September 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Bob M) #1

I might as well start this off. Doing a OMAD, PMSF today. Going to have some beef liver and lean beef, maybe with zero fat yogurt and protein. Will see how low I can keep calories.

Would like to do a 36 hour fast next week. May do a 4.5 day fast soon, as the kids are back in school. Would like to try one longer fast per quarter or so. Did one 3.5 day fast this year, and I’d like to get another longer fast in.


My stricter carnivore style (stricter for me, no dairy!) works well now, I automatically do IF with 1-3 meals now. That’s it, I still can’t fast longer but I am quite happy I stopped that nasty late night eating, it was weird but stubborn, returning. I am an afternoon eater, sometimes early evening but that’s it.
I am not particularly interested in food on this woe (eating food, at least, I still like to think about it, cook and stuff :D) so it’s up to my need if I can fast eventually. I very often walk just before lunchtime and that always triggers hunger or need to refuel (hunger is the hungry feeling in my belly and stomach, the other is very subtle weakness, dizziness and totally not subtle loss of concentration. so I just can’t function well anymore)… I can’t just ignore that when it feels serious (I know I would survive but my body is very demanding and gets pissed when I have food and don’t give it to it).
BUT I definitely won’t break my fast just because it’s time or I fancy something, it probably will help. I just want some tiny occasional EF… Wish for. A real WANT would surely trigger one. Determination is powerful.

I hope in a nice, IF-every-day September with some OMAD days. It’s realistic enough unless I mess it up on weekends when I tend to have lunch earlier (being home alone is so extremely helpful, I almost never do that then).

(Bob M) #4

If you can do OMAD, that’s really good. I still find it difficult to do.

For long-term fasts, I like to do them for their alleged (and not-proven) anti-cancer effects. I think one long fast per maybe 6 months or 3 months is plenty, though.

I think the mindset is different, though. I KNOW I’m going to do 4.5 days, so I’m mentally different than just trying to last until dinner (for OMAD) or the next day (for 36 hours).


Most of my days are TMAD but OMAD has some chance just like 3MAD… I think if I would be “strong” and ignored my valid enough urges to feed just for a few hours, I could easily do OMAD more often (if my food is tempting enough). But I only do that when I truly am not hungry at lunchtime. Or when I manage to eat an OMAD sized and very satiating meal for lunch. I don’t really try to do it (I have items I could use so eating more for lunch would be often easily doable) as there is always a chance for hunger much later and I don’t want a substantial extra meal with my OMAD sized one (and having a quite big eating window too). I ate too much almost all my life, I don’t want that now at all. 19/5 happens quite often, I am pleased with that now. I dislike the times when I have several very small meals…

(Butter Withaspoon) #7

I am having an excellent fasting day. I had some ***** meal yesterday that made me feel tired and headachy this morning. I decided to do a very long exercise session, fasted, to bring on the endless keto energy quickly. 2 cups of tea, then 3 hours of ride hike run walk- all in great weather with pretty scenery. I do this because I enjoy it!
Came home and had only one meal. That’s such a rarity for me so I’m feeling deep into fasting metabolism only 2 and a half hours after it. Hoping for a good sleep and a solid overnight fast.

It’s good to hit a reset button- and not really that difficult


Thanks for starting the thread. I am not fasting again til after Monday the Labor Day holiday in US. I want to do a couple of weeks of 36-48 hr. fasts. My fasting mojo hasn’t been the greatest lately so I will just have to see how that all goes. I have been doing Dr. Westman’s pg. 4 protocol to stop my bouncing around. Seems to have worked, so hopefully when I attempt some extended fasting I will be ok.

Have a good holiday for all the USAers. Everyone else have a great weekend.

(Butter Withaspoon) #9

Another good day yesterday, I achieved the early dinner and no snacks afterwards plan, then slept really well. Now that feels GOOD!
I feel a fabulous deep emptiness, nice and healthy. Coincidentally I achieved a couple of physical challenges yesterday too. Yep things are good. Maintaining a good TRE routine is so worthwhile and posting here helps to keep me on track

Keep Calm and Fast On!

(Michael) #10

Hello Fellow Fasters!

Doing TRE on 20-4 (ish) for now TMAD or OMAD. I have decided that I will start a medium water only EF on Thursday Sept 9th for at least 5 days and no more than 8 days. This fast will be mostly for Insulin Sensitivity with a few days of higher autophagy as well since I am already fasting - will go all out with pure water. I will put on the 10 day CGM for the (I hope I can time it right) last two days of the fast and then continue with beef and water only carnivore for the remainder of the CGM time.

(Bob M) #11

@Naghite That should be some interesting data. I’d expect quite low blood sugar, then (much?) higher once you eat.

I may try a 36 hour fast this week. I was doing what I call “steps on stairs”, where I put one foot on the second step of a set of stairs, then “step” up onto the foot while I have weights in my hands. Unfortunately, I injured a leg doing that. So, I’ve taken some time off and won’t exercise until Thursday. A fast from Tuesday to Thursday morning could be good.


Does the stress from your kids raise your cortisol levels to the point that you need to eat?

(Bob M) #13

Interesting question. I have a cortisol test, but keep forgetting to take it.

I believe cortisol does rise with stress. But whether that’s because of kids or not is a tough one to diagnose.


We just got back from a trip. Doing an EF to detox! Currently 48 hours and counting.

(KCKO, KCFO) #15

Started my 36 hr. fast last night. First ex fast since doing the pg. 4 protocol. My fasting mojo hasn’t been working well lately and I am glad that so far, I’m about 24 hr. in so far, things are going very well. No hunger, good energy, good mental focus. I do love a good fast. I’ll extend it further if I still feel this good tomorrow AM.

KCFO everyone


Coming up on 72 hours. Current weight is 175 lbs., waistline is 38.5 in. I’m going to keep going on the EF until I feel like I’m done.

(Butter Withaspoon) #17

Excellent fasting! Are you feeling good?


I broke it last night at about 78 hours. Felt great. Made alligator. Tastes like chicken.

(Bob M) #19

NIce! (For both the length of time and alligator…I guess?)


I probably could have gone longer but the wife was getting bored of me not eating. I am going to do a series of OMAD for awhile.

(Bob M) #21

OMAD can be better, as then you get to eat with the family. In fact, it’s one reason I have a harder time fasting >24 hours, as I want to be with the family for dinner. It’s the only time we really have together during the week.

(KCKO, KCFO) #22

I ended up fasting for 44 hrs. I was very happy with that. First successful EX fast in a while. I did a OMAD yesterday and will finish today off with OM tonight.