if this state comes, I eat very soon. until this state I feel fine and satiated.)
I like to eat earlier, somehow that gives me the most joy. Maybe I will break my fast at 5 today… That sounds a very nice time, of course it depends on how I feel. But I realized that if I manage to skip lunch due to being satiated, the satiation may go away eventually but hunger and appetite don’t come. It’s odd to break my fast then, I am in my fasting, disconnected-from-eating state. If I wouldn’t eat, I eventually would get hungry but it may take a long time.
Sometimes I wonder if I should just fast until I get hungry, not regularly, just once… But I respect my “feed me or else…” vengeful body signs as I dislike to lose certain not vital but good to have functions due to the temper tantrum of my body and anyway, I should be good for my body. I like harmony and good relationships inside me. It’s enough that my inner selves has disagreements sometimes but it can’t be helped. At least they don’t hate each other. It must be hard when someone has a war inside instead of whatever I have.


Wow, what an ordeal. I hope she is doing much better now.

I can’t remember how many fasts I have broken because an ingredient was nearing expiration :).


Yeah, she’s doing better then she was, thanks. The stress and getting depressed over it was probably the worst to be honest. But she’s also wanting to get back on track and leaving it all behind. … And yep, I know I’ve posted breaking for this reason before, and then have folks come back and say “I’d never break a Fast for that” I would just throw it away. … It was only a pack of Mushrooms, and some Egg & Ham Salad, but I also don’t like to plan Fast at set times anymore. So I simply start one and just take it to whatever time I want. I wasn’t hungry, and that’s pretty normal for me, but also nice to know I could have gone further being I haven’t been doing any. Might start another one after the 3-day weekend.

Happy Fasting Folks… :+1:

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Like some of the best parties, spontaneous. :+1:


This is something I can’t do. I can’t even throw out objects I don’t use but food? Especially not.

So I think well before I buy anything… Food wise, it’s not so great as it’s food, we can eat it… And we do but sometimes, on the monthly shopping trip I buy too much.
It’s good almost anything is fine in the freezer :smiley: That’s my saviour. Until it’s full and my small freezer reach that state too easily. If it’s plants, I usually can pressure-can them.

After some nice OMAD days I have more meals again but hopefully I can back to my most convenient OMAD tomorrow. Even if it’s a weekend day. It matters less nowadays.


For some reason, I don’t to a sense. :slight_smile: My Wife is always saying “Why is it you will start Fasting, right after we grocery shop?” And to be honest, I do this a lot. Why? I have no idea. :smile: But I do indeed tend to Fast after stocking up the fridge, and then of course, there’s things only I eat are sitting in the fridge waiting for me to eat again. … Sounds funny, but maybe there’s something to it?

Dunno? Just happens. But I do try not to ever waste food, so most gets frozen which means waiting for Fasting to be over is easier.

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I do that a lot too. I just tell my DH “I have to make sure you have something to eat.” He has a problem keeping weight on, a problem I have not had in my adult life.


:smile: I really don’t why this happens? But unfortunately, the things that sometimes sit in the fridge while I’m Fasting are a lot of times things she won’t eat. Let’s just say, she’s um… ‘cough’ picky. :slight_smile:

But it is rare when something gets outdated in the long run.


I have a proper shopping once a month so it shouldn’t affect THAT much fasting though some items have a closer expiration date. But it’s still several days and even if I did an EF that I sadly still don’t do, it wouldn’t last so very long…
I can put almost everything into the freezer and the rest can be eaten by my SO if I don’t want it…

It’s very fortunate that the things only he eats (normally. I can eat basically anything edible, not always want though and my amounts may be ridiculous) are usually can be pressure-canned. Last year when poor soul had a serious accident, I pressure-canned a pumpkin. We still have it :smiley: I really should make something with it already… The other food went into the freezer. I barely could eat for a while - and still gained a lot of fat, surely not from nothing, the extra stuff eventually arrived but it was still an odd thing in my life. So I am a believer of stress gain now. Extreme stress was surely present.

I still can buy a bit not ideally. I start to think I shouldn’t have everything possible after shopping trips… I had this in the past, now I eat in a more limited way but I managed to find zillion items, they are nice, useful, fitting… And way too much if I buy them all and need to eat them in weeks.
So I should restrain myself. Not everything can be freezed. But I learn quickly after some slightly uncomfortable times…

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I started a 65-hr fast last night and 18 hours in. Just turned on the heater in the house as I am a bit cold. May have to add some layers after my husband gets home from his bowling league since he won’t join me until after he eats dinner tonight and won’t be cold.

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I actually told the Wife over the weekend that I might Fast this week myself. But I haven’t started yet. I am scheduled to walk our levees with the ACOE today, tomorrow and Thursday, but think I got them to look at wrapping up tomorrow, since we used to do them in a full day. But my knee got slightly torqued a couple hours ago and I wanted to take some Advil, so stopped and picked up something for lunch.

May still start one now, or after dinner tonight, depending on how it goes? I’ve still been dong most of cooking since the Wife is still hurting some. She’s out of the air-cast now, but has said she’s still having some issues, such as pain/soreness. Also has 2 bone spurs, so that doesn’t help. … Another reason I wasn’t taking pics for a while either. I was simply, or mostly, eating mine piece-meal while making their dinners. So no real plated meals most of the time.

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Glad to hear your wife is out of the cast and hopefully her pain reduces soon.


Finally, back to OMAD! :smiley:
The house gets colder every day, in the end we must turn on the AC (it’s new, I never heated with AC before, yay! it will be so much cheaper - except the price of the AC so we probably gain nothing financially but less energy consumption is good) before we leave the house for 2.5 days (annual cemetery and relative visit on the other part of the country and it’s long even in this tiny country)… Sigh. One glorious year we had no heating until the 8th of November or something… But the weather isn’t as great now.

And it turned out being cold is a bit like being sick for me, I skip lunch harder. But today I was satiated just fine so I could wait until 5pm. Perfect time for my OMAD according to my little experiences.

Maybe I should eat bigger meals (I find my normal OMAD too small to my liking anyway… or it’s just this day, I had satiating items but there was a few worse so I can do it better, it’s my first OMAD day too… things change a bit if I keep at it) and skip whole days sometimes… But I doubt my body is ready for that big change at this point. First I will have the monthly fast and hopefully I will be able to skip a day… And then we will see.

@Digital_Dave, I wish your wife gets better very soon…! Poor soul, she endured so much already :frowning:

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Since I fast a day longer than my husband these days I like to start Monday night. Tuesday he is gone at lunchtime for his bowling league so he can eat out before he bowls. Then he usually goes and gets something for dinner also so I don’t have to smell the cooking, but he said he wasn’t hungry and would just start his fast from his lunch today. That will be 48 hours for him, which is a LOT for him. :heart:

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